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August 2012
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Distribution System Responses 
to Lightning Strikes
ArresterFacts 029


Distribution lines that run through the open countryside are very likely targets for lightning strikes.  Once the line is hit, a surge is generated that travels in both directions down the line seeking a low impedance path to ground.  In its travels, it can result in many electrical events.  The purpose of this article is to give the reader   better insight into what happens on a distribution power system when struck by lightning and explain how and where it goes once on the system.    

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Wildlife protection, in reality, is serious business to everyone involved in surge protection of the utility lines. An important fact that is often overlooked is that the critical strike zone (area that can cause electric shock) on an arrester can easily be outside the wildlife protector if it is undersized. Wildlife protectors that entirely cover the critical strike zone are 100% effective. For more information check out ArresterFacts 019, Wildlife Protective Devices for Arresters

Wildlife Protrctors
















Bengt Johnnerfelt

Joins TE Connectivity Arrester Division

in Brighton, England 



After many years with ABB, Bengt received an interesting offer earlier this year from TE Connectivity (Tyco Energy) that he could not turn down, so he has joined the Tyco Arrester team.  In his words he says, " Here I am back in the arrester family again  after 5 years in the cable business".  Congratulations Bengt on your new venture.  Bengt says he will remain active in arresters standards where he has been actively involved since the mid 1980's


Bengt started his career at ASEA's high voltage lab in Ludvika, SE after graduating from Chalmers TU, in 1976, with his Masters in Electrical Engineering.  Within a few year of starting with ASEA, he was recruited to the arrester division.  This happened just as the development of the ZnO-arresters was starting.  He was fortunate to be part of the team that introduced the ZnO arrester from ASEA to the European and world market.


Bengt continued to advance at ASEA and in the mid 80's was appointed R&D manager for the arrester division. When ASEA merged with Brown Boveri to form ABB, he was appointed arrester business unit R&D manager which then also included low voltage arresters.  During his tenure as ABB arrester R&D manager, HV polymeric arresters were developed with the direct molded designs. 


In 2000 Bengt, with his family, moved to the US to work at the ABB Inc. plant outside Pittsburgh, PA.  A few years after joining the Pittsburgh team, he became Director of the newly formed ABB/ Meidensha Joint Venture MAS with the goal of introducing polymer housed arresters into the Japanese market.  This required a move for him and his family to Japan.  Having met his goal, in 2007, Bengt returned to Sweden, where he joined the  HV Cable division of ABB.   In this new position, he used his technical and business experience in the wind farm industry. 


So,  today with all his children grown,  he and Annette,  are relocating from Sweden to Brighton England.   
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