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John Rudd
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GoodGradesGood grades could mean discounts for you!Back to School
Some studies show that there is a relationship between good grades and safe driving. In response to these studies, insurance companies have been offering good student discounts to full-time high school or college students. Pull out your teenager's report card and let's get to work!

When your teen earns a B average or above on their report card you can get up to a 15 % discount on your auto insurance, depending on your policy.  Please call us or email us for details.  Rules can vary from policy to policy.  The guidelines may vary slightly by state, but the rule across the board is:
  • Minimum age 16
  • Maximum age of 24
  • Must be a full-time student (college students are normally considered 12 hours)
  • Has a grade average of B or its equivalent 
You probably wish it would, but the good student discount does not apply to your entire policy!  If your child is listed as a driver on your insurance policy, the good student discount will only apply to the vehicle he or she drives most frequently. If you have more than one teen sharing a vehicle, the insurance discount will most likely only apply one time!

Good student discounts can vary slightly from state to state and even from company to company. Call us today, 501-517-4500 to find out more about the good student discount program offered under your policy. The price of insurance for a driving teenager can be pretty high, so you should take advantage of any discounts available! The key is to ASK!
Find out how you can save today! 
LifeInsuranceWhy do you need life Insurance?Life Insurance

Think you don't need life insurance if you don't have kids? Think again. It may seem like an unnecessary expense. But there are many reasons to have life insurance, even if you're not supporting a family.

1. Mortgage protection

Whether you live by yourself, with a spouse or significant other, you may want to buy life insurance as mortgage protection. Think about it − you don't want the person you live with to be homeless if you die unexpectedly, do you?

Term life insurance can be used to pay off an outstanding mortgage balance. Just select a term that matches the length of your mortgage payment period. Some companies even offer decreasing term insurance, which means the death benefit decreases along with your mortgage balance.

2. Income replacement

You and your significant other may have planned for a future based on two incomes − but what if one of you passes away unexpectedly? Life insurance can be used to replace the lost income so the survivor can maintain the same standard of living.

3. Final expenses

You've seen the commercials − funeral expenses, burial costs and medical bills can add up to a hefty amount. The last thing you want is for your loved ones to shoulder this extra burden.

Life insurance can be used to plan for these final expenses. Permanent life insurance is available in various amounts, so you can pick a death benefit that meets your needs.

Click here for more information about what type of life insruacne might be best for you.

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Healthcare Reform Update
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Health Care Reform Update
 Health care plans with an original effective date prior to 03/28/2010 are called "grandfathered plans" and may not see the same rate increases as plans with an effective date following this date?
  March 23, 2010, is when President Obama signed the Health Care Reform Act into law and because certain benefits are now (or soon will be) mandated, all the major carrier anticipate increases over the next 2-3 years.  Plans that are grandfathered may not be subject to all of the changes and thus saving your clients money and protecting their health benefits.

Like with so many laws, there are too many details to cover here but this is important.  Please call me today so I can share with you important details on how these changes will affect you or your clients in the future.