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Music Notes 
Marlene Metz Hartzler

 The month of February will feature some exciting music at worship services.  The choir is preparing a wide variety of musical styles from African songs to the sacred music of Bach.  Pervading the music this month is a theme of deep conviction and hope for a better world. Here's a look at what we're working on:


Feb. 6: "I Believe" juxtaposes two melodies- the Bach-Gounod "Ave Maria" and Quodlibet- to create an exciting and powerful song. The listener will be moved by the text that begins "I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows..."

Feb. 13: A perennial favorite, the choir will be singing "Seasons of Love" from Rent.

Feb. 20: Ed Lojeski's setting of "Amazing Grace" begins with a lovely hymn-setting of the song, and then moves through gospel and swing styles for a fresh interpretation of this favorite spiritual.

Feb. 27: The choir will be performing a new song, "Hope for Resolution," which spins a European chant melody and a Zulu anti-apartheid song together in a celebration of diversity.

Musically yours,

Marlene Hartzler, Music Director



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Upcoming Events 

Fair Trade Sale. The Social Action Committee will hold its monthly Fair Trade Sale after the service on Sunday, February 13 (held the second Sunday of every month).  Your purchase of fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate supports economic justice in coffee-growing communities.  See Brandy or Paul Montgomery for more info (brandy.montgomery@gmail.com)

Congregational Meeting.  Your Board of Trustees has called an Annual Meeting for immediately after service on Sunday, March 13 for the purpose of recognizing outgoing Board members and voting on the 2011 nominees to the Board and to the Nominating Committee.  All are welcome to attend, although only NUUC Members may vote.

News Bites 

Service Auction:  Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual NUUC Service Auction on December 12.  If you need to follow up on any items you purchased or need to coordinate delivery of your item to those who bought your offering, see the bulletin board in Fellowship Hall--both a "Buyers" Report and a "Sellers" Report are posted there.  Or, contact Jeri Dill in the office for an electronic version nuucjdill@aol.com .


The NUUC Directory of Members and Friends was updated in November, 2010 and was distributed via e-mail to save printing and postage.  The next update is anticipated in early April 2011.You can receive

an electronic or paper copy at any time upon request; please contact Jeri Dill at nuucjdill@aol.com or 740-657-8081, ext. 1, noting whether you want to receive via e-mail or get a printed copy (please note whether you are able to pick it up at church to save postage or you need it mailed to you.)Help us keep the directory information current--please notify Jeri if your address, phone, or e-mail information needs updating (submission deadline for April printing is March 30.)


UUA asks that we learn about immigration. The Unitarian Universalist Association has asked all of us to read Margaret Regan's powerful book on the human cost of immigration policy, The Death of Josseline.  After service on March 27, Rev. Ritchie will gather all who have read the book together in discussion at 11:45am at the front of the sanctuary.  During worship on April 10 she will present the themes of greatest concern arising from that conversation.


Projects for the Homeless 

 Colder weather continues to bear down upon us...so please remember this project the next time you clean out your linen, bathroom or clothes closets...


Sleeping Bag Project:  If you have used (but stain-free) towels and washcloths that you would like to get rid of, please consider donating them to "Share" for their use in making sleeping bags for the homeless.  (Other items that are needed are fabric, blankets, and men's ties.)  Donation is easy-just give to Lynn Foreman at service any Sunday morning.  (If you can't find her, you may leave the items on the white desk in the corner of Fellowship Hall with a note marked "for Share project.")  Right now there is an urgent need to make more sleeping bags-see the website below for info about how to help with the assembly.


Personal Care and Clothing:  "Share" has also sent out appeals for help with toiletry and personal care items and warm men's clothes in good, clean condition.  Toiletry items especially needed are: new or gently used washcloths/towels; toothpaste/brushes; *men's deodorant; disposable razors; *men's socks; safety pins; sewing kits (Dollar Tree has great name brand health items!).  There is also a great need for Men's jeans, long johns and sweat pants.   They need fleeces and sweat shirts too.....heavy winter coats are always needed.*

(* Please note women on the streets usually wear men's clothing because it's warmer, and will use men's toiletry items, but men won't use women's)


If you can help in any way......clean your closets and drawers and ask friends!  Place items in labeled box on desk in Fellowship Hall any time.


