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Heartland Visioning changes Co-Chairs 


Bill Moore
Bill Moore
Harry Craig
Harry Craig

After three years as co-chair, Bill Moore, CEO of Westar, will step aside and allow for new leadership in Heartland Visioning. Harry Craig, Chairman and CEO of The Craig Group, Inc., will come in as the new co-chair alongside Dr. Jerry Farley, president of Washburn University. Moore and Farley were the original visionaries to lead the charge for the community-wide vision through the Heartland Visioning process. 

Much progress has been made in our community through the actions of the Heartland Visioning volunteers and the leadership of these two community leaders. While we will miss Moore's leadership, we look forward to the new roles he is able to fill and the new contribution from another great community leader.

Bill, Heartland Visioning thanks you for your continuous commitment to Topeka and Shawnee County. 

HV Annual Report

Heartland Visioning 2010 Report to the Community is now available 


Heartland Visioning's annual report highlights some of many key projects in the community, what progress those projects have made in 2010 and goals for the future. Each year, citizens of Topeka and Shawnee County--business owners, CEOs, young professionals, students and many more--work together helping our community meet the benchmarks set out in the strategic plan, which we began implementing in 2008.

"We've always known that results in the early stages will be gradual, and we are beginning to see the impact of some of the community successes," said William Beteta, executive director of Heartland Visioning. "Our strength is the people in our community making these successes happen."

To achieve these benchmarks, the community works together on the strategies developed in the six interdependent foundation areas of the Heartland Visioning Strategic Plan: Education, Quality of Life, Infrastructure, Economic Development, Private Sector Leadership and Government. To see the 2010 results, find the annual report at or contact the office at 785.231.6006. 

Heartland Visioning Strategic Plan

The Sunflower State Games is looking for you 

Sunflower State Games

The Sunflower State Games is looking for volunteers and participants. If you are interested email or visit The dates for this year's event are July 8-10, 15-17, and 22-24.

The Sunflower State Games is the largest amateur multi sport festival in Kansas conducted annually since 1990. The event promotes the development of healthy lifestyles and physical fitness for the participants, their families and the community. An average of 6,500 athletes are drawn to Topeka from more than 80 counties across the state to participate in over 40 different events supporting quality of life as outlined in the Heartland Visioning Strategic Plan

Savor Kansas begins this week 


Savor Kansas, a collaborative effort to celebrate the Kansas sesquicentennial, begins on Friday, May 27, and will continue through the month of June. Savor Kansas is a grassroots series of events, including art, music, theatre, history, recreation and culinary offerings. All events have been planned by individual groups and brought together to create a big celebration encompassing nearly 40 venues and 50 events.

"150-year birthdays only come onc
e in a lifetime," said Kathy Smith of ARTSConnect, one of the organizers. "We knew that as the capital city, we needed to do something to celebrate. A core group came together and decided that if we all work together, we could do something special for our 

Savor KS

community. That is how the

concept of Savor Kansas was created."

The first event begins on Friday, May 27, with the Red, White and Blue Barbeque competition at the Kansas Expocentre, hosted by the Arab Swiners, the BBQ club of the Arab Shrine Temple. Wrapping up Savor Kansas is an auction of the artwork selected to be a part of the Kansas 150 Competition at Southwind Gallery on Saturday, June 25.

Collaborators include: Visit Topeka, ARTSConnect, Southwind Gallery, WIBW-TV, Frye-Allen, The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, Warehouse 414, the Topeka Art Guild, the Upstage Gallery, seveneightfive magazine and Downtown Topeka, Inc. For a complete calendar of events, go to

Shawnee Summer Scorecard is available 


Get active. Get moving. Win big. 


That is exactly what your child gets when they participate with Heartland Healthy Neighborhood's (HHN) Shawnee summer scorecard. HHN sees the importance to encouraging and 

summer scorecard

rewarding children between the ages of 8 and 15 who participate in active behaviors. This program began four years ago by the Lifestyle Improvement Coalition and adopted by HHN 2 years ago when the Lifestyle Coalition dissolved. 


For more information and to register your scorecard,

Capital District Project (CDP)
CDP's next meeting will be Thursday June 2, 2011 from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30a.m at London's, 115 SE 6th Ave. Join in the discussion.
North Topeka Arts District (NOTO)
NOTO credits collaboration  
with Washburn Institute of Technology for much of it's success. Anita Wolgast and John Hunter presented students and instructors with certificates of appreciation on May 18, 2011. View photos.
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