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Dear Friend,

What happened to "The Secret"?  Where are all those mavens talking about their best-sellers and mansions?  Where's the Law of Attraction when we need it?!!
The truth is that REALITY IS CREATED IN OUR MINDS, and our minds are full of fear right now and we've forgotten to apply the wisdom we've just been taught!

The pall that hangs over us will be changed when we, as individuals, can release our emotions and begin to create more positive thoughts.  We must believe in abundance and beauty.  We must do this inside our minds - now - and watch as the world drama begins to change accordingly.  We must act as though our positive beliefs are REAL.  And we must stay happily expectant of the positive personal change ahead.

And even if the world drama (the Election, the economy) hangs in suspension, awaiting its conclusion, we must apply the wisdom teachings to our own personal, interior reality, to attract what we want, and believe that we have the power to do so.  That's quite a challenge.  It's easy to believe in "The Secret" when all's well and money's flowing; it's much harder to do now, when we've presented ourselves with great impediment.  But when the going gets tough, the wise get going!

Most people have no clue of the value of wisdom.  They don't get that it's the very thing that can pull you out of your hole.  Wisdom?!  What's that?  It's not bankable; it's not solid; I can't touch it or feel it.  Of what use to me is wisdom?  Well, it's all-important.  It's the key to releasing you from fear, from want, from the karma of life's tests.  Right now, you need wisdom more than you need money!  Besides attracting and manifesting, there's also the concept of karma to factor in.  Right now, there is world karma affecting us all (Pluto into Capricorn, and Saturn opposing Uranus), and you need to learn how to maneuver your personal options within the greater pattern.  You need to feel in control of the drama.  You need empowerment.

And never fear, the path is open.  You can set foot upon it at a moment's notice, whenever you are ready.  Feel your heart relaxing.  All you need to do is learn to switch your mind.  
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"The soul's evolution depends upon the awakened notion that its own interests are entirely interdependent with those of humanity's."
The Brotherhood of Light Workers, Wisdom's Game, by Judi Thomases


(channeled by author/intuitive Judi Thomases)

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What's the meaning of life?

You are not who you think you are.
You are the universe playing a energy game.
It's time to wake up!



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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling - November '08
Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers

By Judi Thomases


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF,

 and audio formats

Speak up!  That is our message. 
It is not sufficient to think about things you truly are passionate about, or feel need changing.  It is imperative that you communicate, from your own mind to another's, that which you feel needs changing or address.

This is an era of much change.  The alteration is not so much on the exterior - although that is certainly apparent - but powerfully on the interior.  It reveals inner modification that catches the mind in its habitual loops, and says "no more!"  It is an interior change that says to self, "I won't put up with the same ol' same ol.  I want to readdress the world.  I want it to be a different place - a place that reflects my new choices and my developing new awareness."
Now, this we speak of is not "political, although that is what is very much seen now in this nation.  It is instead far further reaching.  It is not a "party" that will address your inner shift, but an entire structure of society.  The current malaise is caused by the (false) sense that nothing will change enough to bring you joy, or that your own little effort is not sufficient for rapid and deeply effective transformations in your world.  This is a fallacy, for all voices are equal on the world stage, all consciousnesses are on the verge of being heard, and the entire thrust of new technology is providing the very basis (news dissemination, personal input, global reach) to allow this to be.

So speak up!  Find the way for your voice - and mainly, your point of view - to be heard.  Spread your word - whatever cause you rally to - and let your self's inner shifts be broadcast.  That is OUR message today.  What is yours?
 © 2008 by Judi Thomases


"There is nothing either good or bad
 but thinking makes it so."
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet
Magazine  Review 
                     "Fortean Times: The World of Strange Phenomena" is a publication I've been enjoying since the mid-Eighties when a metaphysical friend turned me on to it.  Back then, it was a barely professional effort cobbled together in British basements!  But it has since become a transatlantic glossy-covered success story.  Its lurid covers belie its serious scholastic content.  People far and wide submit Letters to the Editor telling of their personal experiences with the Beyond.  If you ever want to disprove weird tales (the editors are scrupulous in reporting phoniness) or find real evidence of genuinely eerie incidents, this is the place to go to!  Well-researched stories range from the true history of the Knights Templar or the Illuminati, to UFOs, crypto-zoology, Forteana in the classical world, ghost sightings, and just plain bizarre-but-true human behavior.  (One of my favorites, sad to admit, is Strange Deaths: Some Unusual Ways of Shuffling Off the Mortal Coil.)  Photos are used wherever possible to bolster research or support (or disavow) odd stories.  A tongue-in-check sense of humor is always apparent.  Forteana, referring to its creator Charles Fort, who made his life mission the investigation of all apparent phenomena to the rejection of scientific rigidity, is defined as "research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents."
            One of the chief reasons I love reading these monthly issues is FT's general undermining of rigidly limiting notions about "reality" and the subsequent subtle but powerful support of transcendental, boundary-breaking, alternate possibilities and miraculous, mind-opening truths of the nature of life - a feat that is continuously accomplished by simple reportage.  If you can get past the awful covers and sometimes worse ads, and have a taste for this type of material, you might enjoy the deeper content.

Astro Tidbits for the month

Two days before the Election (11/2), there is an idealistic yet weakening aspect; it is as though we have all been in a long vague dream that has enfolded us in its spell, and from which we must try to break free (Neptune Station Direct square tMars, trine U.S. Mars, but quinqunx U.S. Neptune).  Who is our true hero, we ask, and who would damage us?  That's not to say that we will immediately awaken and regain our powers.  But we must soon, for the Eagle's might isn't happy when it is hobbled.  We must heal internally.
But can we?  On Election Day (11/4), a world aspect forms that lasts until September '09, and represents tension between the old and the new (Saturn opposition Uranus exact!)  The Election itself reflects this pattern.  Whoever wins the race to be the President of the United States (and thus the most powerful person in the world) is just a side issue!  The main point is that half the nation (and perhaps, the world) will be unhappy with the outcome, producing a dichotomy that tugs us further and further apart.  If McCain wins (and yes, that is still possible and even predicted by many astrologers), the progressive (Uranian) forces behind Obama will not go peaceably away.  And if Obama wins, the traditional (Saturnian) effort will not cease striving for re-ascendancy.  Either way, humanity will be pulled apart more and more.  Is this prelude to "The End Times"?

Election Day is just a bombshell energy pattern!  The news is intense (Mercury sextile Pluto)!  There is dislike, unpopularity, and unhappiness - all relating back to the kick-off point of the entire campaign (Venus in a t-square to Saturn and Uranus, at the Solar Eclipse point of 9/11/07!!  Which means that the negative emotions set off from the beginning were destined as part of the world drama!)  It is even possible that a recount is demanded, or a legal challenge mounted, in which case the results would not be determined until nine days later (11/13) (Full Moon in Taurus).

After the drama, between 11/20th to 25th, some benefit is seen for the economy (Jupiter trine Saturn in earth signs).  The stock market will likely surge.  The major shift begins on November 27th, another big day signaling a new focus upon the transformation of the entire government and corporate structure (which lasts until 2024) - a task that lands squarely upon whomever takes office (Pluto leaves Sagittarius, enters and remains in Capricorn). 

Late November is a relatively lucky period, with a new start for trade, communication, and general positive activity.  The holiday season kicks off and some happy light returns (New Moon conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius).  Eat, drink and be merry!

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