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Tea Party: The Documentary Film

Tea Party Movie Flyer

Mark your calendars on July 31st for another special event brought to you by the Albuquerque Tea Party!
We are proud to host Tea Party: The Documentary Film to our wonderful supporters.

East Gate of the Four Square Gospel has graciously allowed us to use their auditorium to screen the movie.
East Gate is located at 12120 Copper NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123. It is north of I-40 and just east of Juan Tabo.

The movie, produced by Ground Floor, LLC, first debuted at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington, D.C. in February of last year. According to the filmmaker's website, the movie is "the story of the movement that's driving our national dialogue against big government spending and a Constitution under assault. 'Tea Party: The Documentary Film' follows the struggles of five grassroots individuals and their transformation from hometown rally goers and rally organizers to national activists in the 9/12 March on Washington. In the process, the film reveals what is at the heart of this nationwide surge of civic engagement - a return to and respect for a Constitutionally limited government, personal responsibility and fiscal restraint at the Federal level."

In addition to the screening of the movie, we will also be having a picnic at their location, starting at 3:00 PM.
Bring your favorite picnic meals, non-alcoholic beverages, and games, and have some good old-fashioned fun!
The picnic will be another great chance to meet like-minded Patriots and share stories and ideas with other Albuquerque Tea Party supporters. Our Patriot Action Team will also have tables at the picnic to sign up volunteers for their group. If you've read their latest The Local Exposure, you know they are a very busy bunch of Patriots doing great work to keep an eye on our wayward politicos!

All State House candidates for the upcoming election have been invited to attend the event. Several have already confirmed their attendance.

We will be charging a small admission fee of $5 for the movie and copies of the DVD will be available to purchase after the screening.

Stay tuned as more details become available!

The Albuquerque Tea Party
Education Team's
Cap & Trade Forum Information

If you were able to attend the Albuquerque Tea Party's Education Team's Cap and Trade Forum presentation last Thursday evening, or were unable to attend but are still interested in the information provided, we now have a .pdf file for you to download and study.
Click on the following link to get this file!

Cap & Trade Forum HBill 2454

This latest forum was provided to enlighten our supporters on the latest shenanigans, posing as Bills, that Congress is trying sneak past everyday, average American taxpayers.

In the informational forum, the Education Team discussed not only what was included in these current bills, but they also provided a Congressional Budget Office analysis. We hope you appreciate the hard work this team put forth to bring you this important information, and that they dug deep into the bills to let you know what the outcomes can, and will be, if these ill-advised bills are passed by our so-called representatives in Washington, DC.
For more information, contact

Help Stop the over $400 Million
Downtown Convention Center Expansion

Join us on the Plaza
Monday, August 2, 4:00PM
City Council Meeting
Vincent E. Griegos Chamber
Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center
One Civic Plaza NW, Basement Level

ABQ Downtown Arena
The City Council will be discussing the Convention Center Expansion (aka the Albuquerque Event Center) at their August 2 meeting. The purpose of this project is to rescue the currently failing Convention Center by spending an additional $400,000,000.  Blowing away over $400M more on a failed project defies logic.  We need to let the City Council know that this is not acceptable.
Let our City Councilors and Mayor know we support: limited government, constrained government spending and taxation, and a free-market economy.  This project violates every one of these principles.
Let them know that we are tired of massive, failed, government pork-barrel projects: Rail Runner, Space Ports, Downtown Theaters, Event Center, etc.......   that waste our money and raise our taxes. 
Please email your City Council Representative with your comments and copy Mayor Berry at: Please include your name and address. If you don't know who your Representative is, go to, or use the Council District Map. If you would like to contact all city councilors at once, go to this online form and click all the boxes and fill out the rest of the form accordingly.

Taxed Enough Already

PAT Header

August Recruitment Meetings

If you believe:

  • Limited government = Freedom
  • Our Constitution limits government
  • Free Market Economy (Capitalism) = Equal Opportunity
If you believe:
  • Ultra-left Progressive-Socialists and Corrupt Politicians have
       all but destroyed our greatness
  • If we don't elect enough Conservatives this November 2,
      we will lose the nation to the Ultra-left Progressive-Socialists

Join Us!

Attend an Organizational Meeting

WHEN:  Tuesday or Wednesday, August 3rd or 4th, 2010
              7:00pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: UNM Law School
               Room 2401
               1117 Stanford NE
               Albuquerque, NM 87131
              (directly across from main entrance)

Are you interested in a Leadership Position?
Attend the Patriot Action Team Leadership Training
WHEN:  Thursday, August 5th, 2010
              6:30pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: 3200 Carlisle Blvd NE
               Albuquerque, NM 87110
(From the intersection of Carlisle and Candelaria, drive north around 200 yards staying  in the right lane. Turn right into the parking lot right after a sign with 3200 on top.  It is a 2-story brick and glass building on the north side of the parking lot. The entrance is near the center of the building.  Someone will be at the door to direct you.)

Poll Challenger Training

Poll Challenger Training

Poll challengers and watchers are absolutely critical in this, and every election cycle. We cannot allow the election to be stolen because we could not recruit and train enough challengers and watchers!
We are fortunate to offer another very important training session to give us the tools we need to really make a difference. This session is focused on poll challenging. Poll challengers have far more power than poll watchers to address suspicious activity that may, and probably will, occur during the November 2nd election.

This training is extensive and we believe it will serve us well. We're sure you have all heard horror stories related to election fraud. There are many and they are shocking. This is our chance to do something about it!
Please join us for this extremely important training and spread the word to others who might also like to volunteer.

We have no control of the temperature in the building, so it is a good idea to bring a sweater just in case it gets too cold for you! There will be some snacks served at the training, but feel free to bring your own. The snacks went fast at the last training, and they will probably go just as fast at this training! We hope to see you there!

WHEN:  Saturday, August 7th, 2010
              9:30am - 1:30pm
WHERE: UNM Law School
                Room 2401
               1117 Stanford NE
               Albuquerque, NM 87131
              (directly across from main entrance)

 For more information contact:



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Thank you for your continued support of the Albuquerque Tea Party!