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Action Alert and Event Reminders!

SB 30

Cigarette Tax Increase and Distribution

It didn't take long for the tax hikers in the State Legislature to get started in 2010. By tomorrow afternoon, they will have voted on a 110 percent increase in the state cigarette tax, funneling more money from small businesses and the poor to the ever-growing government war chest.

Contact your State Representative now and tell them tax increases are not the way out of this recession; vote NO on Senate Bill 30!

Cigarette taxes hit the poor the hardest: The tax burden is almost three times higher for a smoker making $15,000 a year than for one who earns the state median income. These New Mexicans were just hit with a massive tax increase by the Obama Administration in 2009, and now the tax hikers in the Legislature want to follow the same tax-and-spend path.

Senate Bill 30 also represents a tax increase on small businesses. In 2007, cigarettes made up almost one-third of all products sold in convenience stores nationwide. Now politicians in Santa Fe want to make them more expensive, skimming 60 percent off the top for their wasteful spending projects of choice.

Call your State Representative now at (505) 986-4300 and tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 30 - a tax increase on the poor and small business!

March 5th Meet & Greet Flyer - New

GOP Primary Gubernatorial Candidates Forum

The Albuquerque Tea Party would like to remind you that a GOP Primary Gubernatorial Candidates Forum will be held February 27 at CNM's (Central New Mexico Community College) Smith-Brasher Hall from 6:30 to 9:00 PM.  A program will be presented that will query candidates on major issues, and invite audience participation. KIVA 1550 AM will be broadcasting the Forum live!

All five candidates have accepted our invitation to participate in this very important forum.

Come out and hear their views on the topics that concern New Mexicans most, then make your decision as to which candidate is most in line with your beliefs.

The CNM auditorium's seating capacity is limited, and no standing room is permitted.

We urge you to
arrive early and secure your seat for this important event.

This forum is brought to you free of charge!

Thank you from the Albuquerque Tea Party