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                                                                                  July 2011

Frederick County Public Libraries

Put on your traveling shoes and stop by your local library this summer!  Readers of all ages will explore the globe as Frederick County Public Libraries present "You Are Here" for teens during its free summer reading program. 

We have lots of great events planned all summer. In addition, participants will be entered for some fabulous prizes.

With eight locations in the county, you're never too far from a library with an innovative Teen Zone. We look forward to seeing more teens this summer.


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Darrell Batson, Director
Frederick County Public Libraries
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 Visiting the World

Submit a one-page

 response (400-500 words) to Emmistburg Branch Library by August 15 to be eligible to win a prize.


Winner will be announced on August 18

Saturday, July 23, 2 pm
By Melissa Rabey, Teen Services,
C. Burr Artz Public Library

Want to get in touch with your inner rhythm?  Find out how by participating in a drum circle! C. Burr Artz Public Library will be hosting Drum for Joy on Saturday, July 23.  Led by experienced instructor Jacqui MacMillan, you'll learn how to create your own music. No need to bring a drum-just join us from 2-3:30 pm to participate in this fun activity! And if you stay until the end, you'll get a cool, refreshing treat, provided by Rita's Ice. For more information about this program, contact the library at 301-600-1630 or visit fcpl.org.

If you're part of the Teen Summer Reading Club, you can also count this program towards the program attendance goal. By attending two programs at any library branch, you get an extra chance for the weekly prize drawings! You can sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Club


By Becky Stone, Middletown Branch Library


How do you select your books? Audio books, playaways, e-books? Do You go outside your usual reading comfort zone and try new authors/genres? Do you head for the fun reads? Do you find yourself in the Adult Fiction area of the library? Do you like to listen to books - traveling, around the house? Are you into e-books? How is that working out? Any helpful hints or suggestions you could share with us!?! If you babysit, do you take children's books with you to share and read-a-loud?  How do you pass on your love of reading . . . or it is just another chore?  Who do you turn to for book recommendations? A booklist, award winners, bffs, parental units, library people, amazon. . .


Take time to share your interests, suggestions, and search for the great summer read with the teen person at your library!  We're always looking for the next great read or to help with suggestions. Enjoy whatever and wherever reading finds you this summer! 


Summer Reading Initiative

By Clare Bush, Teen Services, Thurmont Regional Library


Catoctin High School English department announces this new program for the freshman class of 2012. Started and originally funded by the CHS National English Honor Society (NEHS), the initiative serves two purposes: one, to encourage students to continue to read for pleasure over the summer and two, to serve as a springboard to learning when students return to school in the fall.


Through the initiative all incoming freshman select one of five approved titles - Ender's Game, The Book Thief, Soldier's Heart, The Hunger Games or Shift - to read over the summer. Each student will receive their own copy to read and respond to, both for pleasure and to prepare for the first unit of their English 9 course.


Thurmont Regional Library is happy to  support  this new program and help students, staff and parents in any way we can.


By Robin Goetz, Brunswick Public Library


Teens, volunteering at the library is a great way for you to help your community and earn services hours. DoSomething.org gives you 10 really good reasons to take action and volunteer:

  1. Learn something about yourself.
  2. Have fun!
  3. Because you're passionate about a cause.
  4. Explore career possibilities.
  5. It's time to get off the couch.
  6. Fulfill graduation requirements.
  7. Make someone else's day.
  8. Volunteering looks REALLY good on college applications.
  9. Feel good about yourself!
  10. It's time to DO SOMETHING!

Teen volunteers at Frederick County Public Libraries help in many ways. Here are few:

         Summer Reading Club

         Helping with children's programs

         Making materials for children's programs and story times

         Creating displays and bulletin boards

         Sorting carts

         Shelving materials

         Keeping materials in order on the shelves


How do you get started? If you are 14 or older, visit your local library branch and talk to the volunteer coordinator. You may need to fill out a Volunteer application or interest form. It is that easy!


Grades 6-12

Learn some colorful dancing steps when you join us at "Dancing Around the World", a teen program that is sure to get your feet moving. Local dancer Stephanie Long will present dance styles from several countries, including Germany, Israel, and Russia, and you will have a chance to join in on the fun when you're invited to try the steps yourself. Come just to watch or participate, it's up to you, but either way you're sure to have a great time as you learn something new.


July 22, 3-4 PM

Urbana Regional Library


August 9, 3-4 PM

Brunswick Public Library


August 11, 5-6 PM

Emmitsburg Branch Library


August 18, 6-7 PM

Thurmont Regional Library


Mondays at 3 pm 

C. Burr Artz Public Library, Downtown Frederick

This program isn't a traditional book discussion program. Visit the four corners of the world without leaving Frederick. Find out about books from different countries, there will be lots of books to look over and explore, and we will also play travel bingo.

July 18             Asia
July 25             Europe
August 1          Africa
August 8          America

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