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Take a stand, New Mexico!



Sheryl Williams Stapleton, State Representative for House District 19, sent a letter to voters in her district a few weeks ago stressing that she did not conceal her employment compensation from Albuquerque Public Schools and that the news story released by Channel 13 was incorrect in saying that she was the only APS employee who ever received pay while serving in the Legislature. She then quoted letters from her supervisors and others (Tom Savage, Linda Sink and Leah Gutierrez) who defended and acknowledged that Ms. Stapleton had permission to be paid by APS while she was out of Albuquerque on Legislative work. It was a well-crafted letter, but it missed the point.

APS had a written policy that precluded school district administrators from being paid by APS when those administrators were working on behalf of the legislature.  Stapleton knowingly violated that policy with the consent of her superiors. Superintendent Brooks then decided to retroactively change APS policy to clear Stapleton for her misdeeds. A private employer has the option to ignore his internal written policies if he so desires. A public employer does not have that luxury.

When special favors are done for individuals who knowingly ignore and violate public rules, we have a name for it: corruption. It violates the public trust. And, in this case, it was a very expensive corruption for the taxpayers of New Mexico:  tens of thousands of dollars paid to a state employee who illegally took State funds from two different sources at the same time in violation of written policy. THIS is the point that Ms. Stapleton tip-toed around in her letter to her constituents.

The fact that APS administrator Tom Savage defended this violation of policy, as did Linda Sink and Superintendent Brooks, does not change the situation.  Regardless of what he thinks, Superintendent Brooks has no right to change APS written policy retroactively to clear Ms. Stapleton's name.  She violated the "rule of law." She defrauded the taxpayers of New Mexico and should be required to reimburse the taxpayers for the funds misappropriated. Ms. Stapleton violated the public trust. She should be held accountable for her actions.

How is her behavior different than the corrupt police officer who might tear up a speeding ticket for a relative--or Secretary of State Mary Herrera, who is accused of misappropriating hundreds of thousands of dollars in public funds for her own benefit or an ex-state legislator named Manny Aragon who misappropriated millions of dollars in a court house building contract scam? Are these all not corruption? Where have ethics gone when a public administrator changes the rules retroactively to do a favor for a person that votes on appropriations for his school district? Is this not a tit-for-tat conflict of interest? Take a stand, New Mexico! When are we going to stop ignoring the corruption in our State?


A Word Of Caution To All Tea Party Supporters!



There is an e-mail making the rounds right now soliciting funds in support of the Tea Party movement in New Mexico.  It is called the New Mexico Tea Party Fund on the Tea Party Fund.  It says it is the "official organizing hub for Tea Party fund supporters in New Mexico."

No one on the board of the Albuquerque Tea Party knows anything about this group. That group has not contacted us requesting our coordination with this fundraising. The ATP recommends you not support this group until they are thoroughly vetted by the ATP. Once we obtain more information on this group, we will advise our supporters.


We The People Rally III


12 for 12 Club  



12 for 12 Club


 12 for 12 Club


We hope that you can play a big part in helping us realize our goals:


·Recruit and Educate New Candidates for 2012

·Elect a majority of Fiscal Conservatives in 2012 into the NM Legislature

·Influence the NM legislative process to result in Limited Government Spending and encourage Transparency in that Legislative Process

·Elect another Fiscally Conservative US Congressman and Senator

·Influence APS and Albuquerque City Council Policy

·Hold Elections with Integrity

·Sponsor Park Parties for Community Relations and Recruiting Volunteers

·Continue to Host our Signature April 15th Event


We made some in-roads in the 2010 election by electing 8 new members to the NM House of Representatives. However, we must continue our fight against progressives and elect even more fiscal conservatives in 2012. We are asking for your support in the way of funding and volunteer work, to completely turn the tide in our state and help our new governor 


"Take Back New Mexico!"


The Albuquerque Tea Party is planning and building for 2012 and we have to start now!


We cannot afford to sit back on our heels in an off-election year and have the forward momentum of 2010 be reduced to inaction!   


We have many goals for the upcoming year and into 2012.

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Take a stand, New Mexico!
A Word Of Caution To All Tea Party Supporters!
We The People Rally III
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