March is Child Life Month, and the activities at ACH included a Dr. Seuss Day party with readings and activities in the new Children's Auditorium.

Radiology Update: Saturday Hours
Saturday, April 10
8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The ACH Radiology Department has Saturday hours each week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the following studies, performed without sedation or anesthesia:

Fetal MRI

The Radiology Department is located on the first floor of the hospital. Please call 727-767-4126 or 727-767-8497 for scheduling.

Outreach Grand Rounds
Thursday, March 25
12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Rooms 4A&B

Speaker: Kelly Sawczyn, MD

Late Effects That Need to be Monitored in Children Who Have Been Cured of Cancer
Dr. Sawczyn is the director of the All Children's CanSurvive Clinic

Pediatric Orthopaedics & New Outpatient Care Center are Featured in April 10th Practical Pediatrics Seminar
All Children's Outpatient Care Center

The new Outpatient Care Center at All Children's Hospital will be the setting for the April 10th Practical Pediatrics for Our Clinical Colleagues seminar. The program begins at 8 a.m. and focuses on Pediatric Orthopaedics, with the following speakers and topics:

Jeffrey Neustadt, MD:
Spinal Deformity in Children

Scott W. Beck, MD:
Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

Gregory V. Hahn, MD:
Pediatric Musculoskeletal Infections

G. Douglas Letson, MD:
Pediatric Limb Salvage with Expandable Prosthesis

Tracy J. Roberts, MD:
The Limping Child

Breakfast and a box lunch will be provided, with an optional tour of the new All Children's Hospital after the program ends.

Please note that this program does not take place in the Education & Conference Center. It will be held on the first floor of the new Outpatient Care Center at All Children's Hospital, 601 5th Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701 (directions at
). Parking is available in the Family & Visitor Parking Garage. For more information visit

Happy Doctors' Day
We at All Children's Hospital wish you a happy Doctors' Day and thank you for your continued dedication to our patients and families each and every day.

In celebration of Doctors' Day, you are invited to join us on Friday, March 26 for a Special Doctors' Day Grand Rounds, featuring audience participation.

Top Pediatric Guidelines of the Last Year —
Juan A. Dumois, III, MD, FAAP

This program will be held in the ACH Education & Conference Center from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

ACH Welcomes Pediatric Psychologist Aja Meyer, Ph.D.

Aja Meyer, Ph.D, has joined All Children's Hospital as the new Pediatric Psychologist. Dr. Meyer earned her doctorate degree from the University of South Florida, and completed an internship at the Children's Hospital of Michigan and a post-doctoral fellowship at Akron Children's Hospital.

Dr. Meyer has provided psychological services to children and adolescents with a broad range of medical conditions, such as diabetes, kidney disease, sickle cell anemia, cancer, and various neurological conditions (e.g., AVM, cerebral palsy, chronic pain, epilepsy, spinal cord injury, stroke, and TBI). Her training included:

providing consultation/liaison services on inpatient medical units to address psychosocial, emotional and/or behavioral concerns
conducting psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluations to measure global cognitive and academic functioning, as well as to assess specific cognitive domains such as memory, learning, visual-spatial processing, verbal reasoning, and executive functions
completing pre-transplant evaluations with children, adolescents, and their families
providing outpatient individual and group psychotherapy, utilizing a cognitive-behavioral orientation, as well as positive behavioral support training for parents
working in various medical clinics (e.g., physical medicine and rehabilitation, nephrology, endocrinology) within a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive care to patients and families, and
utilizing biofeedback-assisted relaxation training for patients with chronic pain

Please note that currently Dr. Meyer is credentialed with Lifesynch (a mental health carve-out for Humana). Applications with other insurance providers are in process. Dr. Meyer can take direct referrals for outpatient services and can utilize the ACH discount policy until credentialing with other insurers is complete.

Dr. Meyer sees patients each weekday except Thursday. Please call All Children's Specialty Physicians Pediatric Psychiatry program at 727-767-8477 to schedule a patient with Dr. Meyer.

