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                                                                   September/October 2012

Frederick County Public Libraries

As we head into the fall season and teens return to school, don't forget the library is here to help with homework, research, and special projects. Whether you stop by one of our eight locations or visit our busiest branch on the web, you'll find a wealth of services that directly benefit you, no matter what age.


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Darrell Batson, Director
Frederick County Public Libraries
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Library Card Sign-up Month
Spelling Bee Goes National
Summer Reading Wrap Up
It Came From the Library
Haunted Mysteries
Zombie Fest
Fashion a la Bibliotheque
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Halloween Murder Mystery Bash 

Thursday, October 25, 5 pm*

Emmitsburg Library


Spooky Mystery @ the Library 

Monday, October 29, 6 pm*

Urbana Regional Library


* Registration is required


Do you have an FCPL Library card?  If not, what are you waiting for?

A Frederick County Library card is your key to books, movies, music and more!  We have all of the hottest titles for you to borrow. If you need to type up a paper or need help with finding information for an assignment we are here to help. Getting a library card is 100% free and awesome! Still not convinced?  Use your library card to download the latest music from artists like, Karmin, One Direction, Pittbull, Usher and more. The best part is there are Library Cardeight different library locations to choose from.


Stop by and sign up for your card today!


Submitted by Sarah Middlemiss

Brunswick Public Library 


Attention spellers!  We've got great news-this year the winner of the Frederick County Spelling Bee, sponsored by Frederick County Public Libraries, will be advancing to the Scripps National Spelling Bee! The spelling bees we've held for the past five years have all been leading up to this partnership.


How's your spelling? Are you ready for the challenge? How can you get involved? The first step is to get your school or home school group to register with Scripps National Spelling Bee at their website spellingbee.com before October 15, 2012. All schools that register with Scripps receive helpful resources, are automatically entered in the Frederick County Championship Spelling Bee, and get to send their top speller and one alternate to the Frederick County Championship Spelling Bee.


The winner of the Frederick County Championship Spelling Bee will represent Frederick County at the Scripps National Spelling Bee on May 26-June 1, 2013!


Wondering if you are eligible to participate? The spelling bee is open to all students in eighth grade or lower who have not turned fifteen before August 31, 2012. For complete eligibility information, go to spellingbee.com/eligibility.


We are very excited about this opportunity and we hope you will be, too. If you or your teachers have any questions, first take a look at the Scripps website; they have a good FAQ page. If you have further questions, please contact Caroline O'Connell at the Brunswick Library, 301-600-7255. We hope this spells success for Frederick County!


Submitted by Caroline O'Connell

Frederick County Spelling Bee Committee


SRP Grand Prize PresentationSUMMER READING WRAP UP

Summer was a busy time at Frederick County Public Libraries. The Summer Reading Program officially kicked off in May with programs at every branch. Between May 1 and August 31 children in the 'Dream Big, READ' programs and teens in the 'Own the Night' program logged over 1,041,343 minutes of reading and submitted 9,364 book reviews on the Summer Reading Club webpage.


The Frederick Keys generously donated tickets for all summer reading participants for the August 7 Keys games. Our grand prize winner, Carryn White, and her family attended the August 7 game. Carryn won a Great Wolf Lodge gift card and spending money provided courtesy of the Friends of Frederick County Public Libraries and box seating at the August 7 Frederick Keys game. Corryn also participated in the Summer Reader parade at the beginning of the game and was presented with her prize on the field before the game.


Remember to register next year, and you could be one of our Summer Reading Club prize winners. Look for next year's Frederick County Public Libraries Summer Reading Club beginning May 1, 2013 - kids can 'Dream Big - Read' and teens will 'Own the Night.'


Thanks again to our sponsors, PNC Bank and the Friends of Frederick County Public Libraries.


Submitted by Robin Goetz,

Brunswick Public Library 


Teen Read Week 2012

Every year, libraries around the country sponsor Teen Read Week, a special time to promote teens reading for the fun of it. FCPL will be holding a variety of programs to promote Teen Read Week during October 14-20. The theme this year is It Came from the Library, which promotes science fiction, horror and suspense.


During the month of October, the Brunswick Library will be holding an art contest, while the Thurmont Regional Library will have make-and-take crafts each day of Teen Read Week. If film-making is your preferred craft, teens at the Emmitsburg Branch will adapt their favorite scary book into a two-minute movie on October 18. Urbana Regional Library will host a Mystery/ Who Done It party on October 29.


Just like watching movies? You can enjoy the funny horror of Young Frankenstein at the C. Burr Artz Library on October 16. The Middletown Branch will have a special Teen Read Week version of Movie and a Pizza on October 18.  Young Frankenstein


Even if you don't have the time to visit the library this week, see if you can read for the fun of it this fall!  


Submitted by Melissa Rabey

C. Burr Artz Public Library


It's not often that I gush about an author, but Chris Grabenstein has got my vote. If you love a good mystery with humor in the mix the Haunted Mystery Series, with four completed books, is a winner. We can't keep his books on the shelf. Check out the author website.


The Crossroads
Winner of the Anthony & Agatha Awards (Best Children's/ Young Adult Novel)
Zack, his dad, and new stepmother have just moved back to his father's hometown in Connecticut, not knowing that their new house has a dark history.


The Hanging Hill
Winner of the Agatha Award (Best Children's/Young Adult Novel)
After narrowly escaping a malevolent spirit in The Crossroads, Zack and Judy are hoping to relax during the rehearsals for a show based on Judy's bestselling children's books. Little do they know that the director is planning to raise a horde of evil specters from the dead...


The Smoky Corridor
2011 Black-eyed Susan nominee

Zack Jennings is finally starting at his new school...But for Zack there are added circumstances: a soul-sucking zombie living under the school, a ruthless hit man looking for buried treasure, and a voodoo-savvy ghost waiting to take over a new body.


 The Black Heart Crypt
Winner of the Agatha Award (Best Children's/Young Adult Novel)
Halloween is on its way, the one day of the year when the ghostly plane is close enough to the human plane to allow all sorts of mischief and mayhem to seep through. But the ghosts who have their eye on Zack aren't thinking mischief; they're thinking murder...


Submitted by Mary Ann Foltz

Urbana Regional Library


Thursday, October 23, 5-7:30 pm

Thurmont Regional Library  

Do you feel misunderstood and out of place at most school social settings? Do you find your flesh has turned a grayish green, become saggy, pasty and feeling stiff in the joints? Are you're hungry for human flesh and drawn to brainy people? Watched Night of the Living Dead over and over?


Then this is the social event for you. Come dressed as the scariest, goriest, undead being ever seen and feel right at home at the Thurmont Regional Library. We'll have zombie approved music, movies, costume contests, and crafts. Special zombie cuisine will be served.


So run for your lives and register here for the Thurmont Regional Library Zombie Fest. Eat... I mean greet other zombie friends too! 


Submitted by Clare Bush

Thurmont Regional Library


Who knew you could get all your back-to-school fashion advice at the library! Come in and check out our latest issues of Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Lucky Magazine, and more. We also carry a variety of hair, makeup, health and style books to keep you looking très chic. From the hottest Homecoming hairstyles to the must have beauty products for your backpack, we can keep you up to date on what's trending this fall. 


Come in and see us to read about all the 2012 fashion trends.


Submitted by Sarah Middlemiss 

Brunswick Public Library 

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