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New to NUUC or thinking about becoming a member?

If you would like to learn more about UU or join the congregation, please sign up to attend our next "Orientation to our Congregation" session on Sunday, May 13 at 9:30am.   Join Rev. Dr. Susan Ritchie and a Membership Committee representative as they explain the denomination's (and our congregation's) history and the meaning of membership. If you would like to join the congregation after or prior to the next scheduled Orientation, please contact Rev. Ritchie or 740-657-8081, ext. 2. Babysitter service available upon advance request.  



Social Justice


The NUUC Social Action Committee typically meets the first Sunday of the month after service.  The next meeting will be on Sunday, May 6, 2012, after service in the vestibule off the sanctuary.  For more information, please feel free to attend a committee meeting or talk to any member of your Social Action Committee.  Contact Chair Tracy Steinbrenner at for questions or to reconfirm the next meeting date.  Won't you join us?


Fair Trade Sale: May 13



The Social Action Committee will hold its monthly Fair Trade Sale on Sunday, May 13 (held the second Sunday of most months).  Several varieties of coffees and teas will be available, as well as delicious chocolates.  Coffee and tea flavors vary each month, so be sure to check back at each sale to see what is new.  See Brandy or Paul Montgomery for more information (


Fair Trade Coffee Organizers Needed:  The Social Action Committee is looking for two people to take over the Fair Trade Coffee sales this fall, after our summer sales hiatus.  If interested in keeping the Coffee Sales going, please contact Tracy Steinbrenner at or current coordinators Brandy and Paul Montgomery.

 Lobby Day, May 16


Save the Date:  Lobby Day is Wednesday May 16.  Come join the many Ohioans and UU's while they talk to their State Representative and Senators about the rights of the GLBT community.  Each year many UU's from across the state attend Lobby Day; this year we would like to see more UU's in attendance.  If you don't have any plans for May 16, please consider attending.


 You may go to Equality Ohio's web site to register for the event come April 1st.  For more information about the event see any member from your Social Action Committee or



Pride Parade, NUUC Organizer Needed


The Social Action Committee is looking for an organizer for the Columbus Pride Parade for our congregation.  The parade date is Saturday, June 16.  If interested in organizing the event for the NUUC congregation, please contact Tracy Steinbrenner at  


Got (leftover) Easter Eggs?


Thanks to all who participated in this year's Easter Egg hunt after the service on April 8. If you would like to recycle your clean, unmarked plastic Easter Eggs for next year's Hunt, please bring them to church and Jan Bourke will store them until next year's event. Thank you. For questions, please contact Jan at





NUUC Directory

The 2012 NUUC Directory of Members and Friends will be updated soon.  In accordance with past practice, distribution will be primarily by e-mail in order to save printing and postage.  To ensure that we print the most current information, please submit any changes to your address, phone, or e-mail information to the church office by Sunday, May 13 to Jeri Dill at or by calling the office at 740-657--8081, ext. 1. 


You may also receive a paper copy of the directory at any time upon request (please advise whether you are able to pick it up at church to save postage or you need it mailed to you.)

NUUC Has Gone "Green"


Have you heard the saying: "When you throw something away, where is 'away'?"


By now you're probably aware of the recycling bins located in the kitchen off Fellowship Hall. Bins are available to sort and recycle glass, plastic (#1 & #2), aluminum, and paper/cardboard.


And new this month--Recycling at home? You can now bring your aluminum cans to church and they will be taken to be recycled for you!  You may leave them in a bag on the back deck of the church. Bob Keith has graciously offered to take them with the rest of the cans we are recycling. The cash back we receive will go back to the church and we will all be reducing our impact on the earth! It's amazing how much "trash" a small group of people can recycle!   If you have questions or suggestions please contact Cathy Rodeheffer at



Shop for NUUC


Delaware County Community Market

The Delaware County Community Market is a fascinating new venture in downtown Delaware.  A year-round, non-profit market, you can shop there for groceries, handmade foods and other items, and household goods, and then direct 20% of the profits to your favorite non-profit.  (Yes, NUUC is on the list of nonprofits to choose from!)  The market is open 7 days a week (10-6 weekdays and 10-4 weekends).  For more information, go to



Kroger Plus Cards

If you haven't already registered (or renewed) your Kroger Plus card with the Community Rewards program, please consider designating NUUC as your recipient.  Our Kroger rewards continue to add up...we continue to receive rewards checks, and the money does add up!


