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 Food Plot Development
            While making my rounds I have notice an increase in antler growth this year, whether or not it is due to the extremely wet spring and the growth of the food sources, or my imagination.  I have already noted several bucks with growth past there G 3's and several within days of getting to that point.  With all of the rain we have received this past spring our food plots have grown to amazing levels supplying the whitetail herd a variety to choose from.  Being as wet as it has been, many of the crop fields have been planted behind schedule, increasing the odds of a late harvest.       
I am looking forward to a great year here in west central Illinois, and with all of the issues that surround the hectic life styles of the modern world, I can't help but look to this year's deer season to relief.  I truly hope you have a chance to join us out in the woods this fall. 
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Heartland Lodge Newsletter
July 2009 
Dear Whitetail Hunters,

     Another month has gone by here at Heartland Lodge which brings us one step closer to start of another whitetail season.  I look forward to it every day and can not wait to start.  I hope you look forward to the fall hunting season as much as I do, and are able hunt with us this fall.  For those of you who have already made your plans, I will see you in camp.
Non Resident Archery Tags!!!
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Hot off the IDNR press:
If you are still looking at bow hunting with us this fall, you still have an opportunity.  There are 10500 remaing nonresident archery tags that will become available the first of August.  These will be first come first serve so do not hesitate to book your hunt.  Listed below are the remaining whitetail hunts for the 2009 season.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions our are wanting to secure your spot.
Archery Opener
October 1st-5th                  $2550    1 Spots 
"You are the first in the woods"
October 11th-13th              $1450     4 Spots 

Archery Rut Hunts
October 27th-31st               $3,650   4 Spots 
"The absolute best Pre Rut Action"

November 8th-12th              $3,950   2 Spots
"Peak of the Rut"

November 14th-18th            $3,950   4 Spots 
"Last Rut Bow Week before Firearm Season"

November 27th-Dec 1st       $1,550   5 Spots 
Arrival is the day before and departure is the day after the hunt. (6 nights / 5 days)
We also have the following dates open:
December 3rd-6th.               $3,350  2 Spots 
**Archery Doe Derby (4n/3day) Dec 15th-Jan 14th                  Only $650
If you have any questions please let me know!  I hope you can make it out this fall! Give me a call to reserve your spot. 217-734-2526 and ask for Matt
Thanks again and I hope to see you in camp. 

Matt Farnham Harpole's Heartland Lodge