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Weeks eNews April 2010

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Brilliant Pink Iceberg 
More Space for your Roses - Container Gardening

So you think that you've run out of space for roses in your garden but want more color in your yard?  Fortunately there is another option for rose lovers.  Containers can give you that color without taking up a lot of space and even allow roses to grow where you don't have any dirt.  Weeks Roses has many beauties that are perfectly suited for growing in pots and other containers. 
Roses with more compact habits lend themselves as the best candidates for restricted spaces. So naturally we think of miniatures as being a perfect fit for placing in containers or tucking into tight spaces.  Add a splash of color with Lemon Drop, a lemonade yellow miniature that is a sweet addition to porches, patios and other small and sunny spaces.  Daddy's Little Girl™ is a great little bi-color with rose pink petals and a hint of cream, adding just the right ... 
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Ebb Tide?  
Patio Trees 
OK this month's selection is not actually a rose variety but many different roses in the form of an 18" miniature or 24" patio rose tree.  With over two dozen varieties to choose from these striking accents provide clusters of color that are perfect for a sunny patio, porch of walkway.  By adding height from both the pot and the trunk you get to enjoy great roses such as Ebb Tide™, Ruby Ruby™, Cinco de Mayo™, Julia Child and Chihuly® at a new height! 
All three varieties of 'bergs' are available as well including Brilliant Pink, Burgundy and the classic white Iceberg.  These powerfully flowerful proven performers make a great statement either with color or as a bright eye catcher.  Trees give you a second story of gardening space.  The rose bush is well above the soil line, opening up the pot for adding colorful complementary plantings of annuals and perennials.  Raise your rose expectations... by at least two feet! 

 Happy Gardening!

Remember, It doesn't take years to grow a great rose... it just takes Weeks.
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Garden Thoughts
Betty Boop?
"Beauty is an ecstasy;
it is simple as hunger.
There is really nothing
to be said about it.
It is like the perfume
of a rose; you can smell
 it and that is all."
W. Somerset Maugham
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