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Poll Challenger Training

Poll Challenger Training

Poll challengers and watchers are absolutely critical in this, and every election cycle. We cannot allow the election to be stolen because we could not recruit and train enough challengers and watchers!
We are fortunate to offer another very important training session to give us the tools we need to really make a difference. This session is focused on poll challenging. Poll challengers have far more power than poll watchers to address suspicious activity that may, and probably will, occur during the November 2nd election.

This training is extensive and we believe it will serve us well. We're sure you have all heard horror stories related to election fraud. There are many and they are shocking. This is our chance to do something about it!
Please join us for this extremely important training and spread the word to others who might also like to volunteer.

We have no control of the temperature in the building, so it is a good idea to bring a sweater just in case it gets too cold for you! There will be some snacks served at the training, but feel free to bring your own. The snacks went fast at the last training, and they will probably go just as fast at this training! We hope to see you there!

WHEN:  Today, Saturday, August 7th, 2010
              9:30am - 1:30pm
WHERE: UNM Law School
                Room 2401
               1117 Stanford NE
               Albuquerque, NM 87131
              (directly across from main entrance)

 For more information contact:

Heinrich Protest Rally!

Protest Rally Pic 2Protest Rally PicProtest Rally Pic 1

There will be a protest outside of Martin Heinrich's district office this Sunday,
August 8, from 3pm-4pm, to voice our disgust for the proposed spending by Nancy Pelosi.
This past Wednesday, POLITICO reported that Pelosi has called Congress back in session to vote on a $26.1 billion bailout for the States. The proposed spending will go to School Boards to pay off their irresponsibility. Who knows how much more spending will be added to the bill when all is said and done?
There is no reason for us to be forced to bailout teachers unions because of their states' incapability to balance their budgets. We work tirelessly for our hard earned tax dollars and it is absurd for us to bailout everyone for their negligence.
Please join everyone outside of Heinrich's district office on Sunday, August 8 from 3pm to 4pm to protest the upcoming vote and help prevent more needless spending.

The address of the protest is:

20 First Plaza NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102, between Copper Ave and Tijeras Ave, just SW of the Convention Center.
We need everyone to be there so our voices can be heard!

Heinrich needs to know we demand him

Host a Tea Party Patriots House Party!

ABQ Downtown Arena

What is a House Party?

The Tea Party Patriots House Party on August 12, 2010 is designed to help local coordinators, and Tea Party supporters reach out to relatives, friends, and neighbors at home or in smaller gathering spots with a special occasion.
August 12 is exactly one month from the 9/12 Recycle Government protests in D.C., St. Louis, and Sacramento and 83 days before the elections!
You are not required to host the house party on August 12, but hopefully sometime near that date. We understand that this information was sent with less than optimum notice, and that a weeknight might be a little difficult to schedule immediately.

Coordinators and supporters across the country that throw a TPP House Party will receive a special version of Tea Party: The Documentary Movie to show their guests, guides to throwing a successful event, and an extensive action list.
This is a perfect time to ask your friends and neighbors to join you and learn more about the Tea Party and how they can become involved. Throw a barbeque, maybe serve a dessert, or keep it real simple with chips-n-salsa.

The special version of the movie is only about 45 minutes in length and includes a new introduction by Jenny Beth Martin. The end of movie features an extensive list of suggestions on how to become more involved in the Tea Party movement, and prepare to be effective in getting out the vote efforts this fall.
The mid-term elections represent the Tea Party movement's first chance to recycle government.
If we can help elect candidates that will represent our core values in federal and state government, we can begin to repeal legislation forced on us by a corrupt Congress,
reduce the size and scope of government, and restore the founding principles of the Constitution.
We must leave no stone unturned to achieve this goal. We can, and must, win this critical fight! 
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