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                                                                                        February 2012

Frederick County Public Libraries


A critical part of Frederick County Public Libraries' mission is to connect people with new experiences. As technology evolves at an ever-faster clip, your library system has embraced tools of today and tomorrow.


We hope these tools will give you more options and flexibility. If you want to download eBooks, we have them for you. Or perhaps you'd like to check out a Nook. Or compare the Kindle and an iPad. It's all here, and it's all yours. 


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We look forward to serving your needs!
Darrell Batson, Director
Frederick County Public Libraries
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What's New with eBooks

Many people in Frederick County got eReaders or tablets for the holidays and have been learning how to use FCPL's online collections to read eBooks. For people still learning how to use library eBooks, we have step-by-step guides for different devices available at our branches and on our eBooks page. All branches offer basic help to people who come in with devices. All branches provide "help on demand." Urbana offers training sessions by appointment; for information call 301-600-7004. More training may be coming; check with your branch about what is available.


Owners of the popular Amazon Kindle have been able to use our eBook collections since the fall of 2011. Kindles work a little differently than the other devices; they don't use Adobe Digital Editions and you need to use your Amazon account to download the books you've checked out in OverDrive. To find out more, you can look at our step-by-step guide mentioned above, or click on the big "My Help!" link in when you're in the eLibrary Consortium.


Many of our downloadable eBooks are part of a large statewide collection, but FCPL buys some copies of eBooks for just our patrons. Don't forget to log in with your library card number while you're browsing the eLibrary Consortium so you can see the books that are only ours.


Demand for eBooks is very high, and we try our best to provide you with new popular titles. Unfortunately, not all eBooks are available for our collections. Some major publishers don't allow libraries to buy and lend some or all of their books. eBooks are a growing and changing market, and we will follow important developments to keep you informed and provide great books for you to read electronically. For more about the state of eBooks in libraries, see this article from The Washington Post.


For those of you using eBooks for research and learning, books in FCPL's Virtual Reference Library lets you download entire articles and chapters to eReaders as PDFs. Once an article is on your eReader you can keep it as long as you want; it does not "disappear." Find Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, the Gale Encyclopedia of Diets, American Decades Primary Sources, and much, much more.

Borrow a Nook from the Library

Those of you who don't have an eReader can take advantage of FCPL's new eReader Borrowing Program.You can place a hold and have a Barnes & Noble Nook sent to your branch for you to borrow for a week. The Nooks are each stocked with popular titles like The Hunger Games trilogy and The Help. We also provide a quick start guide with each Nook to help you start using it.


Try Out Other Tablets and eReaders at the Tech Bars

Another new program at FCPL is the Tech Bars at C. Burr Artz, Thurmont, Urbana, and Brunswick branches. Each Tech Bar includes a Nook, Kindle, Sony Reader, iPad 2, and Motorola Xoom that you can try out inside the library.

Mobile app

In Fall 2011, FCPL got a new mobile app called Library Anywhere. This app gives you mobile-friendly access to:


  • Search our catalog
  • Place holds
  • View your checkouts, holds, and fines
  • Get branch locations, phone number, hours, and events 

Use it on any mobile browser as a mobile website (www.libanywhere.com/m/469) or download it as a native app for Apple or Android devices. The native app includes a barcode scanning feature that It lets you scan the ISBN on a book and quickly see if FCPL owns the book in any format.

Find mobile interfaces for some of our other resources on our Mobile Tools page.


Submitted by Amy Swackhamer

Virtual Branch Administrator 


Safari Books Online

Did you know that your library card grants you immediate access to dozens of online databases, including Safari Books Online? With Safari Books Online, you'll find thousands of full-color, always available eBooks on a variety of up-to-date topics including personal finance, computer technology, digital media, and professional development. If you can answer "Yes," to any of the following questions, Safari Books Online has something for you! 

  • Need help understanding how to use the voice command function on your iPhone?
  • Planning a daytrip to Washington, DC?
  • New to Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace?
  • Want to prepare your children for a successful college experience?
  • Interested in learning how to use Adobe Photoshop?
  • Concerned about how to manage your money in retirement?
  • Want to discover how to boost your credit score?
  • Need help overcoming procrastination?
  • Are all of the print books on Java programming checked out from the library?
  • Want to start an online business without quitting your day job? 

You can also browse or search the Safari Books Online collection, as well as search within specific books.


Just visit our website: www.fcpl.org >> Research >> Resource Guides >> Computers and Technology >> Safari Books Online. 


As always, our reference staff is glad to answer any questions you might have. Contact your library branch for more information.


Submitted by Emily Dolly

Adult Reference, C. Burr Artz Public Library


Sydney is C. Burr Artz's Branch Administrator and has worked for Frederick County Public Libraries for six years and three months.


My favorite place on Earth is...the Bay Area of California. I could spend hours walking The Streets of San Francisco (oddly enough I am named after a character who appeared on that show in the '70s.) If I could live one place and not worry about money, it would be Napa or Sonoma Valley. I love the people, the relaxed attitude, the history, the culture, and the food and wine. If you are ever in the area you have to check out San Franciso Museum of Modern Art. I can talk wine and food from this region for hours. I can also give great recommendations on places to stay.


People might be surprised to discover that I... was elected by my class to run for Fair Queen of our local fair. I think it was a joke. Half of what scored us was selling raffle tickets to win a cow.


My biggest challenge is...realizing that not everyone sees the world like I do. I'm not talking about my views but my core inner beliefs. People who take their jobs, life situations, family, and friends for granted drive me bonkers.


I'm inspired by...people who are passionate. I love to see people who have made huge differences in the world. Honestly, I am inspired by anyone who loves to help others. There are many selfless folks in this world who give much of themselves to make it a better world for others. I speak a lot about change in the workplace. I seek to inspire others to be passionate about their jobs, their lives, and helping make the world a better place. Maybe I am a California Hippie with a Midwestern Farm work ethic?


I'm well known for... being the one to come to in difficult situations. This is certainly true at work. People come to me for professional advice - especially advice on how to handle work issues. Tons of folks have heard me say, "I would suggest talking directly to (fill in the blank) about the issue." It is also true in my personal life. While I don't think I give any wise advice, I think people know I am non-judgmental in almost every situation.


Favorite Quote: "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." -- Winston Churchill


Submitted by Emily Dolly

Adult Reference, C. Burr Artz Public Library
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