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Sacred Spaces Newsletter                 August 7, 2010

You Tube Playlists By Popular Request

Many people have asked me to create You Tube Playlists to segregate and congregate my You Tube videos by some sort of arrangement.  Now you can find all of my videos in three categories:  Whole Light Beings, Angelic Humans and Perceptions (belief systems).  Easier to find; easier to enjoy.


Being a Mirror

Do you wonder how to resonate with someone who seems very different than you; someone who doesn't appear to be or feel like they are of like-mind with your beliefs or sense of reality?  There are many people who vibrate at a different frequency than you.  Yet, all people have one thing in common:  they have the potential to remember that they are Source in form. 

When you resonate with their potential, you are a mirror for their remembrance.  They see what is possible for themselves in you.

 Be a mirror in your frequency.  Let everyone see Source consciousness when they look into your eyes.


Molecules of Emotion

For a really good read - both informing and entertaining, choose Candace Pert's Molecules of Emotion.  Click on the Products page of this link to find the book plus her other products.


Re-Wiring Beliefs

The Lord's Prayer
Translated Directly
From the Aramaic

O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos / you create all that moves in light.

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DNA and

Other scientists are jumping on the band wagon with the Russians who have already written white papers on this subject.

The DNA molecule is non-local, entangled and able to express on a quantum level.

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Soul Reading

Dr. Bruce Lipton

And while we are talking about happiness, little gives you more of it than hearing the voice of your soul.

Soul Readings are the perfect way to align with the deep bliss within you.  My reading of your soul lets you hear the words that echo just outside of your inner hearing.  Once heard, they are yours forever.

Schedule your Soul Reading now!


Toni in blue cloak
There is a lot of talk about what is coming in the future for humanity.

With the exception of a few modest terms like "transformation" and "changes", most of the news and the publicity appears to be a dooms day scenario based upon prophecy and
profit - cy.  Since mass consciousness tends to replay the same old fear tactics over and over again, the media has a ready audience in all venues - television, radio, Internet and printed material.

I set out to do my own research about the 2012 prophecy, the known and unknown of the Mayan calendar and what we can likely expect to happen.  I took the approach of "what do we believe we know" versus "what is being said by someone to get attention."  To do so, I used very specific discernment in choosing research material and dismissing anything that even appeared to promote someone's agenda for profit or not.

This week's video and article are the result of my research.  You may be surprised to learn how much we do not know which will easily surface as you watch and read what we "believe" we do know.  The word "believe" is the operative word in this storyline.  The Mayans are not here to tell us what they were actually doing when they carved their calendars.  We surmise what is meant based upon what 1) what we believe has gone before, 2) what we want to believe and 3) (most important of all) what will sell in the market place.

Take a seat and get ready to be underwhelmed!

Palenque writing

The Mayans created several different calendars.  The belief that 2012 poses the end of one cycle and the beginning of another is based upon the calendar called the Long Count.

Current interpretation of this calendar tells us the Mayans believed the end of the current cycle and the beginning of the next - 13 Baktun - would signal the return of the men of wisdom.  Is that true?

See this week's video: 2012 - Mayan or Maya?

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2012 - The Facts, Just the Facts


Based upon what is called the 13-Baktun cycle (a standard cyclic era length for the Mayans), it is implied that December 21, 2012 will be the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  The time we are nearing is the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau - the return of the men of wisdom according to some writers.


It is the current belief that the present 13 Baktun cycle began August 11, 3114.B.C. and ends on December 21, 2012; this is called the Long Count calendar.  It is the ending of a solar period of 5,200 years (or approximately 5,125.36 years).

Aztec Sun Stone


On that date the December solstice sun aligns with the galactic equator (that dark rift you can see in the Milky Way); it takes place within the bulge of the Milky Way seen with the naked eye.


The Mayans viewed the night sky with their naked eye and created their calendars based upon the various cycles they observed there.  Mayan civilization believed that galactic alignments within cycles were involved in human beings having a potential awakening experience - waking up.


The Mayans did not believe that any beginning or ending of a cycle portended an apocalypse. 


All cycle endings are construed as indicative of transformation, renewal - humanity's opportunity to open its collective eyes.  Challenges and chaos?  There is always chaos before there is a new transition into a new order, a new paradigm, a new way of being.


The Mayans embraced many stories explaining creation, (Popol Vuh/Creation Myth) evolution and the part humanity was playing in their "divine ballgame".  Within their teachings, they explained that the self-serving ego personality would eventually begin to ruin planet earth due to a disconnection between humanity's consciousness and its Source.


The Mayan theories expressed an understanding of the effect human thought and action can have on the planet.  What does this mean to humanity right now?  