Our local Share Coordinator continues to let us know how much our donations are needed and appreciated.


For more information about either of the above projects, visit www.Shareyourbest.us or contact NUUC Coordinator Lynn Foreman sbgmacb@hotmail.com or 740-513-4876.


February 2011 Newsletter

Hi all! 

I hope you enjoy our new newsletter format.  I had fun putting it together.


I am the sort of person who  has a real aversion to clutter.   True confession:  I will not sleep peacefully if there are items piled high or out of place on my desk.  This trait of mine upset our congregation's first Music Director, who was concerned that if my desk was always clean people wouldn't understand how hard I was working.   


Neurotic as it may be, this practice works for me. If I am feeling distressed, I can usually heal myself by organizing something, by which I mean throwing out as much as possible.  Your Board of Trustees makes fun of me because each year I work hard to cram our church budget onto one sheet of paper.  Any potential trauma is just so much better tightly contained! 


So welcome to my latest attempt to control the universe and keep spiritual chaos at bay! Gone are the multiple pages, multiple menus, etc...   My hope is that with this format you will have easier access to the information you care about.  Do let me know if you enjoy this new format.   And I will do my best to listen.  I get it, I do:  we each need to arrange our world in our own fashion, but we live together, and I wouldn't want to throw out something you care about. 


To Life!
Rev. Susan

Red Lake Reservation Project
We kicked off the Red Lake Nation Project in January.  As you may recall, we are working with registered art therapist Donna Hrabcakova who visited us last August and spoke of her work on the Red Lake Nation Reservation.  Donna told the story of life on the reservation and her work with The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers www.grandmotherscouncil.com.  (Also see January 2011 NUUC newsletter for more details)


The Red Lake Indian Reservation is located in the northern Minnesota counties of Beltrami and Clearwater, approximately 30 miles north of Bemidji. There are four districts within the reservation which include Red Lake, Redby, Ponemah and Little Rock. Clearwater is the poorest county where the average household income is $12,000.00 per year and it is not unusual for 7-10 people to live in a home with 2 bedrooms. 


To date we have collected 2 gift cards and 23 journals.  We also collected $167.00 in loose change in January which will go towards helping the Ojibwa youth of Red Lake Nation. In addition to continuing to collect journals and gift cards, we are now doing an outreach to collect undergarments for the girls (bras and underwear).  As I mentioned in January, some girls will not come to school because they do not have the right bra size.  Donna has also suggested we could buy bras in various sizes (34, 36, 38, 40, and 42 B, C and D) and that feminine hygiene products are needed as well.  The students live a good hour from town and both the distance and extreme weather conditions in this northern region make trips into town limited.


If you purchase any items mentioned above, please bring them to church and place them in the designated box in Fellowship Hall.  We will send them along to Donna to distribute to the students.  We will continue to collect journals and gift cards too.  If you prefer to write a check you can make it out to NUUC with "Red Lake Nation project" in the memo line and place it in the offering basket on any Sunday.  If you need additional information please contact Yvonne Clippinger at yclippin@columbus.rr.com or Diane Mattox at dimattox@gmail.com


Thank-you     --Yvonne

Adult Enrichment Classes 


NUUC is pleased to offer the following Adult Education classes for the new year; see sign-up sheets on the bulletin board to register.  Child care will be offered upon request.  For questions concerning these offerings, contact Rev. Susan Ritchie at 740-657-8081, ext. 2 or RevRitchie@aol.com


Final Passages.  Rev Ritchie offers a workshop on the specifically religious aspects of end of life arrangements.  What range of choices are available regarding the handling of the body, funerals, and memorial services?  How does theology inform those choices?   What arrangements should you make in advance for yourself, or, how do you arrange appropriate services for a loved one?  Sunday, February 20, 12-1:30 PM, Nielsen House (sign up by Sunday, Feb. 13).


UU Theology.  What and how do UUs believe about God, evil, human nature, the nature of truth, and just about everything else all packed into one workshop (we will schedule more follow up sessions if there is a demand)!  Offered by Rev. Ritchie, Sunday, April 10, 12-1:30PM, Nielsen House (sign up by Sunday, April 3).


A "Menu for the Future" class led by Commissioned Lay Leaders Allison Fagan and Teri Cornell began in January and continues to meet on Tuesday nights through March 1 (registration closed). 

