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Dear Friend,

            First let me say I'm sorry if you've tried to reach me on AOL but got bounced off.  There's a story behind this that was distressing at first but turned out to have a heartwarming ending, which I'll explain below.  Also I apologize if you wanted a holiday gift certificate and your request could not be fulfilled because of these tech problems.
            All my emails are working again.  And just FYI, you can always reach me at: Judi@Wisdompath.com.
            Here's the story: months ago I foresaw an upsetting event in my horoscope - not in specifics but in energy patterns, and even knew the precise dates it would occur (12/21-26), but I couldn't determine its nature other than that it would be sudden and distressing.  Many awful things could have fit the pattern, things such as accidents, break-ins, or danger so I had imagined every dire possibility and tried to take precautions!  That's a typical thing that astrologers do - help you see the upcoming patterns and give you tools (awareness) to navigate them better.
            On the night of 12/19, my main email account (AOL) - through which I ran my business - was suspended.  Totally shut down.  No explanation.  I had to presume that someone had tagged me as a spammer.  But AOL had long ago given me permission - called a "white list" - to bulk email my own client base.  Frantic phone calls revealed that there would be no way to get reinstated except by pleading my case through SNAIL MAIL!   Can you imagine?!  Needless to say, I was all shook up, frustrated, outraged, and discombobulated.  I found my hands shaking as I researched and learned that the problem might be unsolvable.  I was frightened.  And I was angry with AOL.
            However, I also instantly recognized that this upset was The Event!  And of course computer glitches - even if they wreck your business - are minor compared to those other dreadful possibilities!  So I set about doing the wisdom work, which meant releasing negative emotion and thought (fears, anxieties), and positioning my mind into trust, faith and flow.
            The inner work involves detaching from negative emotion and altering negative thoughts.  The top order of business was to stabilize my emotions so I went to the kitchen and ate some dried fruit.  Then I realized I was trying to go into escapism by desiring a nap, lingering over a magazine, or watching tv.  Overcoming this negative pull, I went back to my computer to tackle the problem, scrambling meanwhile to notify some of my list of an alternate way to reach me.  My focused research then provided some phone numbers and info, such as company headquarters.  Finally, I reached a Zen-like acceptance of my predicament... which was not an anesthetized stance nor a resignation but an alert lookout for possibilities at the same time as a calming place of peace within.  Most of all, I remembered that I'm the creator of the story, and powerful within it, so I adjusted my viewpoint while I waited to see which route would open.  I also reframed the experience: maybe some part of me wanted a hiatus or a surcease?  Or maybe there was some other purpose to this?  What interesting thoughts!
            That night I slept well.  Next day I overnighted (snail-mailed) my case to AOL's gatekeepers, but began researching other more sophisticated ways of email marketing.  Well, the long and the short of it, once the holidays and weekends were over (and having exhausted other alternatives), I phoned corporate headquarters and began to reach human beings!  Everyone was extremely nice, especially Esther in the Sr. V-P's office, but outstanding was a gentleman named Jerry who took one look at my long hitherto unblemished record (of compliance of Terms of Service) and immediately reinstated me.  As we chatted, he explained that recently AOL has changed their password system and had been inundated by ID thieves up to 13,000 per day!  So I started feeling bad for AOL's workers who have to parry that threat for its members.
            Now, here's where the story gets really heartwarming.  Jerry and I kept chatting.  I asked him if I'd done anything wrong.  No, he said... sometimes in trying to hit the Print button, people hit the Report Spam button instead.  No, I had full permission to bulk email my clients.  By then he'd learned a little about my business and started telling me that he was an identical twin and that he and his twin were into Enneagrams, palmistry, and Tarot!  He volunteered his sign.  We became phone friends.  He said he'd give me his direct contact info if I ran into any further problems and he offered to greatly lower my regular pricing and throw in a few free months.  Deeply appreciative and calmed, I blessed him for all this and asked if he'd like to check out my website.  Yes, he did, he replied.  By now, our conversation had become heart-to-heart.  I'd like AOL's higher-ups to know about how well Esther and Jerry, respectively, (yes, these are their real names1) handled this formerly disgruntled but now sympathetic customer.  They were just people doing an overworked job... but doing that job lovingly and kindly.  Instead of anger now I feel gratitude, friendship and compassion.  Quite a journey, huh!
            Who knows where the universe will take this now!  I feel like The Hanged Man, suspended peacefully and in awareness, who is willing to wait for life to take its next turn.
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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling
Book Review
Astro Tidbits




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"No one hinders you, only yourself in its fears of reluctance."

The Brotherhood of Light Workers,  by Judi Thomases 

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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling - January '09
Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers

By Judi Thomases


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats. 


