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Holiday Production Announced

"Amahl" at NUUC Dec. 9 and 10


NUUC will be doing a holiday production this year of "Amahl and the Night Visitors" on Friday and Saturday evenings, Dec. 9 & 10).  We are looking for actors, singers, dancers, and stage hands.  For more details contact Director Barb Lubberger at  Watch the bulletin board and Sunday bulletins for more information.


Empty Bowls Project 

"Empty Bowls" Set for Nov. 13


Save the date!  NUUC's annual "Empty Bowls" project will be held this year on Sunday, November 13 immediately after the service. 


This is one of our most satisfying and meaningful annual events of the year., and one of our most fun!  We get to make and eat wonderful soups, support our local Food Banks, and spend time talking with our friends.  As in years past, our NUUC youth have joined with others in the community and made bowls for the event.


For a small suggested donation (usually $10.00), you get to choose and keep one of the many unique bowls specially made for this event, filled with all the hot soup (plus bread) you can eat.   In the coming weeks we will be soliciting for volunteers to help set up and work at the event, make one gallon of soup, and/or clean up (and of course, EAT the soup!)  Please watch for the sign-up sheet which will be posted soon in Fellowship Hall, or contact Tracy Steinbrenner or any member of your Social Action Committee.


Come enjoy delicious soups and conversation with your NUUC friends-for a GREAT cause!


Music Notes 

Please join me in welcoming new choir members Molly and Brent Watson. We're glad to have you with us!


Here's a sneak peak at the music the choir is preparing for worship services in October:


10/2:  The choir will be singing "Erev Shel Shoshanim," a beautiful Hebrew poem of love.


10/9:  "Prayer of Being" is a reminder to bring a spiritual awareness to daily life.



10/16:  With its long sustained chords and familiar melody, "There Is a Balm In Gilead" will stir the soul.


10/23:  The text to "Seize on Today" was written by Henry David Thoreau.



10/30: "Something Told the Wild Geese" is a favorite of the choir and perfect for this time of year.


Musically yours,


Marlene Hartzler, Music Director



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Upcoming Events


Congregational Meeting Oct. 30


Your Board of Trustees is calling a congregational meeting for after church on Oct. 30, for the purposes of discussing possibilities for building expansion, and for discussion with our architect.  Sitter service will be extended until 12:30pm that day.



Fair Trade Sale Set for October 9



The Social Action Committee will hold a Fair Trade Sale on Sunday, October 9 (held the second Sunday of most months).  Plan to purchase your fairly traded coffee, tea and delicious dark chocolates!  See Brandy or Paul Montgomery for more information (




News Bytes 




Service Auction A Success!


Many thanks to all of you for making the September 25 Service Auction a raging success!  In just one hour, we sold 118 offerings for a total of $2,732.63!  Congratulations to all of our winners!  We thank you for your contributions and your generous bids.  (A special thank you to our talented and always-entertaining auctioneer Tony Marconi, and to Allison Fagan for her support with the Silent Auction bidding.)


In the coming week we will be publishing reports to let you know what you won (and what you sold) so that everyone can contact one another to get your goods and services.


If you still owe for your items, feel free to drop your check in the offering any Sunday (please note "Service Auction" on the memo line so we can properly track your payment).  If you wish to mail your payment in, send it to:  NUUC, Attn: Service Auction, P. O. Box 541, Lewis Center, OH 43035 (be sure to use the PO Box address; the post office will not deliver to our street address).


In the meantime, if you have any immediate questions, please contact Becca Morse at  Lots of fun and community celebration is to be had in the coming months!




Nathan and Becca Morse

NUUC Service Auction Coordinators



NUUC Directory 


The next update of the NUUC Directory of Members and Friends will be distributed this fall (likely after the next New Member Recognition on October 30).  Distribution will be primarily by e-mail in order to save printing and postage.


Help us keep the directory information current-please notify Jeri if you address, phone, or e-mail information needs updating.  In order to meet the printing deadline, updates should be sent no later than Sunday, October 30 to Jeri Dill at or call her at 740-657-8081, ext. 1.

