Whitetail Hunting At Harpole's Heartland Lodge

May 2008 Edition

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2008 Non Resident Tag Deadline!
140" Trophy Farm's
Doe Reduction Hunts

Chad Payton Harvested this 130" 10 point while hunting the 2007 season.
Check out our 2007 Harvest Photos (click here)
Jeff McCusker's Buck
Jeff McCusker smoked this dandy 10 point while bowhunting with Heartland Lodge.

Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about our hunts or if you are looking to secure a spot.  I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in camp in the future. 

Two Great Whitetails 
2008 Non Resident Tag Deadline
I would like to thank every one that hunted with us this past 2007 whitetail season.  I look forward to seeing you in camp again in the future.  If you are planning on archery hunting with us, whether or not it's a return trip or your first trip, don't forget about the non resident archery tag deadline which is coming up June 1st.  For those of you who haven't been through this application before don't worry, it's a 100% draw if you go through an outfitter, but tags and availible spots are limited. 
 TriFecta-3 Nice Bucks!Heartland Lodge Tri-Fecta 
Friends and co-workers Rodney Hopkins, Mark Roberts and Steve Ackinson all harvested monster bucks during Heartland Lodge's 2007 bow season.  All 3 were taken within a day of each other.
 DavidHaught BuckBig Buck Down! 
David Haught, with his guide Drew, smoked this outstanding buck which score 163" and change.  On the down side for David, this was the smaller of the two bucks he had seen.  Turned out to be an alright problem to have. 
 NIce Bird!Turkey Season 
Josh Tippman with his dad Steve with Josh's 30 minute bird.  It took Josh and his guide Casey 10 minutes to walk in and set-up, 19 minutes to sit and listen to several fired up toms looking for love, and 1 minute to give this long beard a dirt nap.  This was Josh's first bird and to have his dad along with him on this trip made it even more exciting.  Steve was also successful in bagging a bird, however he and his guide had to work alittle harder for it.  These two hunters were part of a great week of turkey hunting at Heartland Lodge were we ended up with 100% opportunity with all of our hunters.  I want to thank all of them for letting us give them an experience that will last a lifetime, and look forward to seeing you in camp next year. 
2008 Doe Reduction Hunts
I would like to invite you to Heartland Lodge for some exciting late season hunting.  These doe reduction hunts are in place to help us manage the herd through the hunters.  All of our doe reduction hunts are fully guided, with meals and lodging.  Doe tags are over the counter and unlimited, so the opportunity is there to harvest several during your stay. 
Hunt Costs:
$650 for a 4 night, 3 day hunt.
$1050 for a 6 night, 5 day hunt.
(Hunters with a either sex tag can harvest a 130" buck or larger if the opportunity presents itself.  A $500 trophy will apply if one is harvested.)
Ricks Droptine BuckHunt Heartland Lodge's 140" Trophy Farms.
These hunts are located on 3 farms that consist of some of the best whitetail habitat in west central IL.  They are strictly managed farms for age and antler size, with limited access and pressure.  These hunts take place during the pre-rut and rut phases only which optimizes opportunity and success.  We hunt no more than 6 hunters per week, so space is limited if you are looking for that true IL giant.
Thanks and Hope To See You In Camp,
Matt Farnham
Contact Info
Matt Farnham
Whitetail/Turkey Manager
Harpole's Heartland Lodge
800-717-4868 (Hunt)