ACH Salutes Two
Quality Award Winners
Each year the ACH Hospital Quality Wide Improvement Committee recognizes outstanding quality improvement projects. For 2009, the award was broadened to two categories: Department-Specific Projects and those that involved processes hospital-wide. Congratulations to our winners:

Department-Specific Program:
Emergency Center Admit Holds Project

The ACH Emergency Center addressed a problem it shared with emergency departments nationwide: patients who need to be admitted to the hospital may have to wait for elements of their treatment to begin until they can be moved to an inpatient room.

"What traditionally happens is that patients may wait in the ER until an inpatient room becomes available, and during this time care is not completely initiated in the ER," explains Dr. Wassam Rahman, Medical Director of the ACH Emergency Center. "So we brought the folks from the floor to the ER to help our physicians and nurses initiate care right in the Emergency Center, to get the continuum of care started sooner."

The facilities of the new ACH Emergency Center will help significantly with this project. "The new ER has enough space to allow us to group children waiting for an inpatient room on one end of the unit," notes Rahman. And some of the nurses from the former hospital's Clinical Decision Unit—who are more familiar with inpatient care—are now part of the EC team in a similar capacity. Also, during the time that these patients remain in the EC we can initiate many procedures, including radiology (right next door to the EC) and laboratory testing, plus medication orders."

To accomplish the latter, the EC recruited the help of the hospital's Information Technology department. "There are many tests and medications ordered on the floors that typically don't get ordered in the EC," Rahman explains. "By making the same order sets available to us in the EC, we can continue to improve continuity of care by ordering tests needed by the admitting services."

This multidisciplinary project developed new processes for physician transfer of care while the patient was still physically in the EC through Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE), earlier initiation of orders and appropriate continuity of nursing care.

Hospital Wide Project:
Breast Milk Patient Identification

The winning Hospital-Wide QI Project addressed an important need of infants from throughout the Hospital—not just in NICU but in PICU, CVICU and med-surg units as well. The Breast Milk Patient Identification Project is the product of two years of effort by the multidisciplinary Breast Milk Taskforce Steering Committee.

To improve patient identification processes related to breast milk storage, handling, and administration and inventory management.

All Children's NICU and CVICU combined administer nearly 9,000 doses of breast milk each month, so using our new LacTrack technology to improve patient identification processes is a significant contribution.

"The best practice for breast milk in the NICU is the same as for a baby on any other unit of the hospital," says NICU Director Cindy Quackenbush. "At ACH breast milk is treated much like any medication. It needs to be inventoried, mixed, measured and monitored. More than 90 percent of our patients require breast milk additives—not just for calories but to aid in digestion of milk or to manipulate the concentrations of different fats within the milk, for instance."

Nursing mothers drop off expressed milk in labeled containers at the Breast Milk Depot on the sixth floor of the new Hospital. Each mother is given a set of labels with a unique bar code that matches the code on her baby's ID band. Using LacTrack, the milk is inventoried and refrigerated, and then pharmacy prep techs mix and measure what each baby needs for each feeding during the ensuing 24 hours.

Milk for each feeding is drawn up into syringes, which can be put on a pump or into a bottle, depending on the baby's needs. Each syringe bears one of those barcode labels, which is used by the bedside nurse before a feeding can begin. The ID label on the milk is scanned, the ID badge of caregiver who is giving the milk is scanned, and the baby's ID is scanned—to ensure that the right baby is receiving the right milk prepared in the right manner.

"The LacTrack system is working beautifully," Quackenbush reports. "The barcode scanning has helped provide us with models for medication and blood product administration down the road."

Newest Ronald McDonald House Opens

The new 14-bedroom Ronald McDonald House Central has opened on the All Children's Hospital campus. Located on the first floor of the new Outpatient Care Center, directly across the street from the new Hospital, the House provides daytime respite services for the families of hospitalized patients. Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., families can get a cup of coffee and a snack, use the computers and TVs, do a load of laundry, or just relax.

In addition, rooms are available from noon to 3 p.m. for showers and/or naps on a walk-in basis. There is no charge for these services.

In the next few weeks, Ronald McDonald House Central will start providing overnight accommodations for families of newly admitted NICU, PICU or CVICU patients for up to nights. After that time families may transfer to the East or West Ronald McDonald Houses on the ACH campus.