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warmth for children

March 2009 Newsletter
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Winter Childcare Menu
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Festivals and Holidays
Homemade Tambourines
Beams of Love Fingerplay
The Woodpeckers Start a Bird Band
Winter Childcare Menu
warmth for children
Winter, the days are crisp and the nights are long. Our children come in with red cheeks and rumbling tummies ...Click for More Details
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Festivals and Holidays This Month
Daylight Savings Time Begins - March 8th
Full Crow Moon - March 10th
Purim - March 10th
Saint Patrick's Day - March 17th
Spring Equinox (First Day of Spring) - March 20tH
musical band
Homemade Tambourines
Supplies Needed:
Small Embroidery Hoops
Large Jingle Bells
Garbage Bag Ties
Give each child a small embroidery hoop and bunch of jingle bells.  Use garbage bag ties or wire to help the children adhere their bells to the hoop.  These homemade tambourines can be used during circle time or use them with other instruments you make this week to make a musical band.  A cute variation of this craft is to sew jingle bells to the each finger of a child sized glove - let the children wear these and move their fingers to music.  

Beams of Love Fingerplay

Round the golden dome above
(arms above head in a circle)
Sends to me its beams of love
(bring arms slowly down and cross over heart)
As I go about my day
(move arms back and forth like 'walking')
Beams of love unfold in play
(start with hands crossed over heart and slowly bring arms down and outward)
Take these beams I give to you
(hands outstretched showing palms, move the outward more)
And pass them on in all you do
(bring hands together in front of you)

The Woodpeckers Start a Bird Band

~ Mary Graham Bonner
The Woodpecker family were around on various trees drumming, drumming on the bark.  Mr. Hairy Woodpecker, Mr. Downy Woodpecker, and Mr. Red-Headed Woodpecker were hard at work. 
"Let's start a band," suggested Mr. Hairy Woodpecker. 
"What's that you say?"  asked Mr. Red-Headed Woodpecker, who had been so busy at work that he had not heard what Mr. Hairy Woodpecker had been suggesting. 
"A band," repeated Mr. Hairy Woodpecker. 
"What sort of a band?" asked Mr. Red-Headed Woodpecker. 
"In the first place," continued Mr. Hairy Woodpecker, "our bills are not only fine tools for the work we have to do getting the insects from the trees, and burrowing for our nests, but they would be splendid to use in beating the drums in a band."
"Where would we get the drums?" asked Mr. Red-Headed Woodpecker. 
"The trees, of course, you silly!" said Mr. Hairy Woodpecker. 
"Oh yes, yes," agreed Mr. Red-Headed Woodpecker.
And Mr. Downy Woodpecker said, "Of course, of course.  The trees will be our drums."
"We'll get the other birds," said Mr. Hairy Woodpecker, "to help us.  We need something in a band besides the drums.  We will ask the goldfinches, the mocking-birds, the bobolinks, the phoebe and chickadee families, all of the warbler and vireo families, and the robins of course.  Then I think we'll ask the orioles, the whippororwills, the thrush family, and the song sparrows."
"Oh," said Mr. Downy Woodpecker, "that will make a perfect band.  We'd better get started right away."  And the woodpeckers began to practice.  They made such a noise that the birds came from far and near to see what they were doing.  Mr. Sapsucker, Mr. Crested Woodpecker, and Mr. Flicker Woodpecker had all joined in beating the drums too!
"Why are you making so much noise?"  asked the birds as they flew around to the nearby trees to talk to the woodpeckers. 
"Oh," said Mr. Hairy Woodpecker, "we were just going to ask you all to join our band.  We will beat the drums." 
"And just what do you want us to do?" asked Mr. Robin Redbreast, who was always eager to help. 
"You must all sing." 
"But we all sing differently," chirped a song sparrow.  "We know different tunes and different songs."
"Oh," said Mr. Hairy Woodpecker, "I never thought about that.  But nevermind, you can have little parts to sing alone, and other choruses where you will all sing together.  I'm sure it will be a very fine band after we have practiced."  And they began pounding the drums again. 
"Well," said Mr. Robin Redbreast, "if the bird band isn't to be the finest in the land, at least we'll make a cheerful noise!"

March 2009 Monthly Natural Childcare Guide

warmth for children 
Week One, March
Fairies, Fostering Trust
Week Two, March
Music and Sounds, Listening

Week Three, March
Shamrocks, Luck

Week Four, March
Rainbows, Creating Color
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