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In the previous months, we have talked about the importance of healthy digestion as well as vitamin D supplementation for improved health and weight loss. Assuming that those two "foundational" components have been met, we next look to replenishing Magnesium levels, as poor food quality, environmental toxicity, stress and resistance training will all deplete this vitally important mineral.

If you wish to improve immune health, body composition, sleep quality and cardiovascular health, then you'll want to understand why supplemental magnesium is right for you.

In Health and Happiness, 

Ben Brown

Owner, Body Systems, LLC

Magnesium: The Mineral You Need

 Magnesium is essential in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the human body, many tied to sleep, energy, cognitive function, stress regulation, and heart health. Deficiencies in this all-important mineral ultimately yield lower cellular energy states. This isn't reflected simply as physical energy or fatigue, but a reduced ability to fight off infection, an increase in disease causing free radicals, inability to efficiently burn body fat, muscle firing problems (spasms - even in the heart), and inability to regulate your sympathetic nervous system (our stress response).


There are several factors that are pushing magnesium levels toward deficiency:


Reduced Dietary Levels:  

A recent study by the NIH (National Institute of Health) showed 68% of the American population was depleted in magnesium, while other experts put the number closer to 80%. This suggests that many of us are already at a cellular disadvantage. Unfortunately, the quality of our soil, and therefore food is not where it should be. While we may be getting the RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for vitamins and minerals, we are not even close to getting the quantities we need for actual health and vitality.



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