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July 1, 11:30):

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Getting To Know You starts soon!


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Salad & Dessert Potluck and Send-off Party for Intern Minister Rachel Baker

Sunday, August 5th (after service)   

This will be Rachel's last Sunday with us. Bring your favorite salad and/or dessert to share and thank Rachel for her service to our congregation as we send her off to pursue her career in ministry.

Upcoming Worship:
All July Sunday Worship is intergenerational:

July 1: Holiday Worship on Freedom & Independence- Rachel Baker
July 8: 
We Are Justice Seeking People- Rachel Baker
July 15: Future Perfect? - David Petras
July 22: TBA, Bob Keith
Tuesday Prayer Circles:
Tuesday, 7:00 PM
July 17th, 24th, and 31st:

Come experiment with communal prayer, singing, meditation, sharing joys and sorrows, and explore how to become spiritually deeper in your lives.

Questions? Contact Rachel Baker 
Thank You, NUUC!

springcleanupThe Building & Grounds Committee thanks everyone who helped with our recent Spring Spruce-up Day held on Saturday June 2th.  

The event was a success!  We accomplished many tasks, which included: weeding, trimming bushes and trees, raking leaves, washing out the trash tipster, cleaning windows, grading and planting grass in some bare areas, cleaning out gutters, planting flowers and spreading mulch around our sign along Lewis Center Road.  In addition, some people who had signed up for the Adopt-a-Flowerbed activity, began working on their plots and planting attractive flowers.  Again, thanks for your help in making the church and Nielsen House "shine."


guestGuest At Your Table a Rousing Success

I wanted to tell each of you how much I appreciated your generosity.  We really did do well.

Lauralyn Smith, Senior Associate, Member Development of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, sent me confirmation that our donation had arrived.  She also sent a "Congregational Giving Report" which shows what we were able to send after previous annual campaigns.  UUSC's fiscal year in July 1 through June 30.  In fiscal year 2010, NUUC contributed $2964.00 to Guest at Your Table.  Last year, we gave a bit less: $2612.12.  This year, however, our donation came to $3018.41.  With the matching funds (for our gifts of $100.00 or more) from the UU Congregation of Shelter Rock in Manhasset, N. Y., the UUSC received $5875.41 to use to help people in humanitarian crises, strengthen workers' rights, defend civil liberties, and protect environmental rights around the world. 

The UUSC is an independent human-rights organization that receives no financial support from the UUA or the federal government.  Therefore, individual congregations like our really do make a difference.  

Again, thank you!

Marty Keith, Guest at Your Table Coordinator 

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Summer Days are upon us and we have lots to tell you!  Rev. Dr. Ritchie is still on study leave, so the regular staff and Board columns do not include her.
By Interim Minister Rachel Baker

About 3,800 UUs came to Phoenix to learn about the Doctrine of Discovery, the complex immigration laws, and hold a battery-operated candle lit vigil outside the prison made of tents. The Tent City jail in Phoenix is actually a jail made of tents; I had not known that when I arrived in Arizona for the Justice General Assembly. I was deeply struck by the idea of the prison of tents as a human created Hell on Earth.


It is very hot in Phoenix. When I walked out of the air conditioned Phoenix airport a gustof hot air hit me. I thought I'd walked into the exhaust stream of a city bus. Dense, stifling, hot hot air that engulfs one's whole person. I later found that I liked the heat, but in that first moment it was quite a shock. I think about the men and women held in the tents. That heat, but even hotter at 130 degrees. The water the people are given to drink is warm, not cold. There is no way to find relief from the overwhelming heat. I am deeply saddened by this prison, horrified that it has been in existence for nineteen or so years, and disgusted and puzzled by humanity's (and one individual's) ability to use our creative powers to create horrendous ways of hurting, demeaning, and destroying lives.


General Assembly is usually a blend of moving worship services, inspiring talks, skill-building workshops, deep conversations with old and new friends, but this GA felt different. Everyone gathered focused on ways to work for Beloved Community. Beloved Community where all people will be able to live in equitable and just societies, where all life has worth and is treated with dignity.


In an effort to support our Beloved Community at NUUC I have decided to offer Tuesday evening prayer circles. Everyone is welcome to gather at church at 7:00PM beginning on Tuesday, July 17. We will experiment with communal prayer, singing, meditation, sharing joys and sorrows, and explore how to become spiritually deeper in our lives and throughout the week between Sundays. Come join in this spiritual exploration.