Remember--if you prefer, you can receive an electronic or paper copy of the directory at any time upon request; please contact Jeri, noting whether you want to receive via e-mail or receive a printed copy (please advise whether you are able to pick it up at church to save postage or you need it mailed to you.) 


Gay Straight Alliance Worship Service Oct. 9

The Delaware Gay Straight Christian Alliance is holding its fall worship service at 7 p.m. on Sunday, October 9, at the Peale Chapel in the Hamilton Williams Campus Center at Ohio Wesleyan University,  52 Spring St., Delaware. The message, "And You Shall Be a Blessing," will be given by the Rev. Jon Powers, OWU Chaplain. All are welcome. For more information, contact Tony Marconi at, 740-368-1629 or see the organization's website,



Projects for the



I truly cannot thank you and your church family enough for the many, many generous donations for the benefit of the homeless.  The Health Kit items are so greatly needed!  There are virtually no public facilities for a homeless person to take a shower in the areas that I deliver these Health Kits to.....which makes them all the more valuable.  Imagine how nice it is to have your own items (towel, washcloth, soap, razor, toothbrush & paste, comb, deodorant, etc.).  Many will simply have to use the small sink in a bathroom....some wash up in the local rivers.


You can view a list of our most-needed items on our "Share Card found at our website (see below)  For the winter months, please consider adding Men's socks. (women wear men's socks because they are warmer).


Winter is around the corner, and we are always in need of supplies to make more sleeping bags - see info at our website at


Thank you again and again that you and your church family care enough to give!




Donna Imel
177 N. Union Street
Delaware, Ohio  43015

(For more information about the above Health Kit or Sleeping Bag projects or to learn more about SHARE, visit or contact NUUC Coordinator Lynn Foreman or 740-513-4876.)




Shop for NUUC

The Delaware County Community Market is a fascinating new venture in downtown Delaware.  A year-round, non-profit market, you can shop there for groceries, handmade foods and other items, and household goods, and then direct 20% of the profits to your favorite non-profit.  (Yes, NUUC is on the list of nonprofits to choose from!)  The market is open 7 days a week (10-6 weekdays and 10-4 weekends).  For more information, go to 


 If you haven't already registered (or renewed) your Kroger Plus card with the Community Rewards program, please consider designating NUUC as your recipient.  Individual participation must be renewed annually, so be sure you have updated your record.If you haven't registered or need to update your participation:  Go to and select Kroger Community Rewards at the bottom of the page.  You'll need your account information or your Plus card number to complete the registration.  It is a little cumbersome, but the sooner you do it the sooner your purchases start counting toward another nice donation from Kroger.  (Should you need it, our NUUC Nonprofit Organization Number is 84869).



October 2011

 The Premiere of Intern Minister Rachel Baker's column! 


In Turnings


"Where do you work?" the trainer at the gym asked as I signed up for a membership. "I work at the Unitarian Universalist church just down the street." "Oh, that's cool," he responded. The conversation did not continue much after that and I knew he was simply making small talk, but it gave me something to think about.

            When I lived in Guinea, West Africa, serving in the Peace Corps, I often ran into odd American English to Guinean French translation problems. I arrived in Guinea with no formal French language education. I learned to speak French with a tiny dictionary, translating English words directly in French words, hoping that I made some sense. One of the words that challenged me was the French word, marcher. This word can mean both to walk and to work depending on the context. I often used it in the wrong context and was left with befuddled head shakings, both my own and the other person's.

            This experience left me with an appreciation that work can equal walk. So when I am asked "Where do you work?" I hear, "Where do you walk?" The answer I would have liked to have given to the trainer at the gym would have been, "I walk with the Unitarian Universalist church down the street."

Over the next nine months I will be walking with you in this community. I will learn from you and I hope you will learn from me. As I continue to get to know you and become more settled in the community I would like to invite you to participate in a map project.

