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:: PNM Integrated Resource Planning Meeting

PNM Integrated Resource Planning Meeting

New Mexico Citizens & Energy Advocates
Please Participate

October 6th
12:30PM - 3:30PM

This meeting is to continue the dialogue regarding creating the future energy plan for New Mexico. The focus of this meeting will be energy efficiency and transmission as they relate to IRP. Please get involved in the process.
A summary from the September meeting is available.

A Note From Marita:
We have been following a variety of energy issues on both a state, regional and national level. Tomorrow, and the first Wednesday of each month for the next few months, PNM is holding their Integrated Resource Planning working group--as required by the PRC. These meetings are an outgrowth of the meetings PNM held throughout the state back in July. (Many of you participated in them. Thank you.)
I missed the first one, but will be there tomorrow. Please join me!
While I was not at last month's meeting, there was a voice of reason there--a lone voice. She reported that the group was made up of primarily "elite, extreme, environmental people from Santa Fe" and that these same people all seem to know each other from similar meetings held three years ago.
The theme of the meetings was, and is, "Vision for an Ideal Future." Participants are asked to present their ideas of what New Mexico's energy system would look like in 20 years. Participants included people from groups such as Sierra Club, New Energy Economy (the group behind one of the two New Mexico-only carbon cap proposals), and Coalition for Clean Affordable Energy. Each suggestion presented from the group was in favor of some kind of green energy: solar and wind.
It is imperative that voices of reason, supporting responsible energybe present. When only one side participates, that is how the future will look--and it will all be more expensive, chasing jobs from the state!
PNM will provide lunch - which I am told was quite good, if you RSVP.

Call or text me at 505.239.8998 if you have any questions.

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