December 2008  Volume 17  



Dear Friend,

           It's a strange season this year, isn't it?  Pressures, bad news in the headlines, wallet woes, many people struggling... yet we're expected to be merry and celebrate!  How can we?
           Those who know me, know I'm not very sentimental and that I call it like it is, so it won't be Pollyanna-ish if I say there is still much to celebrate and be thankful for.  Family, for one.  Friends, for another.  Living in an abundant nation, for still another.  But most of all, for having choice.  Choice is what can reverse your situation, and add merriment to your life whenever you choose.
            We have to keep remembering that we are the Designer of our life. 
            What is faith, and what are we expected to have faith in?  In platitudes?  In trappings?  No, in Self.  In the creative energy within yourself.  
            What do I mean by creative energy?  If the Self decides to let life flow, to keep aligning with positive possibilities, to shrug off emotional storms (or at least shorten them as much as possible), and get disentangled with the drama and coordinated with the nice stuff, then such choices reap good results.  You try it, you see it works, you start believing in it.  That's the true faith I'm talking about.  That's the faith in creative source energy.
            For instance, if you spend (NOT excessively, but enjoyably) and have faith that more money will come your way to replace it, that will occur.  If you give, and believe that love will come back at you because of your openness, that will happen.  If you brighten the world (well, locally), and trust that some light will shine towards you, that will come to pass too.  Because that's how it works.
            Try it.  See if this way doesn't make all the holiday words come true: Faith, Love, Light, Brotherhood, Celebration, Joy, The Spirit of Giving, Cheer.  And the best word of all: Blessings.
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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling
Book Review
Astro Tidbits
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"If you gave as much time and attention to the joys of the world as to its ills, that by itelf would be the creation of something new and bright."
The Brotherhood of Light Workers, Wisdom's Game, by Judi Thomases 


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(channeled by author/intuitive Judi Thomases)

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What's the meaning of life?

You are not who you think you are.
You are the universe playing a energy game.
It's time to wake up!



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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling - December '08
Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers

By Judi Thomases


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF,

 and audio formats

There is a malaise upon the land.  It comes from false beliefs and wrong notions that there is lack or restriction.  It permeates all, and then breeds itself double.  This is the true basis of the economic stress and personal woe that is besetting the nation.
If, in fact, there existed the principle of lack, nothing further could be produced.  It would be as though a reservoir was running dry, or a drought was permeating the land and the well could no longer be tapped.  That situation would produce ever-diminishing returns, and blackness would follow.
But - and this we stress - there is not such a thing.  The reservoir of creativity can never run dry.  It is an endless, bottomless fount of possibility.  And once understood, each mind can tap into it and begin producing, not lack, but abundance.  As though a switch was thrown, or a lever, such a gateway of potential would then be unleashed so that a cornucopia would happily befall the land. 
Such a joyous possibility awaits, because as soon as minds grasp this, many will latch onto it.  A surge will unfold.  Then mind after mind will latch on, and the tide will turn.
Some minds must begin.  How?  When the mind conjures lack, and looks at the bankbook, the portfolio, or under the mattress and says to itself, "Even though it is low now, I will trust that my internal faith and external visionary action will bring good future benefits", then that mind moves in a direction, not from the mindset of lack but from another, fuller concept of a geyser of potential.  And that mind takes action based upon that belief.  It expands outward.  It touches other minds.  And soon the river gushes once more.
It is as simple as that.  But, oh, what a new change!  This radical new effort would be a group experiment to usher in the age of conscious choice.  It is what mankind is being led to.  It is the plan of the age.  To realize personal creative power.  To try it out.  To do so as a group endeavor.
This is what will come to pass.  A golden future, anything but black!

© 2008 by Judi Thomases


"The deeper the assemblage point moves, the greater the feeling that one has knowledge and no words to explain it."
Carlos Castaneda, The Power of Silence
Book  Review 
                    "The Power of Silence,"
 by Carlos Castaneda
(Washington Square Press)
Ultimately satisfying but very slow getting off the ground.  For those  who have followed Castaneda's apprenticeship to the Yaqui sorcerer don Juan, this book explains the philosophy and techniques of this path in deepest fashion yet.  Concepts such as heightened awareness, intent (always italicized), filaments of vibrating light, or the descent of spirit will seem very familiar to any student of consciousness.  Other concepts, such as impeccability, stopping the world, the abstract, the designs of the abstract, and even the word sorcerer, seem unnecessarily abstruse and might be more readily understood if couched in different language: "mindfulness", "Samadhi" (the breathless state), "the higher realm", "go with the flow", and "mystic" are some substitutes that occurred to me as being easier to grasp.  But the two most powerful concepts that made this book very worthwhile were: reaching the place of no pity (ruthlessness) and moving the assemblage point.  The former, perhaps understood as a kind of spiritual tough-love, enables the adept to remain removed from emotion and focus only on delivering the goods, so to speak, of the universe's mandate (the intent of the abstract), while the latter describes the experience of traveling within consciousness to change the perception of reality.  
Since this kind of radical event has time and again been the key shifts that have ushered me into this metaphysical field in the first place, then altered my viewpoint drastically, and finally tasked me with writing and teaching about it, I felt a deep affinity for the phrase.  I'm grateful to have been given a clear understanding of this mystical technique that is available to all who develop inner awareness.  However, I think that the way it's being explained in this book would leave it still quite mysterious to the casual reader.

Astro Tidbits for the month

Pluto is now just three days into a new sign - Capricorn - where it will reside until 2024.  Pluto's transits are always momentous - during recent passages, such as through Scorpio, it was all about AIDS, pedophilia and gangsta culture, and more recently through Sagittarius, it was all about foreign oil, gambling, and religious strife, with sports figures in legal trouble.  Now, in Cap it will be all about corporations, banks and government.  Pluto in Capricorn will also demand attention to the aging (people and infrastructures).  As we can all see (worldwide), reforms will be in and greed will be out.  Capricorn is efficient and responsible; corruption is NOT the watchword of the day!  Much cleaning-house will occur in all these regards.
Obama has Saturn in Capricorn - it's getting well aspected now (Jupiter conjunct) as he takes office, but will be greatly challenged by the end of his administration (Saturn square) so let's hope he's up to the immense task he has embraced.
Saturn and Jupiter have finished their long trine in the Earth signs... meaning that we're now on our own!  (Despite the banking, subprime mortgage, and credit crises, this favorable planetary aspect was able to keep the economy afloat.  I think it saved our necks!)
The first two weeks of December can be a repeat of over-expansion and risky behavior once again (Sun, Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius) that might boost retail figures temporarily.  December 2nd is a nice day for shopping and some holiday fun (Venus sextile Jupiter) while on the 8th social networking is enhanced (Venus enters Aquarius) and good connections made (Venus conjunct Node on the 17th).  December 12th will be a big news day (Full Moon in Gemini; Mercury into Capricorn conjuncting Pluto) - maybe a big deal is in the works regarding business and serious restructuring.  The 12th is also a disruptive period, not the best day to travel (Mars square Uranus), nor is the 16th (Mars square Saturn) which can be full of delays.  Sensible planning and high hopes thrive between the 26th and 28th (Mercury trine Saturn, and Venus conjunct Neptune) - so people will feel lingering good vibes after the gift-giving season.  But the New Moon of December 27th indicates the next month (January) will be full of tensions in the marketplace (in Capricorn conjunct Mars and Pluto).  This is Inauguration time - a tough pattern to kick in a new presidency!
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