The Kroger Rewards program runs from May to May.  So, April is our renewal month.  All current participants SHOULD HAVE RE-ENROLLED IN APRIL to continue earning rewards for the 2012-2013 enrollment period.  New enrollees can enroll at any time but, once enrolled, will need to renew each April thereafter.


If you haven't registered or need to update your participation, it's easy:  go to, click on "OHIO" and click on "Enroll."  All participants must have a valid online account at and must sign up online to participate.


Please don't delay, the sooner you enroll (or renew), the sooner your purchases start counting toward another donation for NUUC!  (Should you need it, our NUUC Nonprofit Organization Number is 84869). 


Thanks for Your Faithful Giving!


Your faithful and consistent giving is so appreciated and necessary to staying on budget.


Remember:  you can always mail in an offering or pledge check, even if your schedule keeps you away from services.  Just mail it to:  NUUC, Attn: JGD, P. O. Box 541, Lewis Center, OH 43035 (please note the postal service will NOT deliver to our physical address, so be sure to use the post office box address).


Statements for the first half of 2012 (for giving from January 1 through June 30, 2012) will be sent out in mid-July.  In the meantime, whenever you have questions about your 2012 planned giving or other pledging matters, feel free to call the church office at 740-657-8081 and talk to Rev. Ritchie ( or Jeri Dill (


May 2012



This time of year is a period of transition for many, and it is proving no less true here at church.  I am sorry to say that our hard working, diligent and ever responsible Administrative Assistant Jeri Dill will be leaving her position starting May 20.   I know that all of you who have dealt with Jeri (and that's just about everyone!) have appreciated her courtesy, timeliness, and professionalism.  We'll miss her very much.  Fortunately she remains our very favorite church neighbor!

This past Saturday your Board of Trustees voted to hire Lily Kunning in a redefined role of Administrative Assistant/Director of Religious Education.  I'm very excited to have professional help again for our precious religious education program.  It is extremely difficult to find UU Directors of Religious Education who are really specially called and specially trained for the job.  Which is why about five years ago now we decided to add those responsibilities to my role.  My joke about it at the time was that while I am not a DRE, I am at least a cousin to one.  Of course I have some determents as a DRE, the most obvious one being I'm otherwise occupied on Sunday mornings!  But also, as I am sure you know, there really is a special level of competence, ability, and expertise that comes with pursuing a particular profession with all of one's being.  I always said that when a Real DRE arrives, I would step aside.

I believe we have found a Real DRE, and someone who can fill Jeri's fill shoes as Administrative Assistant.  Lily is a low residency student at our seminary in Berkeley, where she is specifically preparing to be a UUA credentialed DRE.  Lily has some amazing credentials in education (taught sixth grade for years in the Oakland public schools!), religious education (volunteer experience in several congregations, and she is currently writing curriculum as a part of her studies), and administration (she directed a non-profit organization, ran several of her own small businesses, and has other administrative experience as well).  I know you'll do all you can to welcome her to NUUC, and help her to get to know us and our families. 

And that's not even all in the way of transitions!  Our much appreciated and talented Intern Minister Rachel Baker will be completing her Internship at the end of May.  But good news, we won't have to say good bye for another two months.  In order to give Rachel a fuller experience of ministry, I will be taking June and July as study leave.  Although I will be available for counsel and for emergencies, Rachel will be the lead minister for that period.  I am very grateful to the Board and Rachel for this gift:  I am very much looking forward to finally finishing some writing projects that I began in earnest only to have them linger neglected in the corner of my computer, where I just swear they cry out to me in rebuke.

