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Restrictive Covenants and the Increasing Impact of Social Media Sites
2011 Legislative Updates
LLC Membership Interests as Collateral
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Restrictive Covenants and the Increasing Impact of Social Media Sites    

The U.S. economy remains fragile and the business environment has become fiercely competitive, as too many suppliers chase too few consumers. Guarding one's customer base, trade secrets and branding has become critical to survival. Although not a new phenomenon, the risk of raiding by former employees has become acute, especially in the technology and government contractor spaces where talent and turnover remain high.   Read More. 

2011 Legislative Updates

As usual, lawmakers in Maryland and in Washington DC have been busy making new laws and adjusting existing ones.  DARS Estate Planning and Community Association clients, in particular, should be aware of a variety of changes that are expected to come their way. 


A Legislative Focus on Estate Planning  

Adjusting legislation that had previously passed during the 2010 Session seemed to be the general theme in Annapolis for the 2011 Session of the General Assembly. Certainly, no new ground was broken for the Maryland death taxes, wills and estate, or trust administration. On the other hand, at the federal level, many changes were incorporated into the Federal Estate Tax, most of which may prove to be quite beneficial. Read More.


What Maryland Condominium Associations and Homeowner Associations Need to Know  

Click here to read a synopsis of what the Maryland General Assembly passed during its 2011 Legislative Session that will impact Maryland Condominium Associations and Homeowner Associations.  


It is not uncommon for lenders to take a security interest in a business owner's ownership interest in the corporation, LLC, limited partnership or other entity as collateral for a loan to the business.  For the most part, the transactions are documented through a standard pledge or assignment (the "assignment agreement") of the stock or other evidence of ownership.  While such an approach may be acceptable when the interests of a corporation are pledged, when the collateral is an interest in an LLC, savvy lenders will make sure that they use an enhanced form of assignment agreement and perhaps obtain the consents (and necessary waivers) from the other LLC members.  Read More.

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About Our Team

Spotlight on

Steve Lewicky 


Steven J. Lewicky  brings over 20 years of commercial litigation and transactional experience to our firm.  As an AV�-rated attorney, his practice areas include business transactions, commercial litigation, and strategic advice to early stage and growing companies.  Steve contributes to the DARS culture of giving back to our community by

serving on the Board of the Howard County Autism Society and on the Legislative Committee of the ARC of Howard County.   Click here to read Steve's complete bio.  


Did You Know?

DARS is pleased to announce that Managing Director Paul G. Skalny has taken over as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Howard County Hospital Foundation.  Senior Partner Michael W.  Davis has been selected to serve on Estates and Trust Law Section Council for the Maryland State Bar Association and DARS Attorney Angela B. Grau was elected to serve on the MD State Bar Association Board of Governors.  For more information, read each press releases found under the "press" tab on the www.DARSLaw. com home page. 

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