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6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 

Tuesday, September 6

Ramada Convention Center


The BIG Dream Gathering is a free, fun and safe event that allows people to think about some of their big goals and dreams, write them down and 

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post them anonymously.  Then everyone is encouraged to go around the room to look at the other dreams posted and offer ideas, connections or an encouraging word to at least one other dreamer!   


Even a kids dreamer area will be provided.



Why should someone come to a BIG Dream Gathering? Well, that's a good question! There are a lot of different reasons for people to come.  Some people come to get some encouragement or help with a big dream they are working on.  Some people come to see the dreams of their community.  Some come to help inspire others to go after their dreams.  And some simply come to be inspired to dream again!


This is all a bout REAL people helping each other to go after their big dreams... and we figure that's a recession-proof idea!  



When you come to the BIG Dream Gathering, you will be given a dreamer number and some dream sheets. 


Write down some of your big dreams and goals on the dream sheets. Then with your dreamer number or name on the dream sheets you'll tape them on the wall under one of 11 "BIG Dream Categories."  The categories range from business to travel, from health and fitness to education, from politics to the "dreams that defy categorization" category. 


It's been incredible to see what can happen when a community comes together to dream big and to support each other in going after those big dreams! 


Is this a set up for some sales pitch or seminar?

Good question.  Fair question.  But the answer is "Nope!"  That's not what this is all about.  This is about real people coming together to dream big together.  It's not a sales pitch or a set up.  And thanks to our amazing sponsors... we can make it FREE to attend!

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It's just real people helping each other with their BIG Dreams.




Still not sure what the BIG Dream Gathering is all about?


The Big Dream Gathering is all about you and your dreams. Have you dreamt of writing a screen plan, travel to a far off land or starting a business, then come share it (anonymously) in a safe fun environment. Maybe you will get started on your dream.


Read about two young brothers in Topeka and what their BIG Dreams are.




Christopher and JaqSon Bush are brothers with some BIG dreams!

Me and My Brother's Dream:

As written by Christopher


Our Dream and goal is for me (Christopher) to continue to work on developing

an invention of my own or to invent something to enhance products and all other material to be better.


JaqSon my brother will use his gift of drawing and illustrate what I am visioning.  We will continue to work together in the present for our goals and dreams will come to life in the future.

Today we are still hoping to carry out our dream of developing a toothbrush and we also want to enhance the use of the toothbrush.


We have spoken with some different groups and were referred to consultant in Kansas City, KS.  After explaining our idea we were invited to come discuss our idea and meet with a team.  Due to timing/ and scheduling we were not able to attend the meeting.



What me and my brother do is read, research and watch TV to identify things we can invent/ or enhance.  We have several ideas, but our biggest today is the tooth brush.


The biggest thing we have in place is our parents!  Their knowledge and encouragement help to keep us focused and driven.



The big challenge for us now is finding a Intellectual Properties Attorney to do the research to see if there are current invention/and financial support, etc. to get the research done on our toothbrush design.


It's just that simple. It's not a sales pitch or a set up. This is about real people coming together to dream big together. And thanks to our amazing sponsors. . . we can make it FREE to attend.  

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