I hope whatever transitions you experience this season are rich, and welcome, and full of opportunity.


To Life!




This past week I took a two-day road trip through southern Ohio. My mother and I visited the Mound City in Chillicothe and the Serpent Mound in Peebles. Both places were quite interesting. I spent a good chunk of time thinking about the people who built the mounds. What were they doing? Did they imagine that many, many years later people would walk around their calendars, enclosures, or art wondering about them? Later as we drove by fields and farms I wondered what of those would remain in thousands of years. Who would ponder these places?


I am deeply grateful that I have had a vast array of opportunities in my life. The chance to dream about the past and the future while on a brief journey is a gift. I was reminded of this blessing as I rolled into Manchester, Ohio and witnessed a level of poverty I have not seen in a long time. Almost all of the buildings in the town center were boarded up. Graffiti on walls. Trash along the side of the road. Older cars. Broken fences. Abandoned furniture in yards.


Seeing this poverty reminded me of the larger systems which work to maintain poverty. I wonder what it will take for all of us to come together to recreate equitable systems to benefit all people.


These words of Wayne B. Arnason in Singing the Living Tradition bring me comfort when I am faced with vast justice issues that I do not know how to solve. May they bring you comfort as well.


Take courage friends.

The way is often hard, the path is never clear,

And the stakes are very high.

Take courage.

For deep down, there is another truth:

You are not alone.




Intern Minister

Music Notes

Music Sunday is May 6 at 10:30. The program will feature vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages. Highlights will  include:



         NUUC Adult Choir, "Homeward Bound" and Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah"

         Wes McCallister, recorder, "Star Wars" and "Home On the Range"

         Jason Burlison, trumpet "Ode To Joy" and others

         Simone Massis, piano "Fireflies"

         Amelia Petras, voice, "Rainbow Connection"

         The Morse Family, recorder quartet

         Elowen Conley, violin, Irish music

         Traci Aquara and Lauren Richards, duet from Wicked

         Molly Watson, soprano solo "I Have a Dream"


To finish out the season, the NUUC Choir will be performing "The Prayer" on May 13, and "Keep Your Lamps" on May 20.


Soloists are needed for worship services during the summer. Many dates are still available for those wanting to perform for the musical interlude or offertory. Soloists, small ensembles, instrumentalists of every kind, and vocalists are all invited.


f you play piano and would like to accompany the hymns on Wade Jones' vacation days, I'd be forever grateful. Hymns will be chosen well in advance and you will have copies of the music to practice.


The NUUC Recorder Ensemble meets twice a month on Tuesday afternoons. Interested in joining? Email me at


See you on Sunday!


Marlene Metz Hartzler, music director


President's Column

Every week we say our covenant which begins "We gather together in love and fellowship..." Now is the time to think about how you gather in fellowship with your NUUC community.  There are several opportunities coming up.  You can sign up by sending a note or signing up on the bulletin board.


Each spring the Building and Grounds committee organizes a spring clean up day.   There are a variety of jobs from inside cleaning to outdoor ground work.   Check the bulletin board for something that interests you.


The Ways and Means committee is being reformed to review fund raising ideas and complete the selected ideas.  NUUC does have a fund raising policy (available on our website) that will help guide the decisions.  Please contact Rev Susan Ritchie or Laura Howe to learn more about the committee or to serve on it.


One of the ways I have gotten to know people in this congregation is through Adult RE (Religious Education).  These classes are an opportunity to discuss ideas and learn. 


In August we are having a rummage sale.  Help will be needed to prepare for the sale and help out on the day.  Thank you to Bob and Marty Keith for handling this.


Nothing inspires fellowship as much as food and drink!  Help is always needed for after service coffee service.  Please sign up to assist on a Sunday soon...