            If, in the end, there is nothing left but life, then rejoice!  For it is not as though you have been left bereft of possibility.
            As long as there is life, there is hope.  And hope means endless possibility and creative options. 
            The very notion that something has come to a halt or stopped is often a barrier to possibility.  It feels as though it is an immoveable obstruction but instead it is really a gate.  A gate is something that can be opened or shut, and is often locked and requires a key.  A key fits almost magically and serves to unlock that which presents access or progress. 
            And so whenever life remains - that is, energy, possibility, creativity, and hope - in that space or moment so does the future with all that it will contain still existing.  In that space or moment when one runs up against the obstacle, the limitation, the barrier, and so long as life remains, so does the possibility of finding the key that opens the doorway or gate and turns the barrier into an avenue.  Now this is the essence of mystery teachings.  This is the core of it.  For life will always have moments and experiences that serve up limitation while the inner self finding the magic key will always be able to transform the barrier into the gate.  Think of the wizard's power.  Think of the wizard's wand striking the stone (the immoveable, the insurmountable).  Think of the magic at the end of that wand, and the power it calls forth when it strikes its target.  Think of the burst of light that occurs, and witness the incredible transformation.
            We speak to all.  We speak from the place of Allness.  We say it is ALL possible.  It remains to be discovered.

 © 2008 by Judi Thomases
Book  Review  
The Peacemaker & The Key of Life
  by William Henry (Earthpulse Press)
         This book holds a special place in my heart.  Thoroughly researched and well illustrated, this little masterpiece sets forth the notion that, in an unbroken lineage of symbolism and spiritual teachings from pre-Egyptian days to the present, there is a hidden plan - God's plan - for the preparation and fulfillment of the spiritualization of Earth and humanity.  And that this "highly planned event," known by many names and through many prophecies, will have its climax in America!
            Furthermore, it is to be here, in our current era and in these very years ('99-2012) that both a herald and a Master Earth Teacher appear in our midst to implement the age-old plan and unlock the door to this paradisiacal transformation. 
            None of this is new, of course, but what is wonderful about this book is the author's ability to weave together centuries of disparate symbolism and religious and mystical history to present a seamless whole.  My only quibble is the sometimes sketchiness of reproductions of ancient artifacts.  Also, he targeted a date (Aug. '99) that has come and gone without the expected manifestations.  However, this doesn't really take away from the enjoyment... and my astonishment at seeing how closely Mr. Henry's hypothesis ties in with the teachings I've received from The Brotherhood (which I've been offering in the In-Home Study Group and as an E-Course... see below).  The conclusions are inescapable.  And the road, or path, always leads to the same point: the all-seeing eye atop the pyramid!

Astro Tidbits for the month

Happy NEW Year!  The question is: will it be different/better than '08? 
            Pluto is in Capricorn to stay (at least until 2024) - this will force deep restructuring of everything BIG connected to executive, financial, corporate, governmental, and material structures.  Pluto always forces abuses to the surface so they can be cleansed.  "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."  Reinvention, renewal, recreation are great words for this process and can apply to your business and career now.  Mars, exalted in Capricorn, remains there all month too so we can expect to see action taken regarding the economy, while Jupiter there as well until the 5th indicates a pattern of active and huge effort which probably refers to the automotive bailout package and certainly to the excessive expenditures to make things "right".
            A sea change begins on the 6th with Jupiter entering Aquarius, shifting the focus to invention, technology, green products, and humanitarianism.  Growth begins in these fields, where it remains until January 2010. During the month, there is a great emphasis on brotherhood, social networking, and non-profits (Sun, Node, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune all in Aquarius).  Especially from mid to late month, hopeful spiritual energy infuses the world (Neptune conjunct Jupiter, semi-sextile and in mutual reception to Uranus).  The Inauguration falls under these aspects and is surely the motivator of this idealism.  Late month further emphasizes the helpful potential of people aiding people, and efforts turned toward innovative progress, as dedicated groups form and realistic avenues of communication begin to assist humanity (Mars trine Saturn and sextile Uranus).  This can only mean a positive turning point toward this new and valued goal (the Solar Eclipse of 1/26 - in Aquarius too, and conjunct Jupiter!)
            The fly in the ointment remains the tug between the old and the new, or tradition versus progress (Saturn opposite Uranus) - this difficult struggle lasts through September '09.  It's one of political parties and personal sensibilities, and we'll all feel it.
            January 11th stands out as an interesting date.  Both a Full Moon (in Cancer) and a Mercury Station Retrograde (also in Aquarius, conjunct Node!) promise a day full of emotion in which the people's feelings matter, and a time for reexamination begins (lasting until 2/2 when Mercury Stations Direct, and even through the "umbrella" of its passage until 2/21).  The importance of being nurturing and open-minded is recognized (Full Moon sextile Saturn and trine Uranus), and the media may even call into question their role in what has and does go over the wires and on the net.  Bloggers will have a field day!  Technological systems might be revamped.  Science will be news again.
            The weekend of the 17th-18th is best for personal  matters (Venus sextile Mars), and you might feel especially lucky on the 24th (Jupiter conjunct Sun) - it's a banner day for anyone born that day, and the whole year will be a great one for you.
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1. Two talks now available as downloads:

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"What you do in response to the ocean of suffering may seem insignificant, but it is very important you do it." - Mahatma Gandhi
from "What Does It Mean to be Human?"
by F. Franck, J. Roze, R. Connolly