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     This month sees the debut of a whole new look for "Spirit's Words," the newsletter of The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  The aim is to keep making it easier to read and to navigate.  I want to keep offering wisdom messages and insights into energy patterns so that you can find your way better through this experience called Planet Earth!  A challenging place!

     As I mentioned in last month's issue, I'm excited to offer two new items: The Brotherhood's second book ("You Are the Universe Waking Up"), and The Wisdom System™.  (Of course, newcomers may want to take a look at the first book, "Wisdom's Game," that got the whole process started.) 

      Book 2 began to come through soon after the first book was launched, and even before I felt ready to tackle the process again.  But both books together comprise an entire wisdom concept regarding who we truly are, what the meaning of life is, and what is the relationship between Self and God.  It was so powerful to me that it helped me transcend the mundane perspective and see Oneness.

     Well, this doesn't mean that I'm now wearing a halo or "on my last life" or anything like that!  Heavens, no.  I'm still me!  Judi from the Bronx!  But what I was shown is what I can now teach.  And from this has come The Wisdom System™ - a practical application of the Brotherhood's wisdom teachings, and a way for you to realize your true self, set free your creative potential, and get hold of your real power.

     That's what it's doing for me as I work with this understanding -- unleashing creativity, gaining empowerment, seeing beyond the everyday, and choosing to help others.  That's the Wisdom Game.  Come and join too -- and win your game of life!

In light,

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I would guarantee that anyone that picked up this book would gain something from it! Five stars plus!" --
Reviewed by Deah Jackson for Reader Views (5/06)


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"For there to be a world of light in the 'future,' it must begin by erasing and writing over the world of darkness." 
The Brotherhood of Light Workers,
"You Are the Universe, Waking Up"
by Judi Thomases

Spirit's Words: Monthly Channeling
Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers

By Judi Thomases


In a world of pain or fear, there is little way to reach light.  There is resistance to letting go because it is the very act of doing such that requires faith and risk or gamble.  Therefore, those who are most stuck in their qualms and angst are those who hold on tightest.  This is not the formula you want for solving your dilemma.
Once it is clearly recognized that this is so - that fear and pain are choices, in other words - then growth can begin.  Growth will require some effort, some risk.  Growth will demand a new viewpoint and a new expectation.  For, as fear holds on tightly to its known parameters, growth asks you to step into newness.  It might be a new attitude, or a new attempt.  It might be a way to be that you have not yet considered or dared.  Growth itself is a little frightening, isn't it?

Well, we are saying that growth is not scary when it's done in the bosom of faith.  That means, not just placing trust in something/someone/God outside, but in trusting your own inner wisdom to lead you into a new dynamic.  Growth means to face the fear and see it as changeable, as dissolvable, as temporary, as just a way-station on the journey.

To where are you headed?  Towards joy and light.

So move aside, fear!  Get out of the way, pain!  Let me move on.  My faith is none other than saying this, meaning this, accepting that there is something new for me outside of my usual state.  The new me requires a lot of guts.  It requires leaving behind old structures.  I'm assured that by choosing to do such, I will find my way into joy and light.  It's waiting there, just out of reach.  I can extend myself to it now.  I'm on my way.

That's all for today.  That's all that's needed.  Do so, and we of the universe will step right in to help you out.  We are on hand, waiting for this opening.

Please try.

Book Review
Emmanuelle's Book II 

"Emmanuelle's Book II: The Choice for Love," by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton (Bantam).  As one channeler to another, I can really value the succinctness and wisdom contained in this small book.  Emmanuelle's teachings dwell on love and the open heart, but also so much more. 

It's my view that we should gobble up as much of all these channeled messages as possible - Seth, Michael, Abraham, The Brotherhood, Emmanuelle, Agartha, and so on - because they are "our college professors" giving us the wise understanding to expand our minds and change earth-life for the better.

Free Offer
Mercury Retrograde

Email for your free Mercury Retrograde wallet-size calendar.  Or call (845) 354-0812, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST.

Astro Tidbits for the month
Solar Eclipse ~ Mercury Retrograde

The two astro "big deals" this month are the Solar Eclipse and the Mercury retrograde, both in air signs which emphasize communications.  With Neptune, Mars, Venus, and the Node also in air, information and technology are definitely spotlighted.

The early Solar Eclipse (2/7), conjunct Neptune/Node as it were, kicked off innovative and technological thrusts.  For the reader, it might have been new possibilities with the Internet; from an economic perspective, it's Microsoft's bid for Yahoo.  Now's the time to jump-start your inventions, wild ideas, brilliant visions etc.  Global Mind is getting a real push forward as the spiritual and the technological energies merge.  This is being revealed by many Aquarian concepts, from large-scale conferencing to media releases of visionary projects, all hitting the airwaves.

It's also shown through the historical presidential campaign, with candidates of all color, gender and belief offering us a clear reflection of America's Aquarian natal Moon.  "E Pluribus Unum."

As for the Mercury retrograde, it's not a "bad" one (these retrogrades have a bad rep!), being supported by all that air, so dig into your old paperwork, review and rewrite, go over all the details, fine-tune your inventiveness, and get back in touch with all your old friends.  And then after 2/20 (and with Venus having entered Aquarius on 2/18), your efforts will get a boost.  This is further bolstered by Mars having gone Direct since 1/30, which, by remaining in Gemini until March 4th, keeps discussions, writing and interactions uppermost.

A Lunar Eclipse conjunct Saturn on 2/21 rounds out the month by asking you to put the finishing touches on all the details, precision and hard work that might go back even as far as March 2006 when a series of eclipses began in the sign of Virgo.  It's the perfectionist sign, and also the service-oriented energy, and you've been plugging away.  Say goodnight, Gracie!  A new series of eclipses begins this summer in the techie and entertainment signs of Aquarius and Leo -- all your preparations will be "ready for prime time!"  And a new day will dawn.


"The road to happiness lies not in doing what you like,


but in liking what you must do."

Satha Sai Baba


(channeled by author/intuitive Judi Thomases)

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What's the meaning of life?

You are not who you think you are.
You are the universe playing a energy game.
It's time to wake up!


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