June 2008  Volume 12  



Dear Friend,

            It's partly karma; it's partly what we create.
            What do I mean by that?  Well, right here in Rockland County NY, housing prices have ticked down as everywhere else but homeowners have dug in their heels, not rushed to sell, and seemingly are maintaining decent prices by an act of will!  Of course, supply factors plus urban nearness have helped.  But this example illustrates the juggling act we all must perform in co-creating our reality.  In other words, there'll be a larger pattern we must deal with - either personally or nationally or even globally - yet there'll be an individual choice that we can make within it.  Or put another way, "karma" versus "free will."
            The really interesting thing is when we see where our power resides even within our karmic predicament.  And if enough individuals "join forces," then a level of empowerment is possible that's otherwise not available.
            But that's the trick.  The Maharishi (founder of Transcendental Meditation) said, if enough people meditate we can raise the vibration of the planet.  Same thing!  If we all started to believe and act as though the economy was improving, we'd create that reality.  (And for a change, the media could help instead of worsen things.)  The group mind needs to see itself in action, believe in itself, and work creatively and powerfully with the karmic pattern.  Then, "we shall overcome."
            Overcome what?  Overcome The Law of Karma.  That's what the Brotherhood's been teaching us.  The way to do it is to gain wisdom.  To awaken and put life into a new and empowered perspective.  Wisdom has amazing value - it shortcuts the journey.  But it needs to be understood and chosen with clarity.  And the wisdom we already have needs to be accessed faster.
            You have the power.  You have it inside you.  You can achieve safety and benefits in a challenging world.



P.S.  There'll be no newsletter next month (July '08) on account of a new grandchild entering our lives!

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"There is truly no such thing as aloneness.  It is part of the grand illusion by which you are living.  You cannot remain apart from yourself, for you do not exist as a solitary thing, but as a fraction or fragment of the universal life force."  
 The Brotherhood of Light Workers,
"Wisdom's Game"
by Judi Thomases

Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling - June '08
Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers

By Judi Thomases


The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF, and audio formats (see http://wisdomsgame.com/wisdomsblog/).       

 In each life, some challenge arises. 

Whereas most people are trained from earliest years, if not from birth, to react to challenge with a great deal of distress and with all effort made to solve the dilemma and apply one's resources to its removal, in fact not much training has been given to dwell in the circumstances while maintaining inner peace.  For this type of encountering must be taught; it is not as natural to the aspect of a human being that is called the lower nature, or the animal self.

Observation will immediately show that all creatures other than humanity, when faced with crisis, react blindly from instinct, to flee or fight.  The human, however, is overlaid with an additional power tool - that is, self-awareness.  Self-awareness utilizes the logical mind but that is not all that it is.  Self-awareness is also capable of transcending both the animal nature and the logical brain in order to access a field of intuitive knowing, overriding both rational deduction and blind instinct in regards to handling situations.  However, it is not as natural and so the person must be trained or guided in the use of this faculty.

In the instance where the immediate reaction is powerful, the person can be trained to forego that response even for a fraction of time, and instead look to an inner confirmation about proceeding, or an inner sense of delaying reactiveness in favor of observation just a moment or two longer.  Often this lag between flight or fight is just enough to allow the other - higher - faculty of intuition to make its guidance known.  More than instinct, it is self-preservative and helps the advanced person to confirm a new course of behavior in the face of crisis.  This split-second pause to heed the higher navigation system must often be taught, for it does not come naturally to most.  However, once practiced, it becomes the path of choice for its communication with the lower mind and its emotional responses; it gives the edge.  It as though intuition is the extra ability that makes the human not only more savvy, but the new human more angelic!  It is like stepping up the product - a new and improved version of the old.

The new human shall be trained to value this ability, and to utilize it in all situations, especially those of crisis.  This will result in a species that advances much more rapidly towards its ideal and its survival.
  2008 by Judi Thomases

"You get wisdom from suffering.  You are alone with God when you are sick, in the cremation ground or hospital.  You call on God when you suffer."
- Neem Karoli Baba, Miracle of Love, by Ram Dass
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Book Review 
            Catching up with a classic, I finally got to read Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, the story of a soul's quest for ultimate answers.  A small book, but replete with insights, I found it very resonant with the teachings of The Brotherhood, especially in two points: in agreeing to enter the illusion of life, the soul accepts limitation; and, life in all its aspects reflects duality and so should be valued for just what it is -- the positives and negatives, the great and the small.
            "what wisdom really was [was] nothing but a preparation of the soul, a capacity, a secret art of thinking, feeling and breathing thoughts of unity at every moment of life"

            One thing bothered me about its main character, Siddhartha, however: the lack of a compassionate heart.  Intellectual and genuinely questing, nevertheless Siddhartha displays callousness towards his father (whom he abandons), his lover (whom he also abandons to a lonely old age), and towards his son (whom he tries to possess).  By my reckoning, even though he finds a spiritual peace at the end, he has incurred some pretty hard karma in his future lives because of these actions.

            (It will not "give away" the story by saying that near the book's end, a character named Govinda experiences a panoply of faces - "hundreds, thousands" - as the images of all that ever were, and his own past lives or origins too.  I loved this passage: the montage of faces is something I've been experiencing for several years just before falling asleep.  I chalked it up as being the Brotherhood showing itself to me!)

Astro Tidbits for the month

The news in June is about news!  Boy, is there ever a lot of that!  The airwaves are overloaded with it, especially from the New Moon on June 3rd (a big news day) to the Mercury Station Direct on the 19th (in its own sign of Gemini, a green light for information, bulletins and reportage).  Gossip, discussion, blogging, coverage, exchange of ideas -- we'll love it! 
It's probably about the presidential campaign, but can be about any number of items.  We can't get enough, and will be particularly intent on the social aspects of yakking on June 5th (Venus at the same key 13 of Gemini that is activated by the New Moon and the Mercury Station), and on June 10th (Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini, quinqunx Jupiter) - a pleasant day that also conduces to personal extravagance.  If the latter trips up your budget, you can return to conservative safety on June 21st (when Venus sextiles Saturn.)
An economically supportive aspect is waning (Saturn and Pluto leaving their sextile), but we are still helped by a lucky combo for innovation which lasts until mid-November (Jupiter only temporarily leaving its sextile to Uranus).
From June 15th, over-optimism and expansion return for a few more seasons (Pluto re-enters Sagittarius).  This is a mixed bag, as it was a prime cause of the mortgage fiasco that has undermined our economy, but also drove the boosted stock and real estate markets.  Inflation is a worry now, but Americans will override fears by giving hopeful impetus to their customary way of life -- fuel costs be damned!

Another factor in the return of this intriguing pattern is a renewal of religious strife or clashes with foreign powers.  From June 15th to 19th, tension and aggression rear up (Mars in Yod to Jupiter and Uranus, and conjunct South Node) but it is an old game, and none too satisfactory from June 22nd-23rd when weakness and fears are too apparent (Mars opposite Neptune).  We've lost heart for warfare, and our forces are stretched thin anyway.

So let's end this section on a nice note: patriotism and love of home and family will be paramount after June 19th(Venus into Cancer).  And for a "hot" date, be sure to connect with that right someone on June 4th (Venus sextile Mars) -- or at least party-hearty then!


(channeled by author/intuitive Judi Thomases)

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What's the meaning of life?

You are not who you think you are.
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