October 2008  Volume 15  



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I was reading a publication called Diamond Light, put out by The Aquarian Age Community.  Their writings are based on the writings of Theosophists such as Alice Bailey.  In these uncertain and challenging times, it's good to hear that the Masters are preparing to come forward, and that we are being realigned in order to allow the Great Plan to unfold.  According to this herald, humanity is being prepared for a great leap in consciousness, and a World Teacher will appear by 2025. 

So, happily, we'll still be here through the dire predictions swirling around the Mayan Calendar's 2012!  The world won't end, nor will we perish!  (And not even the financial crisis can take us down!) However, the route there is sure to be a bumpy ride.  That's why it's always best to know what your Personal Energy Pattern™ is, and how to navigate it.  I was just told that, in these troubled days, more people than ever are turning to astrologers!  We're the ones who can see what's coming and what the best choices are for right now.  (There are always better personal choices even in tough times!  And you need to know yours!)

As I just said to Jenny, don't overlay your viewpoint on anyone.  Just help that person figure out their best choices from exactly where they are.  Just help them play their best possible game.

Wise choices are the name of the game.  It's not in the quest for success that you reach your best potential; it's in the easy and intuitive flowing that allows the universe to unfold its energies through you!  Flow is everything.  Tuning in is power.  Acceptance is wisdom.  And higher connection is joy.

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"All are the maker, and not the illusion."
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Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling - October '08
Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers

By Judi Thomases


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF,

 and audio formats
We will come as needed.  There is need ahead and it is foreseen.  There is no forsaking.  You are not alone or apart.  You are one with us, and one with each other.  That means that you are here for a purpose, and that purpose is not just yours alone.
When there is the right timing, and it is aligned with the right purpose, all comes together.  That is, All comes together.  Not just the events but the appearance.  It is always so.  We are "in the wings", on stand-by.  We wait for the right timing, and the right timing is a function not of dates but of readiness.  Who is to be ready?  Well, it is not us because we stand at ready.  Then who?  It is humanity.  A certain degree of longing must be developed; a certain measure of yearning.  It is not enough for one or two to hunger.  It must be all.  All must call forth our appearance onto the world stage.  All must yearn to manifest our presence, and to be open to our message.  When the timing is not right, or premature, the message falls on deaf ears, and the point is missed.  So it behooves us to wait, in readiness, for the call -- from YOU!
That call is coming.  Its voice is forming; its presence felt.  More and more hearts yearn.  More and more minds seek.  What is sought and desired?  Peace.  Insight.  Understanding.  The embrace of the divine hand upon the weary human shoulder.  It is not enough to weakly want it.  It must be demanded.  It must be fervently sought.  Then we can come forth and appear.  As simple as that. And that is why the planet grows harsher and life harder.  Comfort and safety do not call us forth.  Power, pressure and benightedness do.  Remember, the All awaits its own call.  The formation is already appearing.
  2008 by Judi Thomases


"Don't ever think that your life isn't being written in the Book of Life.  I found it.  I have seen it!  It is being written.  You are the writer!" 
Edgar Cayce: My Life as a Seer (St. Martin's, 1997)

Book Review 
          "My Life as a Seer: The Lost Memoirs" by Edgar Cayce (1997, St. Martins).  Surprisingly disconcerting!  Rather than being the paragon of wisdom as his wonderful channelings would lead us to believe, the real Cayce (in his own words; yes, even his diaries) was amazingly nave and gullible.  He allowed himself to be led often by unscrupulous moneymen or ambitious but unsuccessful dreamers while he pursued an impractical life relying upon infrequent clients.  Although very religious, he seemed to me to be emotionally undeveloped, as though he just couldn't apply certain savvy to his relationships.  For example, through his own words it can be seen that he was a bad businessman and poor family provider who sometimes ushered his family to the verge of starvation, moving them from place to place constantly, and had little to no security until late in life by which time his Association began providing, and his clientele increased.  He was all too human.  A very sweet man, never materialistic but also not shrewd!  On the other hand, he had a good heart, a true recognized mission of loving kindness, and a genuine spiritually devotional nature.  ("He [couldn't] sustain these gifts if he wasn't focused on the needs of the world.")

I guess I was most amazed by the huge disconnection between the wise voice of his channeled masters and the ineptitude of his daily persona.  I kept wanting him to demonstrate more wisdom!  At the end of the book, many testimonials raved about his positive effect on hundreds of lives but from these memoirs it's obvious that Cayce the man was far different from The Prophet who inhabited his sleeping body, and that there remained a huge gulf between the two.

Cayce no doubt was an amazing conduit.  And he has been called The Father of the Holistic Movement.  His life opened an avenue for spiritual energies to flood into the Earth Plane.  But if you (like me) were expecting a guru's example, well, that just wasn't him!

Astro Tidbits for the month

Well, things start off pleasant enough, with high hopes for fresh starts (Sun trine Neptune; Full Moon in Aries sextile Neptune) by mid month.  Lots of debate goes on around the 6th (busy communications aspects) but by mid month with Mercury stationing direct in the tactful sign of Libra, and in a decent aspect to Mars, all this negotiating can bear fruit and be green-lighted.  The restructuring of the banking system by Congress will be aided by this.
Reforms will help the economy keeps its footing (Jupiter and Saturn in earth signs, moving towards reassembling their helpful trine), so stocks can show some recovery now.  Furthermore, Pluto is moving out of its long sojourn in Sagittarius, taking the wind slowly out of foreign oil and its speculation.  Gas prices can come down again.
Innovation is dynamic, and silent but deep energy is massing and waiting under the surface of things (Mars into its own sign of Scorpio on the 5th, almost trine to Uranus; Sun sextile Pluto on the 22nd).  The powerful forces of the pending Election are gathering, but this energy is not chaotic just yet!  All remains pretty hopeful and peaceable (Mars ends the month in a nice sextile to Jupiter; and Mercury finishes traversing the path of its "umbrella", still in Libra, in a trine to Neptune.)
However, hidden tension is brewing, sure to be unleashed by Election Day (New Moon in Scorpio on the 28th; Saturn almost opposite Uranus).  Election Day is a mess!  Things come to a head under the most peculiar aspects.  I'll write more about that in next month's newsletter.
Meanwhile, focus on love and romance on the 12th but try not to fool yourself (Venus square Neptune), and by all means beware gullible spending or overrated glamour on that day!


(channeled by author/intuitive Judi Thomases)

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What's the meaning of life?

You are not who you think you are.
You are the universe playing a game...an energy game.
It's time to wake up!


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