Human beings live within an individualized consciousness sometimes called the ego personality emanating from a Source Reality.  The human mind is unable to directly experience its own existence without a shift in consciousness allowing the knower to step outside of the known and become an observer of both knower and known. 




1.  Few human beings allow this transformative state to take place yet if one observes the changes within the environment of humanity it is easy to see that cyclic changes occur within the species. 


2.  Few human beings allow acceptance of transformative states due to the ego personality's desire to remain as the sovereign authority controlling its world.


3.  Few human beings are able to see the bigger picture remaining stuck in and reliant upon the smaller self's viewpoint of the one material life he or she is experiencing.

Chitzen Itza


The one Source Reality encompasses the material and the non-material unfolding within subjective and supposedly objective realms.  Denial of either the material or the non-material sets the stage for humanity's transformation into the observer of both for the species is an emanation of Source Reality.  Within humanity's denial of oneness with all life, the ego personalities grouped into conglomerates of control are destroying the planet.


Within the Mayan's stories, they tell of the individual's ego drive to wield power no matter how deceiving the appearance.  Eventually, in their cosmology, the ego's soul is reborn after being realigned within the Heart of Divinity


The Mayan's cosmology has the ability to offer a new glimpse into the true mystery of life - "as above, so below".  This opens the door to union of heart, mind and body and a restoration of the bigger picture within human consciousness.  It is what humanity is yearning for in its deepest core - even the power brokers who only pay attention to how much they can control, how much power they can achieve and how much wealth they can amass.  Their striving is their yearning for the restoration of their heart, mind and body in conscious awareness of their Source emanation.


The outcome of the upcoming alignment is neither frightening nor traumatic.  It is the revolution of the heavens in their cycles and has been given a day and name by a culture we call Maya.


Embrace this new awakening that you are creating. 


If the Mayan calendar did not exist, the awareness of humanity would still be given this remarkable opportunity. 


We are giving it to ourselves.


  What People Are Saying ~

I am often asked what other people are experiencing with the initiations and courses that I offer through Sacred Spaces.  I have compiled a few remarks here to assist you in understanding the depth to which you are invited to go when accessing the sacred space within you.  Each person approached their own process without knowing what the outcome would be for them.  It is my deLight to share these words with you:

After experiencing The Initiation Into the Presence of Your Essence:
"You have recharged my cells and filled me with a presence within myself that gives me euphoria and utopia in the gratitude and loving compassion I now have for you and all - love is all there is." R.A.

After a Soul Reading:
"Funny how the years roll by, yet I always think of you.  Of all the readings I have record of, yours are the most special to me.  Thank you for transmitting that beautiful Love. I am humbly hoping that you may still be willing to share your gift. (for another reading).  L.W.

After taking the Unleashing the Heart course:
"All of my words now flow from my heart.  It is magical and mystical.  I am no longer afraid to stand in front of a group or to talk among those who don't know me well.  My heart is open and I know my authentic voice."  C.P.

In the midst of the Meta yoU Intensive Course:
"Sometimes I think you wrote all of this material just for me.  It hits home every time.  I am so glad I chose to take the longer version of the course.  Practice does indeed make perfect."  B.A.

I could go on with many more words of gratitude yet I would like to close with a quote from a beautiful woman who has a heart condition regarding the Absolution ritual:
"I use the absolution meditation that you described and already my heart is so much more regular. I absolved 7-8 persons and myself  and was moved to tears with joy afterward. I noticed that I woke up with a quiet heart this am . . .  I hold my hand over my heart and say, "Love, peace and absolution" and suddenly I take a large breath and feel peace with my heart settling down simultaneously. (I have seen doctors and there is no treatment . . . that they can identify.)"B.O.

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Personal Reflection:

We are off this week to eastern WA to take in the Perseid meteor shower.  Eastern WA has a much clearer sky since it is farther from the coast and is basically desert. 

While we are there, I am going to take advantage of the quiet time to tune into the mystical new appearances that the Whole Light Beings are making both physically and in pictures.  They have been appearing in our living room and Anica in Croatia has been sending me very unusual photos of their presence.

Upon our return I will create a video using these photos.  For the time being they are telling me:

"They are giving us a view of their world we have not had before; that we are seeing some of the other beings and life forms that inhabit their world.  With reference to the  vortices, they tell me that these are only two of thousands that exist everywhere and that they are continually entering and exiting through these "wormholes" in our time/space continuum.  They are allowing us to see them disintegrating their plasma bodies with ease and grace.  It is a signal to the hu-mans to release the fear of disintegration themselves and to allow the shift from one body into another with the same ease." 

You are infinitely loved,

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h