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I've had the honor of meeting Elwin Robinson of Lion Heart Herbs. He is an amazing Taoist herbalist and so I asked him to write on Spring Cleaning the body to pair with our Spring Detox Truffles. Enjoy his fabulous tips, and revel in the joy of health and regeneration!


In Taoism - the ancient wisdom based on being aware of and aligning with the currents of nature in order to live a longer and healthier life - springtime is the perfect time to be cleansing the body, especially the liver. Here are my top three tips for Liver health this spring:  


1. Drink enough good quality water. Most of us are chronically dehydrated, and cells drown in their own waste as there's not enough fluid to keep the cellular waste flowing out. Even worse, many people mistake their thirst for hunger, and eat instead.

2. Show your liver some love with top quality herbs. My top two recommendations are Schizandra and Bupleurum. Learn more about these herbs & check out my Cleanse Blend here

3. Top Liver Foods: Globe Artichokes are awesome for stimulating bile production by the liver, the substance that helps us digest fats well. It's also famous for helping to decrease cholesterol. Lemons are also awesome for helping to tonify the liver and dissolve gallstones. Any type of radish, whether whole or sprouts, is a powerful liver cleanser.

 Lion Heart Liver Rejuvenation Juice Instructions: Put all these through your juicer & enjoy!

1 Cucumber + 1 Head of Celery + 1 Lemon + 1 small bunch of radish + 1 globe artichoke + salt.  


Your liver will love you for it! Learning to love and be aware of the signals coming from all your organs is one of the most important keys to health. Learn to love your liver this spring and it will reward you with abundant passion, excitement and creativity in your life. Medical Disclaimer 

Read the Full Blog on Spring Cleansing here!   


With Love and Gratitude, Your Chocolate Girl






Spring Detox Truffles


 The Earth's Spring tilt is bringing buds, berries, & beings ever closer to the Sun so all may bloom in its pastel-hued warmth. New buds appear on trees with new rings, old skins are cast off by creatures large & small, and the Divine energy of Creation is  heralded by each crocus, blue jay, & breeze. We are guided by the elemental energy of rebirth & renewal, as our spirits are lifted into the balmy air where Hope flows freely.  



Superberry Truffle:Gentle berry kisses full of antioxidants & fruity sunshine - a superberry creme burst of super power! Cashew Butter*, Cacao*, Agave*, Coconut Oil*, Vanilla*, Goji Berry*, Maqui Berry*, Aronia Berry*, Pomegranate*, Raspberry*, Love. *organic



Hibiscus Acai Truffle: Creamy cacao ganache infused with bright fruits & floral hints of lavender, hibiscus & jasmine.  Tahini (sesame seed butter), Cacao*, Agave*, Hibiscus*, Acai Berry*,
Aronia Berry*, Lavender & Jasmine Essential Oils*, Love. *organic 

*Note: If you are allergic to nuts please let us know to ship this flavor only*



Vanilla-Berry-TruffleVanilla Berry Truffle: 2 Layers: a tart Goji / Inca / Mulberry Jam layer and a layer of luscious, vegan vanilla creme.

Cashew Butter*, Cacao*, Agave*, Mulberries*, Goldenberries*, Goji
Berry*, Coconut Oil*, Vanilla*, Lucuma*, Peaches*, Love. *organic  




Truffle shells infused with herbs for Spring Cleanse: Dandelion*, Milk Thistle*, Aloe*, Goldenseal*, Schizandra Berry, Blue-Green Algae*.


Dandelion is a classic cleansing plant for what may be the most important detox organ of the body - the liver. Milk Thistle and Goldenseal are also a well known duo for liver cleansing. Schizandra Berry is associated with all five elemental energies described in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This tonic herb has many benefits including beautification of the skin, alertness & vigor, and blood & liver purification. Aloe Vera is one of the finest superfoods for promoting digestive wellness - fighting bad bacterias & yeast, reducing inflammation, dissolving mucous & building a healthy digestive tract.


Spring Truffle 3 piece box

1 Superberry + 1 Hibiscus Acai + 1 Vanilla Berry Truffle            $10.49  



Spring Truffle 16 piece box

6 Superberry + 6 Hibiscus Acai + 6 Vanilla Berry Truffles           $47.99   



Spring Truffle 24 piece box

8 Superberry + 8 Hibiscus Acai + 8 Vanilla Berry Truffles           $64.49   



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 From David Wolfe: "In light of the meltdown of Fukushima: How to protect yourself and your thyroid against radiation: Kelp, Ginseng, Ashwaganda (recently found to regrow nerves), Chlorella, Zeolites, Fulvic Acid, Nascent Iodine, Reishi Mushroom, SeaS alt (also salty miso), Botanical (plant-derived) or Lipo-Vitamin C, Magnesium (Chlorophyll), Selenium (Brazil Nuts), Coconut Butter (coconut products), Megahydrate, Crystal Energy. Spread the word." Our thoughts are with those affected by this catastrophe.

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