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The Local Exposure: Issue 2 Number 2

The Albuquerque Tea Party

Patriot Action Team

is proud to present

"The Local Exposure"

Issue 2, Number 2


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Topics covered in the latest edition of The Local Exposure are:


Patriot Action Team Policy:  How we are active. p2

Education Reform Bills Needed to Reform Education: Call your Representatives. p4

APS Board of Education: The numbers tell an interesting story. p6

Comparisons: It is time for APS reform. p7

Eye on the Albuquerque City Council. p9

Eye on the Valencia County Commission. p10

Valencia County Public Comment: What the people are saying in Valencia County. p11

Patriot Photos. p12

Round House Ramblings: A day in Santa Fe. p14

Freedom is Not Free. p15


Looking Back, Looking Forward


Looking Back Looking Forward Flyer  


Giveaway Bills for 2011


Our State Action Team has done an analysis on a large number of House and Senate bills related to special interest tax cuts.


If you support this analysis, we suggest that you call as many New Mexico Representatives and Senators and ask them to oppose all of these bills.


It is clearly another way where our government is NOT advancing a free-market economy nor limiting their reach into businesses.   


Giveaway Bills for 2011 - Updated  

Save The Date 

  Save The Date 4 15 2011 

Giveaway Bills for 2011
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The Local Exposure: Issue 2 Number 2
Looking Back, Looking Forward
Giveaway Bills for 2011
Save The Date



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