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Tea Party 2.0 Radio Show

Listening to the radio

The Albuquerque Tea Party will have its very own radio show!
Tea Party 2.0, the inaugural broadcast, airs this June 27th, starting at 11:00 am on KIVA AM 1550.

Your radio hosts will be Ed Glenn & Steve McAllister.
Tea Party 2.0 will be a weekly show and will cover a variety of topics that we hope will interest you and get you involved!
Our first episode will be an introduction to the Albuquerque Tea Party:
Who We Are and Where We Want To Be.

Get Informed - Get Active!

July 4th Mini-Rallies


Albuquerque Tea Party Supporters
are encouraged to display
Independent demonstrations in celebration of our Nation's Independence!!!

The Albuquerque Tea Party did not have the venue, nor the staff to put together a large rally on the July 4th weekend similar to the one we held last year.
That doesn't mean we won't be a part of the celebration of our Independence!

What we are suggesting is that Families, Friends, and Neighbors gather at locations of their own choosing, to have many MINI-RALLIES.
This is a great chance to get together in support of this great Nation! 
Participants can make their own signs, costumes and props, or simply bring out OLD GLORY to make your statement!

Find a place near your home or the location of your Holiday Celebration that is safe for your group, yet affords you the opportunity to be seen by those passing by. 
We are suggesting between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm, but since this is an Independence Day celebration, feel free to schedule it when it will fit into your day.
Record your event with a camera (still/video). You can also count cars for five minutes, then multiply by 12 to get the number of cars that saw YOUR MESSAGE in an hour. If you are there for both hours then multiply by 24 to get the number of cars that saw your message! , send it in to the ATP at this email address: 
Watch for a chance that your event gets published on the Albuquerque Tea Party website, our Facebook Page, Newsletter or Local Exposure Newsletter, or maybe even on our new television show on Community Cable Channel 27 on Mondays at 6:30 pm which will be starting in July!

Happy Fourth of July from your friends at the Albuquerque Tea Party!




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Thank you for your continued support of the Albuquerque Tea Party!