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Our school mission:
Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.
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Interim Principal's Message...

This weekend at Deal saw our second brush with snow (remember October?) and the end of our 1st semester. We begin anew on Monday - 6th graders understand how the school works and are ready to switch between Art/Music and PE; 7th graders are growing into next year's 8th graders, and our 8th graders are anxiously looking forward to high school.


We couldn't end the semester without taking time out to acknowledge student leadership at Deal. The half-day was a testament to the capacities and caring of our students. Our Peer Mediators and Gay-Straight Alliance, joined by students from Wilson SHS, led anti-bullying activities and discussions in all homerooms. The 8th grade Spanish Humanities students presented their project about child labor in Bolivia, including the documentary film they made, called "Pasamos La Voz." And more than forty-five 8th graders created 10-minute mini-lessons for their peers and 6th grade homerooms on topics of their choosing, including Arabic greetings, the Greek alphabet, fencing, the Rubik's Cube, the presidential election, ballet, conflict resolution, World War II, cartooning, ancient Egypt, surfing, alternative rock, and table manners. 
There are a number or important and exciting initiatives in the wind: Black History Month will look a bit different this year and there will be some community activities to help draw this big Deal group closer together. Please note the first item in the Student and Parent Information section below - it is also a change, one that we hope will continue our efforts to emphasize student timeliness and focus on learning. 


Have a wonderful week.


Interim Principal Albright  

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Week of January 23, 2012ringing
Bell Schedule

Monday - Bell T
Tuesday - Bell T
Wednesday - Bell I 
Thursday - Bell I 
Friday - Bell I  

Upcoming Dates

January 23
MYP Masters
World Language Trip Meeting - 6:30
PIA Test

January 24
Team Leaders (part)
PIA Test

January 25
Dep't Chairs, 3:30 pm

January 27
Grades Due
Deal Tour, 10 am 

February 2
6th Grade Writing Celebration (6-7 pm)

February 3
PD Day for Staff (No School for Students)

February 6
Parent Conference Day (No School for Students)

February 8
Dep't Chairs, 3:30 pm

February 10
LSAT, 7:30 am
Deal Tour, 10 am

February 16
Faculty Meeting, 3:30 pm

February 17
Deficiencies to HR Teachers

February 20
President's Day (No School)

February 22
Dep't Chairs, 3:30 pm

February 23
Deficiencies to APs

February 24
Third Advisory Midpoint
Deal Tour 10 am

March 1
New to Deal, 3:30 pm

March 2
LSAT, 7:30 am

March 7
Dep't Chair, 3:30 pm

March 12
National History Day Week

March 14
Pi Day

March 15
Faculty Meeting, 3:30 pm
Bell II - Music in Our School Assembly

March 16
France and France trips Final Meeting

March 21
Dep't Chair, 3:30 pm

March 23
PD Day for Teachers (No School for Students)

March 24
Saturday Detention
9 am - 12 noon

March 30
End of Third Advisory (Students Dismissed - 12:15 pm)
PTA News - Announcing the 2012 Alice Deal PTA Auction!  Saturday, February 25, 2012

This year's theme is New York, New York, and just like the Sinatra song, you'll want to be a part of it!  Here's how you can help right now:    


- Volunteer to co-chair an auction category.  We have a couple of categories left to fill and we need you!  Whether you're an auction veteran or this is your first one, we want your skills and talents on our team.

- Offer to help solicit donations from restaurants in a local neighborhood.

- Purchase a gift card at a restaurant you frequent and donate it to the auction.

- Share any New York contacts you have with the auction co-chairs.

- Mark your calendar for February 25 and plan to attend.


Contact auction co-chairs Kim Bayliss ([email protected]) and Linda Geen ([email protected]) to volunteer!


Attendance This Week

Monday is the beginning of the 3rd advisory. Start this period with a commitment to achieving your academic goals. Good habits today foster good futures tomorrow. Congratulations to the following 6th, 7th and 8th grade homerooms for on-time arrival of 95% or above! Next week we will announce the homerooms with the best attendance for the second advisory, which will receive a pizza party for their dedication to school and success.


On-time arrival and regular attendance are critical to student success. Please reiterate our shared expectation with your child today! Let us strive to learn the "Viking Way": at school, on time, everyday!



6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade
































Library Media Center Hours   


 Before School 8:00 a.m. - 8:40 a.m.

After School  3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Students must have parental permission to stay after school


The Alice Deal Library welcomes students for reading and homework after school! Students must have a permission form on file in the library to use the space after school. Students may pick up a form in the library, or may download it from the library website (Library Pass).  The library is open until 5pm, and can hold 35 students.