On July 29 I will lead my last Sunday morning worship service with NUUC. I invite you to come hear some of my reflections of my time with NUUC and the blessings and challenges of leaving. Part of my learning as an Intern Minister is experiencing how to say goodbye. It is important for me and for all of you to experience the emotions which come with saying goodbye. We will feel grief and we will feel joy and possibly the discomfort of feeling a blend of these emotions. Ministry is about service to a religious community and as an intern minister I have had the opportunity to learn what it means to service you all. It has been a blessing and I am deeply grateful for the time I have spent with you. NUUC's way of being a community will come with me out into my life ministerial life. August 5 will be my very last service with you. We will ritually and formally say goodbye then.


Summer blessings to you all!

By Lily Shahar Kunning, Director of Religious Education 
I am excited about what fall holds for this congregation's RE program, and I wanted to share it with you.

I am building a curriculum from scratch. The fall semester is themed month by month:

September, in addition to getting to know the students and teachers in the program, we will focus on the 7 principles of UUism and the value of questioning.

October: The first week, we will touch on Columbus Day and its legacy on three different age levels (Discovery for the younger kids and Myths and Secrets for the older kids). We then move into ancestor veneration and three October interrelated holidays: Samhain, Halloween, and Dia de los Muertos. We will ask children and youth to interview someone in their family about an elder who has passed and then tell us about them. We will make sugar skulls and have a fun party!

November's theme is all about Gratitude and Acts of Service. We will do some gratitude exercises, provide hand-made refreshments and entertainment for social hour, and create a Chalica for the congregation to have for years to come (and learn a Chalica song to sing for next month's worship!).

December will start with an intergenerational Chalica worship service, where children and youth will participate fully in the worship session. December is rife with holidays to explore, and all three levels of RE will learn about Yule, Kwanzaa, Hannukah and Christmas as we participate in the Holiday Family Drive and Guest at Your Table projects.

Looking forward, spring will have a social justice and art/performance theme to it. We will be creating projects for all ages to get involved with the larger world outside of church. I want our children and youth to learn that they make a difference and help them express our faith-driven commitment to social justice through visual art, spoken word poetry, music, and writing. I will be bringing in artists and performers from around the Columbus area to work with the RE program.

While we could not muster enough volunteers to staff a full summer of RE this year, I am hoping to get a solid roster of teacher volunteers for the fall, spring, and OWL program to make our RE dreams come true. Of particular interest is getting people in the congregation who are NOT parents to volunteer. While parents are the natural volunteers to work with children and youth (and they are the backbone of any RE program), I feel that a strong congregational commitment to RE and a commitment to multigenerational beloved community must come from all members. So I look forward to welcoming other volunteers in addition to our wonderful parents!
If you are interested in being a teacher, assistant teacher, or classroom helper for our three RE classes this year, please email Lily.
P.S. We need (especially male) OWL volunteers, too. 


LauraPresident's Column
By Laura Howe, Board President

I love summer - it's the time when the seeds planted in spring start flowering.  My garden is starting to produce baby cucumbers.  In the same way, our church community is evolving.  

This past month I've enjoyed the posting from Justice Assembly.  This is an evolution of the annual UU General Assembly and addressing social justice immigration issues.  The planning committee worked with local organization as allies.  I read about UUs volunteering at a immigration clinic helping people start the process.   I'm excited to hear from our members (and youth) that attended!  

Over the summer you should be getting an invitation to a "Getting to Know You" gathering.  This is an initiative by the membership committee to allow small gathering that get to know each other and get feedback on our NUUC community.   

Finally I am personally excited for our minister, Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie.  She has been appointed Associate Professor at Starr King School for the Ministry in California.  This is their version of tenure and Susan's duties at the school remain the same as last year (IE no need to move).   Her responsibilities at NUUC are unaffected.  

It all ties into our proposed core values.  

We the members of NUUC will:

*      Provide for the spiritual growth and education of our community

*      Build our community and care for our members

*      Advocate diversity

*      Utilize the democratic processes in an atmosphere of respect

*      Strive for environmental stewardship

*      Focus on social justice, equality passions, and community outreach

*      Be fiscally and administratively responsible such that fair compensation, UUA participation, and key programs are not impacted.

*      Support the community's passion for arts, including music.


Enjoy the summer.  

