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August 2011

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Summer is almost over, but the summer reading club is still underway. Thousands of kids and teens are participating in free, fun events and special programs in all our branches as well as entering their book reviews and comments online. Registration continues until August 13, so it is not too late to join in the fun!


We'd like to take our hats off to PNC Bank and the Friends of Frederick Public Libraries, whose tremendous financial support makes the summer reading club such a success. In addition to funding, PNC provides volunteer support through its employees, who help with summer reading club programs at FCPL branches countywide.


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Darrell Batson, Director
Frederick County Public Libraries
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Young Fredle by Cynthia Voigt

Young Fredle is a kitchen mouse, well fed, clean, and happily living behind a wall with his mom, dad, and the whole family. Kitchen mice forage at night, free from predators, and then they sleep their days away. One night, Fredle discovers a deliciously sweet and enticing peppermint patty. Overwhelmed by the delight of such an exotic treat he eats way, way, way too much! When Fredle becomes seriously ill from his gluttony, his family pushes him out of the nest and leaves him to die-it's the way of all kitchen mice. Missus, upon finding a sick mouse in her kitchen, takes mercy on him and gently removes him to the outside, where he will either survive or not.


Now Fredle finds himself in a strange new world, filled with strange new ways, creatures, challenges, and adventures. At first, he's sure that this will be the end of one way-too-curious mouse. As he begins to learn his way around his enormous new world, he quickly discovers all the bad things that can happen to outdoor mice. Who could have imagined that predators can fly?! How could he have guessed there was a world where the nighttime is too dangerous for foraging, and you must find your own food in broad daylight?


Before too long, however, Fredle begins to see that there is more to life outside than he first thought. Sure, plenty of it is scary, but soon he also finds beauty, freedom, and, surprisingly, friendship. Fredle settles into his new life outside and although he thrives, the hope of someday returning to his home and family is never too far from his attention. What will they all say to see a mouse return from certain death? How will he ever explain the beauty of a star-filled night? Even if he finds a way back into the farmhouse, can he ever return to the small quiet life he used to know?


In the hands of Newbery Award winner Cynthia Voigt, young Fredle comes alive as do all the other creatures who share his life on the farm. He is a heroic little lead character, filled with determination, kindness, and smarts. There is enough adventure built into his exploits to keep kids Grades 3 to 5 engaged and pulling for him. The book includes clever illustrations to break up the text and the audiobook is expertly performed by actress Wendy Carter. For kids who like to read in series, this is a follow-up title to Sadie and Angus (2005) and adds to the Davis Farm series. For grownups who can still believe in the magic of mice, this book is a treat.


Submitted by Deb Schepp
Children's Services, C. Burr Artz Public Library


C. Burr Artz Public Library

Beat the heat with some cool island dancing at the C. Burr Artz Public Library, Downtown Frederick, on August 8 at 3 pm. Journey throught the south Pacific with Mika Ah Loe and his family as they share the culture of the Polynesian islands through dance and cultural demonstration. Mika (the dad) is originally from the islands of Western Samoa. Tiffany (the mom) is originally from Pennsylvania, but loves the Polynesian cutlure. The grand finale will be a spectacular Samoan Fireknife dance. Registration is not required.

Submitted by Robyn Monaco

Children's Services Supervisor

C. Burr Artz Public Library


at Emmitsburg Library

This wonderful family walked into the Emmitsburg Branch Library all dressed in their summer reading club t-shirts. The grandparents, from Frederick, are traveling around the county this summer with three very smart, polite grandchildren to complete the SRC passport activity.

What a great example of a family taking full advantage of the summer reading club program at FCPL. They had a whole array of items to return from other libraries, including Playaway VIEWS
™ from Urbana Regional Library and they checked out a whole bunch of other books from the Emmitsburg Library. I am a big fan of the SRC Passport activity that encourages kids to visit all eight branches this summer, and this is why! Not only will all three kids be entered to win great prizes, but they loved Emmitsburg Library and said it was colorful and had lots of good books.

Submitted by Erin Dingle

Branch Administrator

Thurmont Regional Library


Photo Caption:

Grandfather Richard Owens, Xavier Cox, Iayanna Thomas, Satiera Thomas, and Grandmother Rosie Owens.


New this summer Playaway VIEW™

Education meets entertainment with an all-in-one video player. Your kids' favorite videos come pre-loaded and ready to view wherever you go! 


What is a Playaway VIEW™:

It is a kid-friendly, hand-held video player, only available in libraries, and featuring:

  • Multiple videos of the best in kids' education and entertainment
  • Up to 6 hours of pre-loaded content from top children's studios like Tumblebooks, Weston Woods, and PBS Kids
  • 3.5" full-color, shatter-resistant, LCD screen
  • Built-in speakers and optional headphone jack
  • Rechargeable battery 

The new playaway VIEW™ is available at four FCPL's branches: C. Burr Artz, Urbana, Thurmont and Brunswick. Checkout period is one week, limit of two checkouts at a time per library card.


For details and FAQ's click here.


Thurmont Regional Library

Have you been playing jacks or marbles on your own or at our programs around the county this summer? Then join us at the Thurmont Regional Library for our Jacks and Marbles Tournaments on August 4 at 2:30 pm. Participants can register for either the Jacks Tournament or the Marbles Tournament, or both! We will award prizes to winners of each tournament in the 6-8 and 9-11 year old age categories. Please register by clicking the above links or by calling the Thurmont Regional Library (301-600-7200).


Show off your skills and learn from the Frederick Knucklers club, a local marbles club coached by National Champion Jeff Kimmel. Mr. Kimmel will also share how you can become a member of the club and become a competitive marbles player!


All skill levels are welcome, and friends and family can also come and watch the fun. We provide the marbles and the jacks, you provide the enthusiasm. We can't wait to see you there!


Submitted by Janet Vogel & Jeanne Read
Thurmont Regional Library

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