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ATP Monthly Meeting



The Albuquerque Tea Party supports our current and retired Veterans and there families. 

Therefore, we are asking our fine supporters to please bring non-perishable food donations to the Nov. 15th ATP meeting. These donations will go to the N.M. Veterans Integration Center.

The VIC is located at 13032 Central Avenue SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123-3030

You can also call them at (505) 265-0512 if you wish to schedule a donation at their office.


The ATP appreciates VIC's dedication to our Patriotic Veterans and their families who are hungry and in need of help. 



12 for 12 Club 


spOILed - Movie Announcement




12 for 12 Club  




"America is Addicted to Oil." The phrase has been repeated so often it's accepted as a fact, but is it? Or, is the word "addiction" simply distracting us from what should be obvious to everyone? Like it or not, oil is the lifeblood of the modern world. It spoils us in more ways than we can comprehend. Yet, we still believe oil is "bad," "is destroying the environment" and that companies that produce oil are "greedy gougers making record profits." That's what we have been told, but is it true? With few people willing to take a realistic, sobering look at our oil use, the idea of "spOILed" was born. After years of study and analysis, filmmaker Mark Mathis became alarmed at the deception taking place in the U.S. and around the world. Much of the deception was/is intentional and systematic. Varied groups, all pursing their own individual interests, have misled us. The end result is that most people are not only deceived about their oil use, but also completely unaware of what is likely to be the biggest problem ever faced by humanity. Where are our "leaders" on this issue? Instead of giving people the truth about limited options in lessening our oil consumption and paving the way toward real solutions, politicians have actually made the problem worse. Prepare to be shocked, angered and more than a little concerned. The road sign for our future: "Rough Road Ahead." 



Where: Century Rio 24

When: November 15-16  7:00PM


Special Q and A after each showing!


The Local Exposure


The Local Exposure - Issue 2 Number 10  



12 for 12 Club


 12 for 12 Club


We hope that you can play a big part in helping us realize our goals:


·Recruit and Educate New Candidates for 2012

·Elect a majority of Fiscal Conservatives in 2012 into the NM Legislature

·Influence the NM legislative process to result in Limited Government Spending and encourage Transparency in that Legislative Process

·Elect another Fiscally Conservative US Congressman and Senator

·Influence APS and Albuquerque City Council Policy

·Hold Elections with Integrity

·Sponsor Park Parties for Community Relations and Recruiting Volunteers

·Continue to Host our Signature April 15th Event


We made some in-roads in the 2010 election by electing 8 new members to the NM House of Representatives. However, we must continue our fight against progressives and elect even more fiscal conservatives in 2012. We are asking for your support in the way of funding and volunteer work, to completely turn the tide in our state and help our new governor 


"Take Back New Mexico!"


The Albuquerque Tea Party is planning and building for 2012 and we have to start now!


We cannot afford to sit back on our heels in an off-election year and have the forward momentum of 2010 be reduced to inaction!   


We have many goals for the upcoming year and into 2012.

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ATP Monthly Meeting
spOILed - Movie Announcement
The Local Exposure
12 for 12 Club




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