Alice Deal's Promotional Sponsors for SY 2011-2012:

1. Steve Agostino of Taylor Agostino Group, Long and Foster Real Estate

2. Bertin Radifera, of Radifera Design Group, LLC

3.  Kimberly Cestari, of W.C. & AN Miller Realtors

4.  Broad Branch Market

5.  Pete's New Haven Style Apizza 

6.  Eldad Moraru, Long and Foster Real Estate

Interested in being a Deal Sponsor for SY 2011-2012?


Please contact Diana Rojas, [email protected] or Lisa Oakley, [email protected] 

Student and parent information...

New: "Charter" Bus Lateness 
For many years, Metro has run a series of buses aimed especially at Deal and Wilson students. Often called the "charter buses," the D31-D34 buses are not actually chartered by Deal, and the Deal administration has no direct control over their operations. Several of these lines have two buses, and the later buses have often been late this year, leading to student tardiness. Beginning next week, we will no longer excuse student lateness due to charter bus lateness. Students who are tardy to school receive lunch detention, and multiple tardies lead to Saturday detentions and other consequences. We strongly encourage students to take the first charter bus on their line and to be aware of alternative routes to school. This week we will be preparing students for the change; consequences will begin the following week. Please contact Ms. Mills in the Welcome Center (202-939-2010 or [email protected]) for more information. 

New:  Please Help Us Find Science Fair Judges!

Deal's annual Science Fair will be held on Wednesday, February 8, from 8:30 am - 12:30 pm. The Deal Science Department is asking for your help in identifying community members to serve as project judges. Judges should have no direct relationship to a Deal student and be available for at least two hours during the morning of February 8. More detailed information is available on Deal's website or by contacting Elyse Lerum ([email protected]). Please ask your neighbors, friends, or colleagues. 

New: Black History Month Contest

Do you know of somebody who played a role in Black history - but isn't really famous? Maybe it's an inventor, a chef, an artist, or a city councilperson. Maybe it's your teacher, your doctor, or your grandmother. Maybe the person taught a generation of students, kept a terrific library at home, took in foster children, or just set a great example for the larger community. For Deal's 2012 Black History Month Contest, students can create an argument for the role of this unknown person in Black history. You can write an essay, design a poster, or create a Powerpoint. All submissions are due to Mr. Rodberg ([email protected]) by Friday, February 24. Everyone with a serious submission will receive a book about Black history. Two runners-up will receive $25 gift certificates. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate.


  Congratulations to Winter Break Reading Challenge Homerooms!  


6th grade: Ms. Ofodile
7th grade: Mr. Hughes
8th grade: Ms. Mostoller


Students enjoyed cupcakes in the library thanks to a generous donation by our neighbors Georgetown Cupcake!


New:  Battle of the Bands 

Reminder- Tryouts are on February 1st at 3:30 pm in the Gallery. Come prepared and with all of your equipment.

New:  2nd Semester Art & Music students
The new advisory starts this week!  All students who were in PE will switch to art or music, and will need to bring a notebook (please see specifications below) to class during the first week of the advisory.  This notebook will stay in the classroom, so it should not be used for other courses.
6th and 7th grade Music:  spiral or composition notebook

6th grade Art: Hard cover, spiral bound with blank 40 to 80 pages
8th grade Art: Please bring $10.00 to cover the cost of your provided sketchbook

How do I know whether my student has art or music?
8th graders will have art.
7th graders will have music.
6th graders will need to check their schedules to see whether they have art or music during the 3rd advisory.

New: 3rd Advisory Physical Education Students 

1. All students transitioning from art or music to physical education for the second semester will report to the gymnasium today (Monday).

2. Students wishing to pay for a new gym uniform may submit cash or check for $20.00 to their PE teacher. All checks should be payable to Alice Deal Middle School. T-Shirts are $7.00 and Shorts $13.00. Sizes include extra small, small, medium, large, extra large.   

3. The appropriate attire for all PE classes are the gym uniform, socks and tennis shoes.  


6th Grade Writing Celebration

All parents of 6th graders are invited to join us as we celebrate the publishing of our Informational Books on Thursday, February 2 from 6 - 7 pm.  Students will be here to give author talks and answer questions about the subjects of their books.  Light refreshments will be provided.    

This week at Deal...

Monday:   Basketball Games

Deal vs. Hardy at Deal. The boys' game is 3:30 pm and the girls' game is at 4:45 pm. There is a $1 admission fee for all Deal home games.


