Albuquerque Tea Party
Action Alert!
HB 78
Environmental Board Climate Change Policies

Dear Fellow New Mexicans,

HB 78 is New Mexico's Cap and Trade. If you haven't read this bill, please do so! This bill will allow the Environmental Improvement Board to regulate CO2 emissions in the state. This is an unelected board appointed by Governor Richardson.

We cannot let this happen!
This bill was first brought up on Monday in the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee. The small room was filled.  The Chairman, Representative James Roger Madalena, asked how many were for this bill. Only four people raised their hands. Mr. Madalena promptly delayed the bill until Friday, January 29th. On Friday, the House Energy & Natural Resources Committee moved to a larger room. Once again, the room was overflowing with people standing outside in the hallway. The Chairman asked how many were in favor of this bill, and this time, there were a few more hands raised, but not as many as those not raised. The Chairman delayed the bill to this upcoming Monday, February 1st. In an unprecedented move, this bill will be heard in the House Gallery at 8:00am.

We need you there!

Do you want CAP and TRADE?
If not, please be there this Monday, February 1st, at 8:00am.
Now is your time to STEP UP and STOP this bill.

Here is more information on the Environmental Improvement Board from the New Mexico Watchdog website.
Please forward this to all your friends, family and acquaintances.

Thank you from the Albuquerque Tea Party!