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Roundhouse Rally Press Release



The Albuquerque Tea Party, the East Mountain Tea Party and the Patriot Support Team are jointly sponsoring a rally of conservatives on the west side of the Roundhouse in Santa Fe on January 17, 2012 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to kick off the opening day of the legislative session and the start of the 2012 election cycle.  Speakers from all over the state, including Representatives Jim Smith, Catherine Brown, and Andy Nuñez, as well as Marita Noon, Victor Contreras, Therese Cooper and Dr. Rick Morlen, will stand to voice their concerns for conservative principles to our legislators. The 22 independent New Mexico Tea Party groups, as well as all other conservative groups in the state, are invited to participate in this event.
Bring your concerns, your rally signs and your loud voice so that our legislators will know that we will be watching their actions during the legislative session.  



Government is Usually Interested in More Pork - Not Less



On his January 3rd television show, conservative Glenn Beck reported that since President Obama took office, the federal government has added some 40,000 new laws and regulations to the books:  laws and rules that affect the way we work, play and live our lives - and thousands of those regulations made without the consent of Congress.  The real impact of those 40,000 rules will not have an immediate effect as their impact will take time to realize.  However, the expansion of centralized federal control has already been felt by one community.  Yvonne Sanchez, President of the Valencia County Hispano Chamber of Commerce has recently been pulled right into the middle of one such regulatory nightmare.  Each year that organization sponsors a Matanza for the county and sells tickets to that cultural event.  This year, they had to call it off because the USDA said they had to meet federal guidelines for food processing that could not be met at a Matanza.


For those of you who are new to New Mexico, a Matanza is a fantastic Hispanic heritage event where a pig is butchered, wrapped and cooked in the ground on hot coals similar to the way luaus are conducted in Hawaii.  Once thoroughly cooked, the ham is pulled up out of the wrappings, sliced and served with all manner of side dishes.  According to the Valencia County New-Bulletin, USDA compliance investigator Robert Leskowsky told the Hispano Chamber of Commerce that since tickets were being sold to this cultural event, the meat must be butchered and packaged at a USDA-certified facility; and if they went ahead with the event he would red tag the meat and confiscate it.  Sanchez said, "If we are going to do that, we might as well walk across the street and buy our meat at Walmart."  In effect, all the cultural and traditional aspects of the event would be lost because of the USDA stand.


The Albuquerque Tea Party stands with the Valencia County Hispano Chamber of Commerce in its attempt to hold this traditional Hispanic cultural event.  As President Obama's centralization of government grabs hold, Americans are going to see more and more regulations and rules taking away their liberties.  Come November, it will be time for all of us - Democrats and Republicans - to stand for less government control by voting out those Progressives that want to regulate every aspect of our lives.





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Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  

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Rally Sign-Making Party 


In anticipation of the Roundhouse Rally scheduled for January 17th, 2012, the Albuquerque Tea Party is sponsoring a sign-making party:

Date: Saturday, January 14th
Time: 1:00PM - 4:00PM

For the location, call 505-227-8489 or e-mail



We request you bring your own sign-making materials. Foam-core poster board seems to work best, retains its shape and is inexpensive. Local craft stores should have a good selection.

For consistency's sake, themes for signs this year include:

Pass Voter ID


Drivers Licenses for Legal Citizens

Just Stop the Spending 

The Albuquerque Tea Party encourages all the other state-wide Tea Parties to also participate in sign making parties. If your sign-making party is scheduled at the same time as ours, please join us on Skype during your party and we'll party together!!  

We hope to see you at the Roundhouse Rally in Santa Fe from 10:00AM to 11:30AM on January 17th to make our voices be heard!


We The People Rally III


12 for 12 Club 



The Local Exposure


  12 for 12 Club



12 for 12 Club


 12 for 12 Club


We hope that you can play a big part in helping us realize our goals:


·Recruit and Educate New Candidates for 2012

·Elect a majority of Fiscal Conservatives in 2012 into the NM Legislature

·Influence the NM legislative process to result in Limited Government Spending and encourage Transparency in that Legislative Process

·Elect another Fiscally Conservative US Congressman and Senator

·Influence APS and Albuquerque City Council Policy

·Hold Elections with Integrity

·Sponsor Park Parties for Community Relations and Recruiting Volunteers

·Continue to Host our Signature April 15th Event


We made some in-roads in the 2010 election by electing 8 new members to the NM House of Representatives. However, we must continue our fight against progressives and elect even more fiscal conservatives in 2012. We are asking for your support in the way of funding and volunteer work, to completely turn the tide in our state and help our new governor 


"Take Back New Mexico!"


The Albuquerque Tea Party is planning and building for 2012 and we have to start now!


We cannot afford to sit back on our heels in an off-election year and have the forward momentum of 2010 be reduced to inaction!   


We have many goals for the upcoming year and into 2012.

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Roundhouse Rally Press Release
Government is Usually Interested in More Pork-Not Less
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Roundhouse Rally Sign-Making Party
We The People Rally III
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