  The International Cooking Club

The International Cooking Club will begin the second semester today with Group A.


Monday:  Photography Club

Attention members!  This week we will have the laptop cart in Mr. Gueltig's room (W104) and will be editing and uploading our photos. Bring your camera and cord in order to do this.


Tuesday and Thursday:  Team Seoul Study Hall and Lunch Tutoring   

Team Seoul Study Hall takes place on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Tuesday Study Hall will take place in W103 (Dr. Pough's room) and will focus only on Mathematics and Thursday Study Hall will take place in W105 (Ms. Kinzer's room). In addition, lunch time tutoring will be held with Ms. Kinzer on Tuesday in W105 and with Dr. Pough on Wednesdays and Thursdays in W103.     


Wednesday:  Basketball Games

Deal vs. Jefferson at Deal. The girls' game is 3:30 pm and the boys' game is at 4:45 pm. There is a $1 admission fee for all Deal home games.   


Wednesday: Literature on Film 

The Literature on Film series is back in 2012! Sponsored by The Library Media Center and the After School Book Group, we watch a favorite novel come to life on the big screen one Wednesday a month.  


On Wednesday we will watch Flipped, based on the novel Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen.  A he-said/she-said romance that asks the question: "Is there hope for happiness in junior high?"  Come early to get a good seat and popcorn.


Wednesday:  Team Mogadishu Study Hall

Team Mogadishu study hall will be held in Mr. Martini's room W100 every Wednesday after school from 3:30-4:30 pm. This is a great time to work with your core subject teachers to complete missing work, clear up misunderstandings, and ask questions. If you would like your child to attend or have any questions please email [email protected].      


Thursday:  Teachers and Geographic Students (TAGS) in DC Deal Chapter
Sixth grade students, if you are interested in promoting Geography and Geographic programming in our school, please join the Deal Chapter of TAGS every Thursday, in lunch. We will be working on creating a geography website. Our goal is to finish the website by Friday, February 10. We will also be planning a GPS outing for one day after school. If you are interested, please meet in room W105 at lunch this Thursday.


Staff information. . . 


All Staff Members - Register Laptops with Ms. Streeter

All staff members with Deal laptops must bring them to Ms. Streeter to be registered. Please stop by her office on Tuesday between 9:30 and 3:30. If you happen to have more than one laptop, please bring both. If you are unable to come on Tuesday, please let Ms. Streeter know and arrange another time with her. Thank you! 


New: Monday - MYP Masters (cancelled)

The MYP Masters meeting will be rescheduled because of the change in the PIA testing schedule.


New: Thursday Bell Changes

Please note that we will have a regular Bell I schedule on Thursday this week to reflect the loss of classroom time from the PIA testing.


Smartboard PD: The Last in the Series!

Ms. Meserole concludes the series with an interactive workshop: bring a notebook file you've created, and you can work with your colleagues to add interactivity and increase student engagement. As well, she'll introduce participants to the lesson activity toolkit and resource exchange. You can come even if you haven't attended other sessions in the series. Friday, 8:10, W305. Thanks to Ms. Meserole for her time and dedication!  


Team La Paz at the Smithsonian Museum of American Art

Team La Paz students will tour the Smithsonian Museum of American Art on January 31. Elective teachers are asked to excuse students from their classes on that day. A list of participating students will be sent to you by the end of next week.

