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Despite the celebratory note I sent out last week regarding the drilling permits in Rio Arriba Country, it appears that the battle is not yet over. If you read the article, you know it address "conditions" that need to be met before the permits can actually be issued. The commission has not yet delineated those conditions and therefore they have not been agreed to or reduced to writing.


Tomorrow, March 25th, 2010, the Rio Arriba County Commissioners, based on what they promised at the last meeting are supposed to announce the decision and, based on the article, we expect them to issue the permits. Additionally, there will be discussion on 3 new-basically identical-permits that have already passed through planning and zoning . We're not out of the woods yet! Tomorrow's meeting is in Espaņola and the proximity to Santa Fe may draw the anti-drilling crowd. Our presence there is important!


It's the end of March. The county's rules have shortened the drilling season by half: May 1 to Nov. 1. The company wanting to develop these domestic energy resources has to make plans, build locations, contract for rigs, materials and other services--and compete with other operators for same. They are unable to make even contingency plans until they have approved permits. Drilling wildcat wells is not something that can be done overnight--particularly with all the new rules and regulations that need to be accommodated. There is barely enough time right now to get 8 wells drilled and evaluated in this truncated drilling season.


I will, again, be bringing a group to the meeting from Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The meeting is at 1:30 pm in Espaņola. As we did last month, we will meet for lunch before the meeting.


If you can join us tomorrow, or have questions, please let me know ( I will get you more information as it comes together.



Marita K. Noon
Executive Director
CARE: Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy

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