Think about how you gather in fellowship.  If you have ideas, please let me know.


Laura Howe

President, Board of Trustees


Treasurer's Report 


Outlined below is a summary of the financial report presented to members of your Finance Committee and Board of Trustees for the month of March, 2012:



Actual $ Received

 and Paid

Budget (Planned Receipts and Payments)

                   March, 2012






2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means - Fundraising






Total Income






Total Expenses












2011 Pledge Offerings



2012 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Transfer from Capital



Ways and Means-Fundraising






Total Income






Total Expenses






Respectfully submitted,

Koralleen Stavish




Singing the Journey and Fundraiser Update

Congratulations NUUC!

We raised enough funds to buy 75 teal hymnals! We will also off set the 2012 deficit budget by just over $1000! Together we have invested in the future of our beloved music program and an immediate one fifth reduction of the 2012 deficit!

We will present the new hymnals on Music Sunday, May 6, 2012!


~The Worship Committee


Loose Change Collections 

Your Social Action Committee will continue its "Loose Change" project into 2012 by collecting your loose coins during the worship service on Sunday, May 13, as it has on the second Sunday of each month throughout the past several years.


April's Loose Change collection benefited "No More Deaths," a growing humanitarian aid movement and network of people working to challenge the US policies that have led to a human rights crisis on the borders of Arizona and Mexico.  For more information go to


 The May 13 "Loose Change" collection will benefit "Montana de Luz," a faith based organization that supports an orphanage for children affected by HIV/aids in Honduras. The funds collected will help to feed, clothe, educate and provide loving comprehensive care.  Visit  or contact our own Erika Shell Castro at or 614-403-8755 cell for more information.


Upcoming collections are earmarked for the benefit of Equality Ohio (June) and our annual School Supply Drive for the youth served by the Delaware Co. Juvenile Probation Department (July and August).


Deserving recipients of our monthly Loose Change collections are always under discussion.   For questions regarding the "Loose Change" project or to suggest a recipient, contact Chair Tracy Steinbrenner at or any member of your Social Action Committee.



2012 Loose Change Collection Recap


Month Collected        $ Amount        Donated to:                 Total


January   $ 96.00   Out of the Darkness      $  96.00


February  $128.53     Solar Sisters (Himalayan Light

March       $  75.83            Foundation)       $204.36


April $70.88           No More Deaths           $  70.88

Up Coming Events for Youth

May 6: First Sunday at NUUC for worship or session, coordinate rides to Panera, eat and hang out.


June 3: First Sunday at NUUC for worship or session, coordinate rides to Panera, eat and hang out.


June 10: All youth and families potluck cookout and picnic at High Banks, 5:00PM - 9:00PM. Contact Rachel at or (781)975-6662 for more information.

Spring Spruce-up Day Saturday June 2
Mark your calendars...on Saturday June 2nd, we will be holding Spring Spruce-up Day to get both the church and Nielsen House ready for summer.  We'll be working in the morning and early afternoon and doing a variety of tasks both indoors and outdoors.  Please consider helping out on this day.  You could work for a few hours, half a day, or more... whatever works best for you.  Any help will be appreciated.  If June 2nd doesn't fit your schedule, you can select a task and do it when you can.  Look for the sign up sheet and list of tasks posted in Fellowship Hall.  If you have any questions about this event, please contact a member of the Building & Grounds Committee (Bob Keith, Brad Dana, Barry Fagan, Roger Orwick, John Rodeheffer, or Gary Rusk).                                                                 


Again this year we will be doing an activity called Adopt-a-Flowerbed.  We will divide up all the flowerbeds around the church and Nielsen House into 4-foot wide plots, and people can select one or more plots.  Then you can plant flowers in your plot(s) and care and tend them during the growing season.  Participants are encouraged to make "catchy" signs for their plot(s).  Some of the names already being discussed include "Jan's Jungle," "Grimshaw's Gardens," "Keith's Korner," etc.  We think this activity will be popular for old and young alike.  It will be a particularly fun project to do with your children. 


