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September 2009 Newsletter

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LifeWays' response is an innovative relationship-based vision for childcare and practical, hands-on programs for parents and grandparents to support and strengthen the growing child and family.
LifeWays is a multi-service organization providing consulting and training for family childcare providers, childcare centers and parents caring for children ages Birth to 6 years.
Volume 2 Issue 8
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Autumn Childcare Menu
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Festivals and Holidays
September Finger Play
Nursery School News
Homemade Applesauce Recipe
The Sleeping Apple Story
Autumn Childcare Menu
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Festivals and Holidays This Month

  September 7th  - Labor Day
September 20th -  Rosh Hashanah
September 22nd - Autumn Begins
September 23rd - Autumn Equinox
September 28th - Yom Kippur
September Full Moon - The Harvest Moon
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A September Finger Play
~ Bertha E. Bush 
The fleecy clouds float slowly by
(raise arms high and let the hands move very slowly from right to left imiating the passing clouds)

Across the blue September sky;

 The birds fly swiftly to and fro;
 (hands move swiftly about for birds)

On longer journeys soon they'll go;

 The school-bell rings; with laugh and shout,
(imitate pull a rope for the 'bell')

The boys and girls come trooping out;
(scamper fingers over desk for the children running)

Vacation's over with its fun;

September's here and school's begun.
(clap hands)
Little Acorn Learning
Nursery School News - September 2009
 acorn hand
Little Acorn Learning is a Nature Nursery School program located in a warm home environment in Brookfield, CT.  Little Acorn Learning is a Lifeways Self-Affiliate.  Our program is a gentle transition from home to school. Emphasis is placed on practical life skills such as dressing, brushing hair, cooking, cleaning, washing, baking, crafting and gardening.  A respect and love for nature is fostered by daily nature walks, creating a seasonal nature table, gardening and pet care.   
**Attention Nursery School Parents**
Important Dates This Month:
August 31st - First Day of Nursery School, Summer Program Over
September 7th (Monday) - Labor Day - CLOSED
September 28th (Monday) - Yom Kippur - CLOSED
 News & Happenings
This week we are so excited to welcome two new children to our little school, Riona and Lilah!  The children have helped pick out their cubbies and we will make sure the girls feel right at home!  We also re-welcome Ms. Kristin to Little Acorn Learning.  Ms. Kristin will be teaching 3-4 days per week and has been with us throughout the years we have been open.
Please remember to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, a healthy packed lunch and drink as well as the items listed in your parent handbook provided to you upon enrollment.  Pick up is before 4:30 pm each day - late fees will be applied for pick ups after that time unless previously arranged. 
If you are a new parent and have not yet submitted your two week deposit and first week's tuition, please do so before your first day.  You must also have all paperwork and files completed and turned in before starting school. 
This Month's Birthdays
Brianna's 3rd - September 18th
Weekly Themes & Scheduled Activities -
Please Mark Your Calendars Appropriately!
Week One
Squirrels & Nuts, Harvesting
Monday, August 31st - Make Almond Nut Butter
Wednesday, September 2nd - Tree Bark Rubbings
Thursday, September 3rd - Play Nut Games
Friday, September 4th - Nature Notebooks and Journaling
Week Two
The Family, Working Together
Monday, September 7th - CLOSED Labor Day
Wednesday, September 9th - Make Homemade Playdoh
Thursday, September 10th - Bird Charting and Bird Watching
Friday, September 11th - Family of Hands Craft
Week Three
Moons & Stars, Harvesting
Monday, September 14th - Make Vegetable Soup -
Please Send a Veggie in With Your Child to Add to the Pot!!!
Wednesday, September 16th - Watercolor Stars
Thursday, September 17th - Game of Hot Potato
Friday, September 18th - Brianna's Birthday Party - Gardening and Planting Spring Bulbs
Week Four
Autumn Leaves, Separation
Monday, September 21st - Bake Bread
Wednesday, September 23rd - Leaf Rubbings
Thursday, September 24th - Make Nature Placemats
Friday, September 25th - Create Nature Table & Raking Outdoors
Week Five
Apples, Patience
Monday, September 28th - CLOSED Yom Kippur
Wednesday, September 30th - Apple Stamping
Thursday, October 1 - Make Homemade Applesauce
Friday, October 2 - Housework, Clean Classroom
October 3rd, Saturday - Family Day - Apple Picking:
We would love to have each of our families meet for a fun day of apple picking this day.  Details will follow as the date approaches and we research the times and locations available.  Please let us know if you are planning to attend. 

After your morning blessing, have children help you set up your workspace and supplies to make Homemade Applesauce.  Be sure to cover children's clothing with aprons or smocks:
Supply List
3 lbs Granny Smith Apples, Peeled, Cored and Quartered
2/3 Cups Sugar
1 Tsp. Ground Cinnamon
1 Cup Water
You will need to peel, cut and core the apples.  This can be time consuming so you may want to skip your nature walk this morning in order to focus on your cooking.  Remember to let children help you as much as they are able.  Older children can use the tools to peel, cut and core while younger children place the apples into a bowl or help with setting and cleaning up. 
Place the apple pieces in a large pot, and add the cinnamon, water, and sugar. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for about 20 minutes.  

This is the tree
With leaves so green.
(make leaves with fingers outstretched)
Here are the apples
That hang inbetween.
(make fist)
When the wind blows
The apples will fall,
(falling motion with hand)
Here is the basket to gather them all.
(use arms to form basket)

~ From the German


High up in a tree, among the green leaves, hung a little apple with such rosy cheeks it looked as though it might be sleeping. A little child came near, and standing under its branches, she looked up and called to the apple : "O apple! Come to me; Do come down to me! You do not need to sleep so long."

She called so long and begged so hard, but the apple did not awaken; it did not move in its bed, but looked as though it was laughing at her in its sleep.
Then came the bright sun; high in the heavens he shone. "O Sun! lovely Sun!" said the child, "Please awaken the apple for me." The sun said: " O, yes; with pleasure I will."

So he sent his bright beams straight in the face of the apple and kissed it kindly, but the apple did not move a bit. Then there came a bird, and perched upon a bough of the tree and sang a beautiful song, but even that did not awaken the sleeping apple. And what comes now! "I know," said the child, "he will not kiss the apple - and he cannot sing to it, he will try another way."
Sure enough, the wind puffed out his cheeks and blew and blew, and shook the tree, and the little apple was so frightened that it awoke and jumped down from the tree and fell right in the apron of the little child. She was much surprised, and so glad that she said to him, "I thank you very much, Mr. Wind."

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