For the next two Sundays there will be a big map of central Ohio on a bulletin board in Fellowship Hall. I would love to see where in relation to Lewis Center everyone lives. I encourage you to put a star where you live. Next to the star write the number of years or months you have been coming to NUUC and a couple of words or sentences that answer the questions, What brings you to NUUC? and What do you bring to this congregation?


I look forward to seeing your responses!


In faith,


Let's Kick It Up A Notch!


Each week we repeat our covenant, "We gather together in love and fellowship to worship and to foster spiritual growth, TO SERVE HUMANITY, and to understand ourselves and our universe."


 Does not the donation of blood represent ultimate service to humanity? There is no question as to why NUUC sponsors a Red Cross blood drive as part of our social action mission.  Our past annual blood drives have always been so successful that we are going to kick it up a notch or two.


Nationwide the blood supply is at an all time low.  The severe weather the country has experienced this year is a huge factor.  Not only do hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires increase the need for blood but they also greatly decrease donations in the areas where these disasters occur.  It is up us, in the unaffected areas, to double our efforts. So that is exactly what we are going to do!


We will be teaming with the United Methodist Church on Lewis Center Road to sponsor four blood drives for the year.  Many of us donate blood on a regular basis, but few of donate the maximum times (6) per year allowed by the Red Cross.  If all donors increased their donations by one per year, the blood deficit would be erased. It makes sense then that we provide more donor opportunities.


The UMC is having their drive on Friday, October 21.  We encourage all of our eligible donors to participate.  There will be enough time between that drive and our next one on December 19 to enable folks to participate in both.  The Red Cross will be contacting donors who participated in our June drive at NUUC to get them scheduled for October 21 at the UMC.  They will also be scheduling donors for the NUUC on December 19, during the UMC drive.


The needs of humanity are so great and the requests for us to serve so numerous that we are often overwhelmed.  We can't do it all, but we can all do something.  I confess that I wonder if my efforts in many social action opportunities will make any difference whatsoever.  However, when I give blood, I know that I have helped to save a life.  What can be better or easier than that?


More details to the bulletin board.


John Rodeheffer

NUUC Blood Drive Coordinator


Fall Adult Education and Spiritual Enhancement Opportunities 


Covenant Groups Forming


Covenant groups are small groups that meet monthly and encourage you to explore significant questions and experience community through deep intentional listening and discussion. Covenant groups of 6 to 10 people meet for 2 hours monthly from October through June. Meetings are guided by a facilitator and follow a simple format focusing on a specific topic. The format of the meetings helps participants set aside daily distractions, reflect on their lives and beliefs, and make meaningful connections with one another.


Covenant Groups are now forming for the coming year. The sign-up for joining a covenant group is by Monday, October 3. This sign-up date is to help get the new groups started. However, you can join a covenant group at any time. In fact, covenant groups are structured to easily add new members throughout the program year. To sign up for a covenant group, contact Intern Minister Rachel Baker at  or at 740-657-8081, ext 3. Please let Rachel know if you have a preference to meet on a Saturday morning, a weekday evening, or a weekday morning.



Immigration as a Moral Issue

Starting Tuesday October 4 at 7 PM, and meeting weekly in Fellowship Hall through November 8, NUUC will be offering and adult education course on "Immigration as a Moral Issue." This course will use the curriculum developed by the UUA when General Assembly urged all congregations to learn more about this vital issue. Topics covered will include: Understanding the Causes of Migration; History of Immigration in the US; Economics of (Im)migration; Security, Enforcement, and Human Rights; Who Benefits from a Broken System; and Seeking Solutions. Course facilitated by NUUC member Pam Patsch. See the bulletin board, call 740-657-8081, or email to sign up by Sunday, October 2. Babysitter service available upon advance request.


Articulating your UU Faith

A five session course uses as variety of engaging exercises to help participants learn how to effectively communicate their liberal religious ideals. Taught by Intern Minister Rachel Baker, Thursday nights 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Oct. 6 through Nov. 3, in Fellowship Hall.   See the bulletin board, call 740-657-8081, or email to sign up by Sunday, October 2. Babysitter service available upon advance request.


