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CNM Bond Measure

Dear ATP Supporters,

We are bringing you this vital information regarding the CNM bond measure on the ballot this February 1st.  This information has been prepared by our friends at New Mexico Business Coalition.  Please email this to all your family and friends.  It is vital that we get this information to as many voters as possible.

Thank you,

Albuquerque Tea Party

Dear Fellow New Mexicans,


CNM has a bond measure on the ballot, February 1, 2011.   

Please consider the following:


Fact: CNM wants $70 million of your tax dollars: "...for the purpose of erecting, furnishing, constructing, purchasing, remodeling, and equipping buildings and utility facilities and making other real property improvements or purchasing grounds throughout the CNM District."    


Fact: CNM is proud of their facilities growth, even at a time when most businesses are struggling to keep their doors open: "During an unprecedented era of budget contractions at CNM, the college's infrastructure is undergoing a historic period of expansion."

Fact: Even though CNM has 7 different locations within 30 minutes of each other, (See map for locations,)  they have no problem asking taxpayers for more: "We are very fortunate that voters in the CNM District and voters around the state understand the importance of improving higher education facilities," CNM President Kathie Winograd.


Fact: CNM just requested $16 million dollars, which was rejected by voters on November 2, 2010.  They received $60 million from taxpayers in 2006.



The New Mexico Business coalition agrees agree with recent comments of Governor Martinez. There is waste in New Mexico's education system bureaucracy that needs to be eliminated. Colleges that have multiple satellite locations within the same community need to be consolidated and asking taxpayers for more money is not the answer.   


We urge you to take the time to vote in the upcoming school board and bond election, February 1st.


The NMBC works to educate our citizens on how to improve our economy and create more jobs in our state.  We believe the only way to do that is to change the business environment of New Mexico.  The NMBC is non-partisan; it focuses on facts - not party. We are the only business advocate group that will: 


1) Share the hard facts about business issues, candidates, legislation and regulatory policies.


2) Openly oppose any public policy, legislation, candidate or elected or appointed official who hurts business opportunities in New Mexico.


More information on the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC), including the ability to donate, is available at: New Mexico Business Coalition






Carla J. Sonntag, President

New Mexico Business Coalition


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