Orientation to Our Congregation 



If you would like to learn more about UU or join the congregation, be sure to sign up for the next "Orientation to our Congregation" session Sunday, March 20 from 12:00pm-1:30pm.  Rev. Susan Ritchie and a Membership Committee rep. will explain the denomination's (and our congregation's) history and the meaning of membership.  Babysitter service available upon request.  New and recently joined members will be recognized during service Sunday, March 27.  If you would like to join the congregation on or prior to this day, let Rev. Ritchie know - RevRitchie@aol.com  or 740-657-8081.

churchdoorVolunteers Wanted 


Refreshments:  One NUUC tradition that carries on week to week is coffee, cookies, and conversation after services.   A very special thank you to all of you who have taken a turn at setting up and clean-up after our weekly refreshment tasks this year.   The process is easy--all you have to do is follow instructions that are already posted in the kitchen on where everything is and how to make coffee.  And then clean up after and put things back.  Everything is provided for you.  (But, feel free to try out a new cookie recipe or bring a dessert left from a meeting or family function!)  We are currently scheduling through April-see the sign-up sheet on the bulletin board for available dates, or please contact Teri Cornell at imuuteri@yahoo.com  or 614-891-5935. 

 Blood Drive:  Have you been looking for a place to serve within the NUUC congregation?   The Social Action Committee is in need of a volunteer to organize this year's American Red Cross Blood DriveA date of June 6th from 2-8pm has been set for the Blood Drive.  Yvonne Clippinger, who has organized the event for the last couple of years, states that the Red Cross does most of the work and that they just need a point person within the NUUC congregation.  If interested, please contact Tracy Steinbrenner (tracystein@att.net ) or Yvonne Clippinger (yclippin@columbus.rr.com )for more  information.

 Social Action:  The NUUC Social Action Committee typically meets the first Sunday of the month, after service, in Nielsen House.  For more information please feel free to attend a committee meeting or talk to any member of your Social Action Committee.  Contact Chair Tracy Steinbrenner at tracystein@att.net for questions and to confirm the next meeting date.  Won't you join us?

Loose Change Update


 Your Social Action Committee will continue its Loose Change project in 2011 by collecting your loose coins during the worship service on Sunday, February 13, as it has on the second Sunday of each month throughout the past several years.  The Loose Change collections for February and March will benefit the annual Guest At Your Table project (see article below).  Additional deserving recipients of our monthly Loose Change collections are always under discussion.  For questions regarding the "Loose Change" project or to suggest a recipient, contact Chair Tracy Steinbrenner at tracystein@att.net or any member of your Social Action Committee.  In January, $167 was collected for the Red Lake Nation Project

Guest at Your Table 
February traditionally is our time to welcome (figuratively) a guest at our tables.  "Guest at Your Table" has been a program of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee since 1975.  The program encourages us to think about actively helping humanity by donating money, perhaps a little each night at the dinner table or in a lump sum at the end of the month.
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee is a nonsectarian organization that promotes human rights and social justice everywhere in various ways.  It partners with grassroots movements worldwide engaged in alleviating the struggles of indigenous peoples and oppressed racial and ethnic groups.  The UUSC also provides financial and technical help during humanitarian crises such as natural disasters, environmental devastation, and effects of war and other violence.  The UUSC is an associate member of the Unitarian Universalist Association but gets no general financial support from the UUA.  The UUSC follows the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948.
The four major program areas of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee are
*Advancing economic justice*--Defending workers' rights, supporting living wage campaigns and fair trade practices (for example, supporting small farmers and producers through the UUSC Coffee Project)
*Defending the right to water*--Holding governments accountable for providing adequate clean water to all citizens, and challenging water privatization that restricts water availability to vulnerable citizens
*Defending civil liberties*--Supporting freedoms of speech, assembly, and religious worship; defending rights of privacy and due process; opposing state-sponsored torture
*Responding to humanitarian crises*--Caused by natural disasters and the effects of war, genocide, and ethnic cleansing

Funds collected during the Guest at Your Table campaign will further UUSC's efforts in all these areas.  Members of NUUC's Social Action Committee will be speaking about Guest at Your Table on January 30 (when the campaign begins) and during three of the four Sundays in February.  Please be open to learning more about UUSC and its work, and please welcome a Guest at /your/ tables this next month.