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Obama Appearance, March 21    

ATTENTION: New Details on Protest/Demonstration for
President Obama's visit to the South Eastern NM Oilfields

Heads Up!!!     Make your plans!!!!
Juggle your schedule!!
Do what it takes to attend!!

OBAMA Making an Appearance in Roswell, NM

Just got off a conference call with Patriots from all across the
state. It makes me proud how we are mobilizing resources
to make sure our views will be clearly in evidence.

Our first notice identified the location of the Presidents visit
as being in the Carlsbad area. New information tells us his
actual visit will be to a drilling rig in the Maljamar area.

A decision was made today by the various groups to stage
our protest/demonstration at the Roswell Airport where the President is expected to land before being helicoptered out
to the remote location of the drilling rig.
So gas up the car, and pack a lunch, and be in
at 3:00PM, Weds, March 21st.
The rally will gather at
Southwest Aviation there at the airport.
Local speakers and fellow Patriots will join you in sending
this administration a clear message.
Please contact Bob Wright at 575-631-0234 for further details.
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Obama to Appear in Carlsbad/Roswell




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