Orientation to Our Congregation

 This spring we recognized seventeen new members of our congregation, and two more new members have joined this summer!  If you would like to learn more about UU or join the congregation, be sure to sign up for the next "Orientation to our Congregation" session, Oct. 16, 11:45 AM-12:45 PM in the vestibule. During Orientation, Rev. Susan Ritchie and a Membership Committee representative will explain the denomination's (and our congregation's) history and the meaning of membership. The next scheduled public recognition of new members will be during the worship service on Oct.30. Let Rev. Ritchie know - or 740-657-8081, if you are interested in joining then or before then.  See the bulletin board, call 740-657-8081, or email to sign up by Sunday, October 9. Babysitter service available upon advance request.


Phoenix Witness Project
 Phoenix Witness Project
Have you seen a button that looks like this? Maybe in yellow or maybe in white? What does it mean? Who is it for? and most important, how can I get one? The Phoenix Witness Project is the response of the Ohio Meadville District to the current legislation in Arizona (Senate Bill 1070 now being mimicked by Georgia, Utah and other states) that substantially impacts the civil rights of anyone who cannot pass for a white Midwesterner. In 2010, rather than follow many organizations and impose economic boycotts and pull out of planned conventions in response to SB1070, the 2010 General Assembly, working with the Arizona UU congregations, determined that instead of a boycott, we as a movement will go and bear witness, we will go and do justice, we will reach out into the community to live our values and take a stand on the side of love. So instead of a General Assembly in 2012 in Phoenix, we will have a Justice Assembly.


To be effective, Justice Assembly must be more than a General Assemby with a different name. To that end, the OMD Board has made a commitment to substantially increase our District's participations in Justice Assembly through the Phoenix Witness



With the Phoenix Witness Project, we are going to congregations large and small throughout the district with a simple request; we are asking for a pledge from each congregant, that we will collect and use as grants and scholarships to help people get to Phoenix in 2012. In particular, since Justice Assembly will be a pivotal moment in the history of our faith, we must insure that our youths and young adults can freely participate and live out the values we preach from every pulpit in our District every Sunday.


So we will go as a district to Phoenix; to bear witness, to speak with love to hate, to speak justice to intolerance, to live our faith, to stand on the side of love. We ask you to pledge and to attend Justice Assembly for the same reason we do any justice work, to show that love, that is the doctrine of our faith, does not, and can not, stop at our church's front door. If you wish to help the Phoenix Witness Project, please see our page on the Ohio Meadville District website ( 


Volunteers Wanted!


Refreshments:  One NUUC tradition that carries on week to week is coffee, cookies, and conversation after services.   A very special thank you to all of you who have taken a turn at setting up and clean-up after our weekly refreshment tasks this year.   The process is easy--all you have to do is follow instructions that are already posted in the kitchen on where everything is and how to make coffee.  And then clean up after and put things back.  Everything is provided for you.  (But, feel free to try out a new cookie recipe or bring a dessert left from a meeting or family function!)  We are currently scheduling through October-see the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for available dates, or please contact Teri Cornell at  or 614-891-59. 


 Delaware County CROP Hunger Walk


Each year your Social Action Committee participates in the Delaware County CROP Hunger Walk.  This year the Walk is on Sunday, October 2.  Our Walk is sponsored by the Delaware Ministerial Association and supports Church World Service hunger programs.

 CROP stands for Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty.  We'll be joined by walkers in CROP Walks in some 2,000 communities across the country.  We walk to raise awareness of the problem of hunger, and provide funds for immediate relief and long-term developmental assistance, both abroad and in our own country.   25% of funds raised go to local food banks, pantries, etc.  In our case, 25% goes to PIN (People In Need), which operates a food pantry and a holiday clearing house (providing food, gifts, clothing, etc.), and provides emergency housing and emergency medical and other services, for people in Delaware county.  PIN is a member of the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.




