Heartland Lodge Newsletter
Whitetail Deer Hunting In Pike County, Illinois
I am looking forward to a great year here in west central Illinois, and with all of the issues that surround the hectic life styles of the modern world, I can't help but look to this year's deer season to relief.  You know, a whitetail deer hunter is truly a different breed.  Just imagine the amount of patience you have to sit up in a treestand and wait hours on end for an opportunity at a whitetail deer.  That patience is what sets us a part from everyone else. Even here in Pike Co, Illinois, "Land of The Giants" it takes a tremendous amount.  You could be hunting over the best food plots in the state, have the best hunting gear that money can buy, and still go home empty handed.  Yet tomorrow you will wake up and do it all over again.  I personally think this is a god given skill and a true passion that is only shared by those who have whitetail deer hunting, running through there veins.   
Here at Heartland Lodge we are getting ever so close to the beginning of another chapter of our long standing tradition of providing quality whitetail hunts for those who get the chance to hunt Pike Co, IL.  With the unseasonably amount of rain we are having, the crop, and food plot growth will be extremely potent, only making the evenings out glassing the fields that much more exciting.  The thought of a Boone and Crocket buck appearing just before last light, lingers every time we venture out. 
 I truly hope you have a chance to join us out in the woods this fall and look forward to sharing many memories.     
Remaining Archery Hunts 
Opening Week
     Arrive Sept 30th, Hunt Oct 1-5 and
     derpart Oct 6.  Hunt cost $2550.
     This is the very first hunt
     of the 2009 season and one of the best.
     2 spots remaining.
3 Day Archery Hunt  
     Arrive Oct 10, Hunt Oct 11-13 and depart
     Oct 14.  Hunt cost is $1450.
     This is a great hunt to find out what we are all about
     and spend a ton of money.
     8 spots remaining.
Pre Rut Hunt
     Arrive Oct 26, Hunt Oct 27-31 and depart Nov 1.
     **Cancelled Hunts**
     Hunt cost is $3650 but I have had 4 spots open up and
     you can take advantage of this by using their deposits. 
     Your hunt cost would be $3150 (that is $500 off).  This
     is an outstanding hunt during one of the best times to
     hunt the midwest.
Archery Rut Hunt
     Arrive Nov 13, Hunt Nov 14-18 and depart Nov 19. 
     Hunt cost is $3950.  This is the peak of the rut, no other
     hunt comes close.  If you are going to hunt Illinois, this
     the week.
     5 spots remaining.
**I still have a select few openings for the 140" Trophy Farms during our archery season.  These farms are set up for managing for that true Illinois giant.  We only offer these hunts during the rut and firarm seasons, so remaining spots are limited. The Oct 27-31 will be our first hunt on these farms.
Ed Grzesik Jr's 145"Remaining Firearm Hunts
Arrive Dec 2, Hunt Dec 3-6, depart on Dec 7.  This is a 5 night, 4 day firearm
hunt.  Hunt cost is $3350.  Only 4 spots 
Muzzleloader Only
Arrive Dec 10, Hunt Dec
11-13, depart on Dec 14.
This is your last chance to hunt
Illinois with a firearm.  Great late season
action.  Hunt cost is $2450.
Only 2 spots
**I Still have a limited number of spots available for our 140" farms during our firearm seasons.  These farms are strickly managed for larger deer. 
Contact Info
I look forward to hearing back from you and seeing you in camp this fall.  If you have any questions or are wanting to book your hunt feel free to contact me at the lodge at 217-734-2526.  Thanks again and good luck in the outdoors.
Matt Farnham
Whitetail/Turkey Manager
Harpole's Heartland Lodge