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From Marita Noon
Citizens For Responsible Energy

Please attend if you can!

Marita, and New Mexico, needs more people to attend the public comment sessions on Tuesday evening, and subsequent evenings. It has been rumored that Governor Richardson will try to jam this through - even by Executive Order - before he leaves office.
New Mexicans simply cannot afford to let that happen!

The meetings are being held at the new PERA building in Santa Fe from 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM each evening.

If you are able to attend the public comment sessions,
call Marita at (505) 239-8998

Thank You!

While cap and trade may have breathed its last breath in Washington, proponents are still fighting for a job-killing, energy-cost-increasing, New-Mexico-only carbon cap (Case no. EIB 08-19). There will be a hearing where the public can voice their opinion on August 16 at 10:00 AM in Santa Fe. It is important that those who oppose the regulation be present. Public comment matters. You do not need to be an "expert" and you do not need to give a speech, but you should be prepared to simply stand up and state "I oppose the NEE green house gas cap petition." Based on the history of past hearings, you should plan to be there all day and the hearings may continue for several days. (If you cannot make it on the 17th but can make it on the 18th, please call or text Marita at 505.239.8998 to determine if the hearings are still going on.)
If you cannot attend, you are still encouraged to voice your opinion via e-mail. Additional information on the proposed climate change regulations and instructions for submitting comments can be found on the Energy Makes America Great Facebook Fan Page.

The Environmental Improvement Board is stacked with members hand-picked by Governor Richardson who are likely to support the proposal, despite opposition by a broad-based coalition of businesses throughout the state. Additionally, several of the board members have severe conflict of interest issues. The Rio Grande Foundation has done extensive work looking into the conflicts.
Please mark the date on your calendar and plan to be there!
For more information:

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Topics covered in the latest edition of The Local Exposure are:

Help Improve Our Elections: Get trained as a poll challenger. p2

Voter Registration: Register to vote. p3
UNM Tea Party Students: UNM students register with the PAT. p4
Environmental Improvement Board vs Economic Freedom: EIB discusses NM carbon capping rules. p5
Eye on APS: Superintendent Brooks re-affirms power over Charter Schools. p6
Eye on Albuquerque City Council: Another $400M boondoggle? p7
Quotes from: p12
Letters to the Editor: p13
Freedom is Not Free: p14

We hope you enjoy reading and learning from The Local Exposure.
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Save The Date!

Save The Date

Saturday, September 25th
1 - 4 pm

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