Before and Afterschool Activities



Monday AM



Chinese tutoring 7:45 - N103

6th Gd. Choir 7:45

Concert Band 7:45

Percussion Ensemble 7:45 



 Monday  PM  


Explorer Time to 6 - Cafeteria

Drama Club to 4:15 - N103

International Cooking Club Group A -C216

Deal Garden Club Garden

African Drumming Club to 4:30 - E204 

Gay- Straight Alliance  to 4:30 - W206

Girl Up to 4:30 - E307

Scrabble Club  - E100  

Northwest Current Journalists - C130

Digital Photography Club to 4:15 - W104

Step Team practice - Gallery  

Do the Right Thing to 4:30 - C116 

Boys and Girls' Basketball game vs Hardy @ Deal, 3:30 pm  

Homework Help to 4:30 pm - C213 

Alexandria Library to 4:30  - W207

Tuesday  AM



Chinese tutoring 7:45 - N103

Concert Choir 7:45

Jazz Band 7:45

Woodwind Ensemble 7:45



Tuesday PM


Explorer Time to 6   - Cafeteria

GAGA (Girls/Guys Against Gossip Alliance) 
- Counselor

Garden Club -Courtyard

Cheerleading practice to 5 - Gym

Student Council meeting - E205

Student Council officer meeting -E205 

GLEE to 4:30  

Pep Band to 4:30 

Team Seoul Study Hall to 4:30 -W103 

Debate Team to 4:30   - E104

Math Rappers- W305  Team Dubai Math Help & Retakes -W305 

Beading Club 

Boys and Girls' Basketball practice to 5:15  

Homework Help to 4:30 pm - C213

Indoor Track practice 

Wednesday AM



Chinese tutoring 7:45 - N103

Jazz Band 7:45

Woodwind Ensemble 7:45




Wednesday  PM


Explorer Time to 6   - Cafeteria

The Viking Journal - C104

MathCounts to 4:30   

Citizen Volunteers club to 4:30 - N101

Digital Recording club to 4:30

Team Mogadishu Study Hall to 4:30   -  W100     

Girl Talk  - C217  

Team Dubai Math Help & Retakes - W305  

Yoga Club - W305 

The Poets' Society to 4:30 pm - C314

Invisible Children's Club to 4:15  - W306   

Girls in Real Life Situations to 4:15  - Ms. White's office 

Boys' and Girls' Basketball game vs Jefferson @ Deal, 3:30 pm   

Indoor Track



Thursday AM  



Concert Choir 7:45








Thursday  PM


Explorer Time to 6   - Cafeteria

Team Seoul Study Hall to 4:30 - W105

International Soccer Fan Club to 4:30 - CG07

Dance Club to 4:30  - E206

Roman Holiday to 4:30 - E204 

Spartan Barracks to 4:30 - W205

Cheerleading Practice to 5   

Team Sparta Tutoring to 4:30   - W205 

Step Team  - Gallery

Team Geneva Math Tutoring to 4:15 - E304  

Boys and Girls' Basketball practice 





Friday AM











Friday  PM   







Food for Thought . . . 


       Can Schools Achieve Excellence and Equity?

            In this thoughtful JESPAR article, Leonidas Kyriakides (University of Cyprus, Cyprus) and Bert Creemers (University of Groningen, The Netherlands) tackle one of the biggest questions in educational research: Can schools compensate for students' unequal entering characteristics and achieve some degree of equity? Kyriakides and Creemers believe that too much attention has been paid to measuring students' absolute learning gains and not enough to whether the gap between the haves and have-nots is closing.

"At the outset of instruction in any topic," they say, "students of any age and in any culture will differ from one another in various intellectual and psychomotor skills, generalized and specialized prior knowledge, interests and motives, socioeconomic background, and personal styles of thought and work during learning." The big question is whether schools can help students who start with disadvantages rise above what Patricia Graham (1984) called, with irony, their "evident and probable destiny."

            Kyriakides and Creemers say that equality of outcomes - all students achieving at the same level - is neither possible nor desirable. The moral issue, they continue, is "what state or degree of inequality is acceptable. The answer to this question will always be a contested one, fought out in political arenas of all kinds. The grounds of that struggle seem to have shifted in the last 30 years toward reducing the gap in outcomes between the top and bottom by helping those at the bottom move up." For schools, they believe, "a commitment to equity suggests that differences in outcomes should not be attributable to differences in areas such as wealth, income, power, or possessions."

            The authors then describe a study they conducted in Cyprus analyzing the absolute and relative learning outcomes of sixth graders in 50 schools. Kyriakides and Creemers found that some schools had impressive overall student achievement but did less well on the equity dimension. Schools that did well on the equity dimension also did well on overall outcomes - but only a small number of schools achieved excellent outcomes and narrowed the gap.
"Thus," the authors conclude, "promoting one dimension of school effectiveness does not negatively influence the other dimension, but is likely to influence it positively."

What are the characteristics of the small group of high-achieving and equity-increasing schools? Kyriakides and Creemers say more research is needed, but suggest that the answer lies in fine-tuning the following areas, which seem to have the most impact on both excellence and closing the gap:

-   School policies on high-quality teaching;

-   Actions taken to improve teaching practice;

-   Ongoing evaluation of those policies and actions;

-   School policies for creating a positive school learning environment;

-   Actions taken to improve the learning environment;

-   Evaluation of those policies and actions.


"Can Schools Achieve Both Quality and Equity? Investigating the Two Dimensions of Educational Effectiveness" by Leonidas Kyriakides and Bert Creemers in Journal of Education for Students Placed At Risk, October-December 2011 (Vol. 16, #4, p. 237-254)

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