KoraleenTreasurer's Report, May 2012
By Koraleen Stavish, Board Treasurer

Outlined below is a summary of the financial report presented to members of your Finance Committee and Board of Trustees for the month of May, 2012: 
Actual $ Received and Paid

Budget (Planned Receipts and Payments)

May, 2012
2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means - Fundraising



Total Income



Total Expenses



2011 Pledge Offerings



2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means-Fundraising



Total Income



Total Expenses




boardminutesBoard Meeting Minutes June 2012
By Mary AnnWojton, Board Secretary

Present: Mary Ann Wojton, Nina Webb-Lawton, Marty Keith, Kim Poderys, Rachel Baker, Jeff Hill, Nathan Morse

Present for Treasurer's Report:  Koralleen Stavish (treasurer)

Absent:  Laura Howe  
Chalice Lighting and Mission Statement:

We are an inclusive community of seekers pursuing deeper meaning through the process of spiritual engagement, learning, reasoning, and action.


Distribution of process taking forms.


Quorum check - We have 4 board members for quorum


Acceptance of minutes of previous board meeting

Nina moved, Jeff seconded that we accept the minutes from the April meeting.  MINUTES ACCEPTED


Treasurer's Report

Although we have deficit in offerings, we are OK.  We have $36K in separate savings account and plan to transfer funds to operating budget when they are needed.  We will probably not transfer funds until fall.

Koralleen shared the duties of the treasurer.  Koralleen uses Quicken to keep track of church finances.  She pays staff (Susan, Marlene, Wade) and several bills monthly (sitter service, utilities, Xerox).  We have free bill pay through PNC so several bills are autopay.  Koralleen, the finance committee, and Susan develop budget in fall.  We need someone to assist Koralleen with treasurer duties.

Plan to revise the budget during the August board meeting and present to Congregation in Fall.

Kim shared that Board members need to share needs (asst. treasurer) like this several ways (website, newsletter, back of order of service, invitations during service).


Summer Minister's Report

Mary Ann motioned, Nina seconded that the Board provide funds for childcare for the "Getting to Know You" gatherings this summer. The cost for childcare for all five gatherings would likely range between $40 (5 possible cancellation fees of $8) and $190 (5 three-hour gatherings of 5 kids, plus reservation fee).

MOTION TABLED until matter could be discussed with membership committee.

Discussion:  Board supports the idea of babysitting but tabled the vote until discussion with membership.  NOTE: Membership committee will pay for this out of their budget.

Jeff Hill motioned, Nathan seconded that we pay for the babysitting at the June 23 event.  MOTION PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Rachel suggested board consider a leadership retreat with district staff.  Rachel will contact district staff to provide leadership retreat for board.

Rachel will be out June 18 - 27. 
Old Business

Rummage Sale:  Contact Bob or Marty Keith with donations or questions.

Big items may be donated, possibly get NUUC member w/ truck or van to bring in big items OR rent truck.

Potential costs are truck rental, newspaper advertising, signs, price stickers.  These costs will be deducted from money made from rummage sale.

Goodwill will pick up anything left over Saturday.

It was suggested that Marty contact youth group to help.


New Business

  • NO RE classes in June and July

All services will be intergenerational.  Parents who registered children for RE will be notified.  Rachel is working to make the services more interactive.

  • Assessment process  

Board is considering congregational assessment to maintain a healthy congregation.

Membership committee saw need for assessment and developed the "Getting To Know You" events to help members get to know each other and better understand why they are attending NUUC.  All the data gathered will be compiled and a report presented to the board.  While membership committee was discussing their needs, it became apparent that more data might be helpful in congregational development and a more comprehensive congregational assessment might be considered (re, social action, finance, building and grounds, etc.)  Joan Van Becelaere, District Leader, shared assessments at this website:  Joan is also willing to train members to lead this process.

  • Social Committee Update

Nina will donate cake for Rachel's party.

We need someone to take on Baked Goods Auction at Thanksgiving and chair the Social Committee.


Important Dates

  • Next scheduled Board Meeting: July 21, 2012-9:00 a.m.   
    • Newsletter deadline: June 19
    • Announcements:
      • July 1: Jeff Hill
      • July 8: Nathan Morse
      • July 15: Kim Podreys
      • July 22: Nina Webb-Lawton
      • July 29: Marty Keith

Process summary



Jeff moved, Nathan seconded to adjourn the meeting.  MEETING ADJOURNED.

LooseChangeLoose Change Offering: 
June's Loose Change Offering went to Freedom to Marry Ohio. Together, we raised $101 for that cause. 
In July, NUUC members and friends have another opportunity to help others by participating in the Social Action Committee's annual school supply drive to benefit students who are served by the Delaware County Juvenile Probation Program.  The donation of school supplies is one way for the congregation to express our belief in the importance of education to a group of students who are at higher than average risk for failing and dropping out of school.