On Sunday May 6th, we will post the plot sign-up sheet on the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall.  At this sign-up, you will get to select your specific plot(s) from a drawing showing all the available flowerbed plots.  You can sign up for as many plots as you want, with plots being available on a first-come basis.  Plots will be outlined by colored strings and marked with a number tag.


Participants in the Adopt-a-Flowerbed activity are asked to abide by the following:

      Only flowers should be planted, which can be either annuals or perennials. 

But no bushes or trees (flowering or otherwise) should be planted.

      No rocks or timbers should be placed on a plot.

      Participants will be responsible to water, weed, and tend their flowerbed plot.

      Please leave the plot boundary strings between you and your neighbor so that you and your neighbor will know exactly whose plantings are whose.  But if you have multiple, adjacent plots, you can remove the strings within your plots.


The Building and Grounds Committee is organizing and administering the project.  If you have questions, please contact Bob Keith at 740-369-1919 or            

Mowing at NUUC - We Need Some Help

For this coming mowing season, the Building and Grounds Committee plans to handle the mowing using the same approach as last year, which will avoid us having to contract out the mowing and save about $2,400 in the budget.


We plan to do the mowing on a rotating basis with a little help from the congregation.  Three or more Building and Grounds members will mow 3 weeks in each month and we plan to ask for volunteers from the congregation to handle the mowing 1 week or possibly 2 weeks each month depending if the month has 4 or 5 weeks.  Our goal is to get enough congregational volunteers so they each would mow 1 time  during the season.  This plan will spread the work so each committee member will mow only once a month, and each congregational volunteer would mow just one time during the season.  The area to be mowed includes both the church yard (bounded by the driveway and the parking lot) and the yard around Nielsen House.  The field at the rear of our property will be mowed by Gary Rusk, who has volunteered to mow it for the season.  We have a riding mower, which is used for almost all of the mowing.  For a few small, tight areas, which the riding mower cannot handle, we use a push mower.


Therefore, we would like to get 1 or 2 volunteers from the congregation each month to mow one time in the season.  The mowing season runs from late March through early November.  But volunteers from the congregation will be needed only for the months of April through October, which is 7 months.  Two of those months have 5 weeks, so we need a total of 9 volunteers.


Please consider volunteering to mow one time this season.  If you would like to help the church handle the mowing, you can sign up on the mowing sign-up sheet in Fellowship Hall.  Just pick a date that works for your schedule.  If you have questions or would like more information, just contact Bob Keith at 740-369-1919 or

Volunteers Needed 
One NUUC tradition that carries on week to week is coffee, cookies, and conversation after services. A very special thank you to all of you who have taken a turn at setting up and clean-up after our weekly refreshment tasks this year.


Could you spare a bit of time some Sunday to help? The process is easy--all you have to do is follow instructions that are already posted in the kitchen on where everything is and how to make coffee (if you don't know how). And then clean up after and put things back. Everything is provided for you.  (But, feel free to try out a new cookie recipe or bring a dessert left from a meeting or family function!)


This is the perfect opportunity to work as a couple, or grab a friend to help. If everyone took a turn, no one would have to do it every week. And it's fun! We are currently scheduling through June 2012-see the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for available date. For questions, please contact Jan Bourke at or Teri Cornell at

Rummage Sale - It's Coming!

We have the dates: Friday and Saturday, August 10 and 11.  We have the place: Fellowship Hall.  We hear people are gathering items to contribute to NUUC's fabulous rummage sale!  Our rummage sale will be a significant fund-raiser, and its planning is moving forward well.  We will create a regular "department store" in Fellowship Hall and fill it to the brim.  So please, as you do your spring cleaning, set aside those clothes, books, knick-knacks, tools, dishes, glassware, furnishings, appliances, etc. that you no longer want or need and consider donating them to the rummage sale.  We'll even have a truck to pick up your bigger items.


