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:: Call for Volunteers!

Call for Volunteers!

Help needed for the State Fair Parade!

The Albuquerque Tea Party will have an entry in the State Fair Parade this year.
Our theme is "Pride in America", and we need some suggestions for the different signs we will be carrying. Please keep your comments positive and focused only on the "Pride In America" theme, and what wording to put on the banner that will be advertising the "Get Out The Vote Rally" which will be on Saturday, September 25th. 

We are looking for approximately 15-20 volunteers to help with our entry in the State Fair Parade, which will be held on Saturday, September 11th. We will have a convertible as our float with someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty in the convertible. The rest of the volunteers will walk along side carrying signs we will make from your suggestions. On the side of the convertible we will advertise the upcoming "Get Out The Vote Rally". The parade route is a little over 2 miles long. The first float is scheduled to leave at 8:45 am and the last unit will start sometime after 10:00 am. Our starting time will depend on what slot we are assigned in the parade.

Please contact us at with your comments/suggestions/questions concerning any of the above. 

We thank you, and appreciate all of your support and contributions!




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Thank you for your continued support of the Albuquerque Tea Party!