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Last month we talked about the importance of healthy digestion for improved health and weight loss. I think that supporting the digestive system with enzymes is a necessary component in addition to eating real foods before any other supplementation should occur.

Often when I meet with clients, I assess their need for what I consider to be "foundational
supplements", or those that almost every single person can benefit from, and when re-pleated, can significantly increase someone's health and fat loss goals. Assuming they are meeting their digestive enzyme needs, we next look to Vitamin D3, as it's bang for buck influence is unmatched. Read on to learn how to determine your D3 levels and why every cell in your body depends on it.

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Ben Brown

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Vitamin D3: Deficiency, Disease and Dosing
Healthy Digestion


Read this, if nothing else:

Vitamin D3 deficiency has been linked to increased prevalence of cancer,hypertension, insulin resistance, depression, epilepsy, polysystic ovary syndrome, osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal pain, inflammation and autoimmune diseases. Supplementation of D3 is an easy and inexpensive way to promote health and prevent disease in children and adults. Have your doctor check your 25(OH)D3 levels at your next check-up and supplement with a quality D3 product. Optimal levels are believed to range from 60-80nmol.L.


Maintenance supplementation for infants/children: 1000 IU/day

Maintenance supplementation for adults: 5000 IU/day

- Higher dosing may be necessary to achieve optimal ranges


What You Need to Know about D


What if I told you that there was a supplement that is beneficial to every single cell in your body? So beneficial in fact, that it has a positive role in longevity, bone health, autoimmune conditions, depression, neurological and cognitive function, pregnancy health, inflammation, organ and organ system health.


Fortunately for us, there is a vitamin that exists that called cholecalciferol, or Vitamin D3 that has all of these health promoting effects, and it's benefits have hovered under the radar for far too long. Simply calling D3 a "vitamin" wouldn't do justice to it's pro-hormone (hormone producing) role in the body, nor would it's classification as the "anti-rickets and bone-health" vitamin. In fact, the research is indisputable that Vitamin D3 supplementation is essential.


It seems to me that if a pharmaceutical company had the ability to produce such a compound, they would tout it as having the ability to improve the health of every single person in the world while simultaneously reducing the risk of some of the most widespread diseases. Not only would it be effective, there would be no negative side effects and the cost to you would be less than 20 cents/day.



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