While you're thinking about this upcoming fund-raiser, please consider donating some time.  This will be a big 2-day sale that will need days to set up.  We'll need the help of many volunteers to do setup, display, pricing, sales, and cleanup.  Once we begin setting up for the sale, we'll need some folks to arrange the items every afternoon and evening that we can display.  Items will need to be priced as well.  Also, if you have any ideas about how to increase our advertising, let Bob or Marty Keith know.  Finally (but importantly), can you work a shift on the Friday and/or Saturday of the sale?  Just be thinking about it now; in May, we will post a sign-up list.  For questions, contact Marty or Bob or by phone at 740-369-1919.


Next Blood Drive: Monday, June 4

The next NUUC Red Cross blood drive is scheduled for Monday, June 4,  2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.   If you donated on or before April 9, enough time has passed that you could be eligible to donate on June 4 (barring illness or some other disqualifier).

Some past scheduling issues have now been streamlined.  Some folks who donated at the UMC drive in February experienced a long wait time.    A planned master schedule was yet been operational then--donors were being scheduled at NUUC, the UMC and the Red Cross central office, which resulted in multiple donors being scheduled at the same time. A system is now in place to alleviate that problem. 

We will not have a sign up sheet for our upcoming blood drive on June 4.  All scheduling will be done on the Red Cross master schedule. To schedule an appointment visit sponsor code UnitUnivCh.  If this proves to difficult or confusing, you may simply email me ( and I can schedule for you.  I will have access to the master schedule and can immediately confirm your desired appointment time.  Slots are available every fifteen minutes from 2:00 p.m.- 6:45 p.m.

Let's continue to show our willingness to contribute to this life-saving opportunity "TO SERVE HUMANITY" . Thank you!

John Rodeheffer

NUUC Blood Drive Coordinator


Montana de Luz Orphanage

Are you looking for a way to connect to the global community in a way that makes a difference in the world and the life of a child? Are you up for a life changing and affirming experience? Montana de Luz is an orphanage in Honduras caring for children affected by HIV/AIDS. A service trip for Unitarian Universalists is being planned for August 8-15.  The group will work at the orphanage on maintenance and other projects during the day while enjoying time with the children playing and interacting in the late afternoons. There is an excursion day included to travel and see nearby cultural sights. The all inclusive cost for this trip is $1,800 and fundraising tools are provided.

It's time to think about travel commitments and deposits for this trip.  For more information, please visit  If you are interested in this trip, please contact NUUC member Erika Shell Castro soon at or 614-403-8755 cell.


The Montana De Luz orphanage staff has put out a call for much-needed personal care items and school supplies.  Collection will be ongoing; items will be delivered by folks making periodic trips to the orphanage (including our member Erika Shell Castro).  See the bulletin board for "wish list" or visit


(The May 13 NUUC "Loose Change" collection will benefit "Montana de Luz."  Please give generously - gracias!)

Share Project

Thanks so much to all of you who have been bringing in items for the SHARE Projects recently!


Spring has "sprung," but evenings are still chilly... so please continue to remember the "Share" health kit and sleeping bag projects which benefit the homeless in the vicinity of Delaware Co. and into Franklin Co.


The SHARE Health Kit items are so greatly needed.  There are virtually no public facilities for a homeless person to take a shower in the areas where the Health Kits are delivered.  Imagine how nice it is to have your own items (towel, washcloth, soap, razor, toothbrush & paste, comb, deodorant, wet wipes, etc.).  Many will simply have to use the small sink in a bathroom....some wash up in the local rivers.


You can view a list of the most-needed items on the "Share Card" found at the website at


Share is always in need of supplies to make more sleeping bags - please donate your used but clean bedding and towels.  For additional details, visit the website at


For info about these projects or other ways you can help, please contact Donna Imel at Share at (177 N. Union St., Delaware, OH  43015) or contact our NUUC coordinator Lynn Foreman or 740-513-4876.