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Get Active In The Political Process

The Albuquerque Tea Party (ATP), Media & Communication Action Team needs help documenting what is happening at political events and activities and how our public officials are representing us.  

Our mission is to expose our wayward politicos and either change their decisions or their careers.

We also would like to provide you with additional opportunities to "Get Active" in the political process.  

Photo Pool DHIf you have a camera and like taking pictures, then we would like to invite you to join our photo-pool. The ATP and the Patriot Action Teams (PAT) need people to photograph and cover political events (rallies, legislative sessions, meetings, etc.) The photo-pool will be responsible for this coverage. Your photos will be published in The Local Exposure, posted on our ATP website, and included in ATP literature and flyers. Anyone who can point and click a camera (even I can do that), and likes a crowd, should consider volunteering.e who an point and click a camera (even I can do that), and likes a crowd, should c 

We also need people who can document these events.  We need writers who can attend events and take notes on what happens.  The notes do not have to be polished, edited, or proof-read, just notes.  The editors can turn those into articles.  However, if you like to write or edit articles, that would be great too!!!

Photographers and writers are essential capabilities that the ATP and the PAT need to successfully inform the public about what our politicians are doing.

Your support for this is critical!

Your photos and articles can remain anonymous or your byline will be added if you wish.

Help us start the new year going forward.  Send an email to

and tell us how you would like to

Join us in Santa Fe for our first pool activity:



We The People

Rally at the Roundhouse

January 18th, 9:00AM - 11:00AM

We The People Rally Flyer

Photo pool volunteers bring your cameras

Writer pool volunteers bring your pens and notepads


Send your photos and notes to:


Best regards,

David Harris


PS. You also can take the Railrunner to Santa Fe


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Get Active In The Political Process

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