This program serves approximately 150 middle school and high school students, ranging in age from 13 to 19.  The items most needed are heavy duty book bags, Trapper Keepers, pencils, pens (black or blue), loose leaf notebook paper (lined), calculators (scientific and algebraic), and folders with pockets.

A collection box will be placed on the coat rack at NUUC near the greeter's area entrance from July 1 to August 12.  Your donation of school supplies, or money to purchase supplies, will be greatly appreciated.  If you choose to donate money, please write your check to NUUC and put "School Supplies" on the memo line.  This can be dropped in the offering basket or mailed to NUUC at PO Box 541, Lewis Center OH 43035.  And if you have any questions, please contact Becky Mullis at 614-352-1343 or  Thank you for your continued support!


VolunteersVolunteers of All Stripes Needed
Our active and vibrant congregation needs volunteers of all kinds to do the work of building beloved community and social justice in the world. Take a look at the opportunities available and see which opportunities appeal to you!

Religious Education: We need teachers for all three levels of children and youth: Preschool and Early Elementary, Elementary, and Junior and Senior High School. New curriculum will be debuting this year, as well as more regular communication and support for volunteers. Fall will be a holiday-laden curriculum, and spring will focus on social justice work and artistic expression. Poets and artists from the community are already being lined up to come in and help!

We are also seeking teachers for the Our Whole Lives (OWL) sexuality education program, which will run all year long and start in the fall. In particular, we need male volunteers, as we have two female volunteers already. But all are welcome- the more who volunteer, the less taxing it is on volunteers. Email Lily for information or to make a commitment.

Refreshments for Social Hour: Can you bring snacks and refreshments for social hour after worship? It requires purchasing items, coming in early for set up, and helping clean up afterwards. Sign ups are in the Fellowship Hall on the bulletin board nearest the kitchen.
RummageRummage Sale- There's A Buzz! 


Did you know that NUUC is going to have a Rummage Sale on Friday and Saturday, August 10 and 11!  More and more people are talking about the coming Rummage Sale and planning to help out in some way.  This will be a fabulous rummage sale and significant fund-raiser for NUUC for which we will create a regular "department store" in Fellowship Hall and fill it to the brim.  So as you do your spring cleaning, please consider setting aside those clothes, books, knick-knacks, tools, dishes, glassware, furnishings, appliances, etc. that you no longer want and donate them to the Rummage Sale.  We'll even have a truck to pick up your bigger items.


Another way to help with this upcoming fund-raiser is by donating some time.  This will be a big 2-day sale that will need 4 days to set up.  We'll need the help of many volunteers to do setup, display, pricing, sales, and cleanup.  Please consider volunteering for one of the tasks needing done.  Finally (but importantly), can you work a shift on the Friday and/or Saturday of the sale?  A Rummage Sale sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  You can contact Bob or Marty Keith with questions or to coordinate donations.


goodbyeSaying Goodbye to Rachel Baker 


Hard as it may be, it is time for us to begin saying farewell to Rachel Baker.  Rachel has grown tremendously from the start of her internship with us last fall.  It has been our blessed responsibility and privilege to serve as her teaching congregation, and we can feel proud of how she has matured as a minister.   I invite you to reflect on how we as a congregation and as individuals have grown too.   
This goodbye will require that we not have any contact with Rachel for a year.  It is part of herinternship experience that requires her to leave.  Upon her departure, it may feel as if she is ignoring us.  But, as stated in the Unitarian Universalist Association Internship Manual:

"Having a clear and finite end to the internship is a significant yet sometimes overlooked aspect of the intern's experience.   In part because interns need to encounter the emotions associated with saying good-bye, it is customary for the intern not to maintain any contact with members of the teaching site for at least a year. Ministry is fundamentally about service to a congregation or a community-based entity. When an intern has the opportunity to cope successfully with the grief that is a part of leaving, it enables them to gain that understanding of ministry as service. The other reason for making a clean break is that any incoming intern deserves to be welcomed by a congregation or constituency that is not still engaged in a relationship with a former intern, along with all the feelings and loyalties that might accompany that relationship."

At its best, saying goodbye is a process rather than a moment.  I invite you to consider how you wish to say farewell to Rachel.  It is the Internship Committee's hope that you can join us for a celebratory potluck lunch on Sunday, August 5th immediately after worship.   Everyone is invited.  
With every breath and every step, may we be working to create the Beloved Community we all strive for!

Susan Ritchie and Lily Shahar Kunning
North Unitarian Universalist Congregation