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 August 2011

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ArresterWorks is now 4 years old. Business is outstanding, and the project variety is amazing. We have updated our project list for all interested parties. If you have a surge protection project that needs special attention, don't hesitate to contact us, I'm confident we can solve the problem for you.


How an arrester responds to power frequency temporary overvoltages (TOV), is seldom discussed in the literature and a phenomenon that is studied even less.  This ArresterFacts is a short synopsis of the topic that should introduce the reader to some of the aspects of TOV with respect to arresters.  An ATP model of the circuit is also downloadable. 


 Modeling Temperature Rise in Arresters Due to Energy Absorption 

There are many occasions, from the application of arresters to design tests of arresters, where prior modeling and prediction of the final temperature of an arrester after an energy absorption event would be useful.  I have been doing these calculation by hand or with excel for years but recently from within ATP Draw using TACS modules, my favorite arrester and transient modeling tool. This ArresterFacts will cover all the calculation methods mentioned above.   


This is part one of a three part history of lightning protection of power systems.  Enjoy     




North American Market Study 

The most comprehensive and accurate overview of the North American Surge Protection Market and Products.  Available for sale.  Contact for details 



Take a look at the ArresterFacts Library


ArresterFacts are a compilation of facts about arreters to assist all stakeholders in the application and understanding of arrester 




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What Happened? 
Pole Fire Example
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This is a cross arm that has been removed from a pole, and lying upside down on the ground 
What caused the  fire damage  to thecross arm?
How did the ground lead come to have a missing section?
I'm fairly certain I know the answers, but I would love to hear your opinion.


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