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Merry Christmas from the ATP
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


 Albuquerque Tea Party

 would like to wish our fine supporters

 and all the wonderful patriots across the land 

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year! 

We The People Rally
We The People Rally Flyer

January 18th is the start of a new era in New Mexico.  Many organizations from across the state will be in Santa Fe for the opening of this year's legislative session. The Albuquerque Tea Party, alongside with the East Mountain TEA Party, TEA Party groups from across the state, including other Patriots, Conservatives, and Business groups, will be gathered together, with as large a crowd as we can muster, to greet the incoming State Legislators and NM elected officials. We have an opportunity to send a message to our officials, through our signs, through the Rally, via a written Decree, with notes from constituents, and the press conference with Rally speaker, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, to urge them to govern honestly with the people's best interest at heart, and to remember, WE ARE WATCHING THEM.

These are terrible times, and we need responsible, nonpartisan, patriotic citizens in office, who will do all they can to bridge the deficit, cut back the budget wherever possible, and find solutions to the multiple problems with which they are faced on New Mexico's behalf. We are planning to make it abundantly clear, in the most civil way possible, that we are watching to see that they carry out the wishes of We The People, and especially that there is never the taint of corruption.

Would you please join us in bringing this message? Please bring friends, family, and other like-minded patriots and join us on the west steps of the Capitol on January 18th from 9AM - 11AM.

As you are well aware we have no outside financial support except what you the volunteers provide.  To eliminate as much expense as possible we are asking for your help.  If your organization/group/church has access to a bus/van, would you be kind enough to ask if they would volunteer the bus/van to transport our group to Santa Fe for this event? It would be greatly appreciated!  We can help cover the cost of the fuel by charging a small fee from each rider.  If you can obtain a bus/van, please send an email to

Any donations to defray the cost of this event will be greatly appreciated! 

Please click here to donate to the rally via PayPal. 

Also, if you plan to attend this rally on the bus/van, please send your RSVP to

The Local Exposure: Issue 1 Number 9

The Albuquerque Tea Party

Patriot Action Team

is proud to present

"The Local Exposure"

Issue 1, Number 9

The Local Exposure - Issue 1 Number 9 Front Page

Topics covered in the latest edition of The Local Exposure are:

APS Board of Education Candidate Interviews: APS Action Team attends candidate interviews. p2
Albuquerque City Council Action Team Meeting: CC Team discusses recent City Council meeting. p3
Support Our Tea Party 2.0 Radio Show: Become a proud contributor or sponsor today: p6
Eye on the Valencia County Commission: Notes from the Dec. 1 meeting. p8
Eye on the Environment Improvement Board: Notes on Dec. 6 hearing. p9
Quotes from: Hardball: How Politics Is Played. p11
Letters to the Editor: p12
Freedom is Not Free: p13

The staff of The Local Exposure would like to also wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope you enjoy reading and learning from The Local Exposure.
If you'd like to be involved with the Patriot Action Team, please send an email to

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Survey from the Rio Grande Foundation
From our friends at the Rio Grande Foundation

Rio Grande Foundation

It is widely known that New Mexico faces a serious budget problem when the Legislature re-convenes in January. The latest estimate is that New Mexico is $400 million short (out of a total General Fund budget of $5.6 billion). Citizens can and should have a say in where Governor-Elect Susana Martinez and the Legislature cut. The Rio Grande Foundation has outlined more than $280 million in specific, significant cuts.

Please take a look at the following cuts that have been recommended by the Rio Grande Foundation and rate them from 10 to 1 with 10 being the budget cuts you'd most like to see and 1 being the areas you'd least support cuts in. This poll will be completed on December 31st, 2010. The results will be made public on our website shortly thereafter and will be sent to the Martinez transition team and legislators.

To take this survey, please click here!

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Merry Christmas from the ATP
We The People Rally
The Local Exposure: Issue 1 Number 9
Support the Tea Party 2.0 Radio Show!
Survey from the Rio Grande Foundation



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