The point of walking is to be in solidarity with hungry people in developing countries who walk as much as six miles a day for fuel, water, and food.  CROP Walkers can choose either a six-mile or a one-mile route.  It is a tragic fact that worldwide more than one in seven people are hungry - and as many as half of them are children.  Whether you are a CROP Walker or a donor, you help end the curse of hunger at home and abroad by supporting the vital work of Church World Service. To sign up as a CROP Walker:   See NUUC Coordinator Tracy Steinbrenner ( or 614-885-0324).  She will have envelopes which contain all the information you need.  To learn more:   go to, or if you can't participate in the Walk, you can still help--our October Loose Change collection will also benefit CROP Walk.  Save your change and "pitch in" the Loose Change collection on Sunday, October 9).




  Invitation from Social Action Committee



The next meeting of the NUUC Social Action Committee will be on the special (2nd Sunday) date of Sunday, September 11, after service in the vestibule off the sanctuary. We will revert to our "first Sunday" schedule beginning in October. For more information, please feel free to attend a committee meeting or talk to any member of your Social Action Committee. Contact Chair Tracy Steinbrenner at for questions or to reconfirm the next meeting date.  Won't you join us?




Spruce-Up Help Still Solicited


A reminder from the Building & Grounds Committee:We do have some remaining tasks that we would like to get done before cold weather.If you are interested, contact B&G Committee Chair Bob Keith at 740-369-1919 or .Thanks to everyone who pitched in during "Spring Spruce-Up Day" in June for your help in making the church and Nielsen House "shine."





Treasurer's Report 




Treasurer's Report for August 2011


Outlined below is a summary of the financial report presented to members of your Finance Committee and Board of Trustees for the month of August, 2011:



Actual $ Received

 and Paid

Budget (Planned Receipts and Payments)

                   August, 2011






2011 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Ways and Means-Fundraising






Total Income






Total Expenses












2010 Pledge Offerings



2011 Pledge Offerings



Non-Pledge Offerings



Rental Revenue



Ways and Means-Fundraising






Total Income






Total Expenses









Respectuflly Submitted,

Koralleen Stavish 




Loose Change Update
Your Social Action Committee will continue its "Loose Change" project in 2011 by collecting your loose coins during the worship service on Sunday, October 9, as it has on the second Sunday of each month throughout the past several years.


The Loose Change collection for September ($145.51) was earmarked to benefit "Montana de Luz," a faith- based organization that supports an orphanage for children affected by HIV / AIDS in Honduras. The funds collected will help feed, clothe, educate and provide loving comprehensive care to these children.  Visit or speak to NUUC member Erika Shell de Castro for more information.


The beneficiary of our October collection will be the Delaware Co. CROP Walk (see info elsewhere in this newsletter about the Walk and how you can help).   Other upcoming beneficiaries of our "Loose Change" efforts include:  our annual Holiday Family project (November & December); and Out of Darkness (January 2012).

 Additional deserving recipients of our monthly Loose Change collections are always under discussion.   For questions regarding the "Loose Change" project or to suggest a recipient, contact Chair Tracy Steinbrenner at or any member of your Social Action Committee.



Board Minutes 

NUUC Board meeting   Sept 17, 2011

Attendees: Darlene Tschudy, Gary Rusk, Kim Poderys, Laura Howe, Nina Webb- Lawton, Nathan Morse, Marty Keith, Susan Ritchie, Rachel Baker. Guest: Jeff Hill. Absent: Mary Ann Wojton, Koralleen Stavish.

Acceptance of minutes of previous board meeting

Motion to accept minutes by Nina Webb- Lawton, seconded by Marty Keith, motion passed

Motion to permit spending up to $1400 for reprise of Amahl and the Night Visitors by Laura Howe, seconded by Kim Poderys, motion passed

Motion to accept Sexual Harassment policy as modified by Marty Keith, seconded by Laura, motion passed

Motion to adjoin made by Kim Podreys, seconded by Nathan Morse, Motion passed