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Albuquerque Tea Party
Meet & Greet is Full to Capacity!
Albuquerque Tea Party's Meet & Greet on January 16th is full to absolute capacity! 

We set a cutoff date of January 7th to get your RSVP in for this event, and we filled up way before then! We decided to create a waiting list for the event in case of any cancellations, and this waiting list grew to a size beyond our ability to admit anymore names to the list.

ATP signed a contract with the Inn at Rio Rancho and we must comply with not exceeding the maximum occupancy of the ballroom.  We simply have no way to accommodate those not on our RSVP List, nor any of those on our Waiting List. To do so would violate our contract; we are legally bound to draw the line.
Please allow us to stress this: If you are not on our RSVP List, we do not have any room left to accommodate you and we will not be able to allow you entrance into the ballroom.

ATP readily understands the disappointment and frustration felt by many that won't be able to get in. The avalanche of interest you have shown is gratifying, and ATP is presently working tirelessly, and with limited funds, to provide a much larger venue for our next event.
Please understand, however, that for this Meet & Greet, we unfortunately cannot allow any more individuals into the ballroom. We are at full and total capacity.  There is no way around that.

If you were one of the lucky ones to make it onto our RSVP list, please remember to have your printed confirmation email and entrance fee with you as you register at the entrance to the ballroom.


Rally at the Round House
Opening Day of 2010 Legislative Session

Where: State Capitol Building  (located at the corner of Old Santa Fe Trail & Paseo de Peralta in Santa Fe.)

When: January 19, 2010
Time: 11:00 AM

The 2010 Legislative Session begins on Tuesday, January 19th. We all need to show our support for Fiscal Responsibility and make sure that Our voice is heard Loud and Clear!
We will meet at the entrance on the Paseo de Peralta side of the "Roundhouse."
Don't forget to bring signs and wear your Tea Shirts, Hats, Pins, etc...
We would like to suggest signs that deal with Fiscal Responsibility, and No More Taxes, even temporary ones which our Governor has suggested.

Please remember that parking will be at a minimum, so carpooling, or riding the Rail Runner, is suggested. Below is a link to the Rail Runner Schedule.
Rail Runner Schedule

Thank you for supporting the Albuquerque Tea Party!